Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Hump Day Holla

I am not even going to say I am tired anymore, peeps, because I think I stay perpetually tired. I am not going to say work is crazy because I think it is perpetually crazy. So, I will just review what I have been doing the first half of this week. Which has mostly been cooking and eating.

Monday, I was off work for my 4th holiday, so I went over to Bobs' pool and we just got some brown down. Bobs has some inneresting folks who live in his community--never a dull moment there, for sure. These are some of the drinkingest, tannest folks I've ever seen. Not that that is a bad thing. Monday night, I decided to get a tad creative with the cooking and made the following:

Lamb sliders (with fresh rosemary and garlic), homemade fries, and watermelon salad with feta and basil. Tas-tee. The salad was really great--a wonderful combination of flavors. Last night, I had a friend over for dinner at Casa Bunny, and I just went all out.

First, this sparkling red wine? It's a beautiful color, yummier than any sparkling wine I've EVER EVER had, and just divine. Divine. Grab a bottle for your next special occasion. Or just because. (My occasion? Well, it was New Year's, but I was having a gallbladder attack then, so then it was getting a job, but that didn't pan out, then, it was my birthday....heck, last night, it was just because). For food, I started with this:

Some faboo artichoke dip (minus the olives because I did not have any) and my very simple Spicy Marinara with Feta. This? Could have been my meal. With the Banfi. But I also served some corkscrew pasta with alfredo and three cheese chicken sausages. Then, because we hadn't had enough to eat, I made this OMG dessert:

Mystery Mocha from Tasty Kitchen. Holy smokes, was this rich and delish. And easy to make. Served with some whipped cream (I could have whipped my own but in the interest of time, used Cool Whip). Warm. This dessert is special--crispy top, cakey middle, gooey bottom. Make it. Now.

Tonight, I was tired and convinced the hubs to take me out for dinner. Which we haven't done in a while. So it was nice. Now, I am watching SYTYCD (that's So You Think You Can Dance, dudes) and am about to be off to warm up leftover mocha. Be back soon....hope you all are having a great week! B.


Elisabeth said...

That watermelon salad looks divine! I must try!

bunny said...

I was wonderful--I have been wanting to try it for a while.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Our House Of Diabetes has discovered Sugar Free Cool Whip. But we eat it with our Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding.

My Cool Whip is envious of your Cool Whip.

I am in sadness over Alex getting hurt on SYTYCD. My Achilles Tendon clenched at the thought of his.

Bo said...

I totally agree Rosa Regale is the best...I can drink a whole bottle by myself!

bunny said...

LMSS, I clenched too. Sadness. Simply sadness.

Bo, one day, maybe we can share a bottle. Or share a convo, each with our own bottle. :)