Sunday, August 15, 2010

24 Hours in Photos

So, after signing off last night, I realized that I had already shared a similar nacho photo with you in a previous post from a few weeks back. Meh. Them nachos are G.O.O.D. and we will be having nachos as long as there are tomatoes for fresh pico! Anyhoodle, here's my last 24 hours for you, in pics:

I forgot to lay out any food for dinner last night before I left (at the crack of dawn) yesterday morning, so we decided to have breakfast for dinner. Since I just bought Mr. Martha a brand new waffle maker recently, he made chocolate chip waffles and I made turkey bacon and these:

Fresh peach and yogurt parfaits with my homemade granola. Good eatin'. And a Hell of a lot of food. After dinner, I ordered my BRAND NEW PANASONIC DIGITAL CAMERA (thanks, fams, for the b-day money and thanks, IRS, for returning my double payment!). I know it's simple, but I just cannot justify the cost for a DSL right now PLUS I need something I can put in my purse/pocket and we've had a Panasonic Lumix and LOVED it for 5 years (until something hinky went wrong with it). So, I hope this one is just as good. It IS an award-winner.

After ordering my camera, we watched Arrested Development, end of Season 2. This morning, after breakfast and a quick clean of the house, we headed out for an old fashioned Sunday afternoon drive with the kids in our big ol' Buick with blue interior. We are such old folks.

We stopped for a frozen treat and I snapped this pic of the Charlester with both his ears flipped back. Don't know how he did this, but hubs said he looked like a vampire. Count Charlester. He certainly does love to bite.

We stopped at three different produce stands where we purchased fresh blackberries (look at the SIZE of those things!) and blueberries (the peaches are from earlier in the week) and.....

Little baby eggplants (which I sliced and sauteed for dinner and found much more flavorful than their big siblings) and.....

Fresh pink-eyed peas which I cooked tonight for dinner later in the week and.....

And a few yellow tomatoes and a giant heirloom (look at the SIZE of that thing!) since mine are sucking ass. Don't mind the thumb...I burned it on a Pop Tart earlier in the week. I mean BURNED THE HELL out of it. Like an area the size of a small paperclip. Yes, it hurts like HELL. That icing needs to come with a warning. It is effin' HOT and sticks to skin like super glue.

The kids were tuckered on the way home is Charlie asleep with his head on the back of my seat (he is sitting in his doggie car seat which elevates him but, more importantly, keeps him in one place).

Here's Pepsi chillaxin' on the seat. No car seat for her because she doesn't hop all over the car.

After arriving home and while preparing to cook dinner, I enjoyed...and so did Charlie...Sierra Nevada's Kellerweis. FINALLY, a good summer beer! So sad it's almost the end of summer. I really enjoyed this one...crisp, refreshing....try it!

For dinner, I made Thomas Keller's lamb meatballs, basmati rice, and tomatoes and the eggplant topped with feta.

And then I made a fresh peach and blackberry cobbler. Which I have since sampled and it was DIVINE. Now, I am off to bed, where I hope to catch up on a little reading. Hope you all had a great weekend and have a great week! XO, B.


Cooking Asshole said...

I want a waffle iron so bad now! I would go with the turkey bacon too.

bunny said...

Asshole, I bought this one from Walmart online after scanning all the reviews:

The hubs really likes it and it makes 4 generously sized waffles.

Cooking Asshole said...

Nice! Thank you!