Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Charlester!

Our baby turns 6 months old today. To the day in calendar months. In weeks, it's actually a little longer.

I think he has lost most, if not all, of his baby teeth now (we found four) but he is still in heavy chewing phase. Luckily, he is really good to chew on chew toys. Not our furniture. But we have been pretty diligent about keeping him entertained with the "right" toys and training him appropriately.

He is still a big ol' baby though. We let him out a lot more now that we don't have to worry about he and Savannah getting into it. We still miss her a ton--and as I have said before, no dog could take her place--but we have plenty of love to give Charlie, too.

He's starting to do "big doggie" thing like roll over on his back. But he still has not mastered catching treats in his mouth. Last week, I had to purchase him a bigger crate because he outgrew his smaller crate. His SECOND smaller crate. Oy. And we thought he would only be about 20 pounds tops. He's at least 25+ now.

And even though he is exasperating sometimes (like last night when he peed in his new crate. on his new bed. actually, he has done very well with house training. I think that incidence was more of a marking thing.) I keep reminding myself that he is just a baby. And a sweet one most of the time. Hope you are all having a great day. I am off to clean house and then maybe relax by the pool at Bobs. Later taters! B.


robertga99 said...

Happy Birthday, Charlie!
Scooby sends birthday wishes too and says you should come play soon.

Bo said...

That last pic is just too cute.

bunny said...

Bobs, tell Scooby we will be there tomorrow night.

Thanks, Bo...he is too cute and knows it.