Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hump Day Holla: Oy Vey!

Peeps, I have had all kinds of good things to write about since Saturday. Like going to the Mary Chapin Carpenter concert Saturday night. Like the good meals I made this weekend. But then a BITCH of a stomach virus/flu sidelined me Sunday, Monday, Yesterday and is still lingering Today. A BIG, BIG BITCH. It's the worst. I'd rather have two WEEKS of a cold than two days of this crap...or crapping. It's pretty awful.

In the meantime, I have decided to play with my background for kicks and giggles. Do you like? Maybe just for the rest of summer anyway. And I will leave you with one more morsel: Another video by Florence + The Machine who I spoke about here a few weeks back (oops! see an issue with the new format!). Anyhoodle, I have been seeing ALL the commercials for Eat Pray Love, the movie (can they promote that MORE? of course, I have heard there is a LOT riding on this movie..."industry insiders" are saying that if a #1 Oprah sanctioned book and Julie Roberts cannot make it, then there is no hope for "chick flicks". In that case, I hope it does well.) which had this GREAT song. Last night, I realized it was Florence's voice! So here is the video, which is more than a little weirdy, but just close your eyes and listen. Hope you enjoy and hope I am well enough soon to post a longer post. Later! B.

PS, Here's a LIVE version of the song...much less freaky. She's so pretty. Such an EXCELLENT voice. Sounds great live...just like the taped version. Who can say THAT these days? She will be THE NEXT BIG THING. Mark my word. And does anyone know how to keep this box in column??


Elisabeth said...

I like the new background! You can change the width limit in the HTML so that the videos will fit... or at least look at what your width is & pick a format that smaller. (I think they offer different sizes...) I especially like the hint of bunny ears by the flower! Cute!!

robertga99 said...

I LOVE the new layout. You should definitely stick with this one. DEFINITELY!

Sorry to hear about your stomach issues. If you want to poop in style, come see me and my new super cool toilet with dual flush. :)

bunny said...

Thanks, Ebeth. I tried that but now it seems the right may be a little squished. I will keep playing with it. Do you know specifically where you change the width limit, btw? I did this in my template.

Bobs, I am just considering this the kick-start to my weight loss. Word.

Sonya said...

I like it. I like it a lot.

Feel better!

bunny said...

Thanks, Sonya.

PS, I have tweaked around the template and wound up having to put the text back on the right but at least the background is new!