Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Life is on "Ditto"

Ever feel stuck in a rut? Yeah, well I am there with you. I'm not saying the rut is necessarily a BAD thing. It just is. Same thing every day. Same foods. Same hubs. Same. Same. Same. While I like a simple life right now....and I like the non-cost of having a simple life....some days I bore myself.

I did, however, have an exciting Saturday evening. A friend and I went, yet again, to the ATL outdoor music place and saw Chris Isaak and Marc Broussard, as announced this past Saturday. What a GREAT concert that was.

Marc did a very good opening set. My only complaint is that I wish he had sung MORE songs off his album Carencro. He did sing Home, however, he slowed it way down and I didn't really lurves the rendition. He did, however, redeem himself after his set by bounding through the crowd, shaking hands, and staying outside the souvenir booth for about 45 minutes signing autographs and posing for photos. Very nice. That is him there in the middle. I was that close, yes. But it was a cluster of fame whores after a few minutes so I bowed out. For the record, Marc, if you are reading BGR (which you find while Googling yourself today) you are one talented dude and thank you for sharing your talent with us.

After Marc came Mr. Chris Isaak. I have always liked Chris but never been a HUGE fan. Well, I am now. He is an awesome singer and, better yet, a full-on entertainer in concert. Storytelling, joking with the crowd, playing tons of songs up until the last noise curfew limit. He even wore his awesome mirror suit:

It's hard to tell from this photo, but the suit has little mirrors/metal reflectors all over it. LOVES! So sparkly! The only weird thing about the concert was he just sorta finished and he and the band walked off stage with no encore. It was, however, a GREAT show and I am totally pirating my friend's Chris Isaak CDs now.

In other news, I continue to read books, I continue to cook (though nothing remarkable per se) and my garden continues to go gangbusters esp. the cherry tomatoes which are coming out. of. my. ears. Here is an interesting Roma variety I picked this week:

It is varigated and quite tasty. Very pretty too. I really need to get out and do some SERIOUS work in my vegetable garden but 1) I have no time and 2) it has been too blazing hot. So unless I chose to get up at 6 a.m., it's not gonna be happening. Well, maybe the weekend. We will see.

In other news, I have weekend work events the next four out of five Saturdays. Whee for me. I hope I make it through without getting sick. Again. Hope you are all having a good one! I am off to go write my African child whom I received a letter from today. I <3 him. Later! B.


Anonymous said...

How's your African child doing?

Katie said...

Oh JEALOUS on the tomatoes! Ours got pounded so bad by heavy rains, they are struggling and thus far - NUTTIN! Peppers are coming out and LOADS of cucumbers though but I truly want tomatoes. Thank God for the farmers market.

P.S. I feel ya on the heat - it's ridiculously hot here.

Sonya said...

I LOVE, LOVE Chris Isaak. Maybe he wouldn't have to write any more unhappy, unrequited love songs, if he'd get a clue and look me up in the NGA Mtns. I mean that in the most unstalker way possible.

bunny said...

Anon, I will give update next post.

Katie, I am just sad I cannot keep up with the eating of the tomatoes. If you were closer, I could share!

Sonya, I cannot say anything except invite me for dinner often if he shows up.