Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Redeux

Well, peeps, it has been a week. And then some. Sunday started off with a bang a little after midnight Saturday when my stomach flu swung into full force. That was after a perfectly lovely day, too. First, I spent the morning and early afternoon with my sista and her boys and we gots to go to Trader Joe's and buy all kinds of lovely things and play Wii and such. (BTW, I really like Boom Blox. It's the one thing I can win at AND it fulfills my secret destructive nature)

Saturday evening, a friend and I went to a very popular ATL outdoor amphitheater and saw Mary Chapin Carpenter who was AWESOME. I did not know, but after her last album a few years back, she was preparing to go on tour and found out she had a pulmonary embolism. Scary. This is her first tour since. She was so good. So very good. Music for the soul.

Then came Sunday. Holy mother of pearl and all things good in the world that was some DOOZY of a stomach flu. And it was like the flu. Headache, chills, fever, extreme lethargy and copious amount of fluids violently and uncontrollably expelling themselves from my body. Monday, the hubs had to go all day to the ATL for work, so I was alone in my misery for more than 12 hours. Thank God for my moms who brought me Gatorade, saltines and meds. Tuesday, the fun continued, but I finally ate some solid foods. Today, I finally ate "normal" for the first time (my diet for days has been cheese and carbs, the blander, the better). In sad news, my hubs came home tonight with symptoms. Oy. I cannot believe it has taken this long to appear. I pray his recovery is swifter than mine has been.

In other news, the garden continues to go gangbusters. First, my cherry tomatoes? Are OUT. OF. CONTROL. All I can say is "Park Seed rocks." Below is a bowl full of chocolate cherries and tomato berries. This is TWO DAYS worth of harvest. It's insane.

My Romas and big tomatoes, however, are pitiful this year. Just pitiful. I have a Cherokee Purple that's doing ok, but no other big tomatoes. And the Romas are weird looking and have never grown very big or look very healthy. I cannot remember if I mentioned, but I wound up ripping out about six of the heirloom plants. NEVER AGAIN.

My cukes are ok....I am not sure if I have watered them enough. Or something. My picking cukes...well, some of them...look like stunted little commas.

The truly sad news is that while we have the produce we DO have, since I haven't really felt like cooking, it is languishing. Sad. Here we are, in the middle of summer harvest after all my hard work, and cannot enjoy the fruits of my labor.

In other news, outside of my stomach flu, it seems I am healthy as a horse. I went for my annual physical Wednesday and all my numbers are great. Except my weight. So I am going to finally, yet again, try to do something about that. Soon.

Well, I have children to walk and a hubs to check on and then bed for me since it has been a long week. Have a good one, dudes. XO, B.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

So glad you're finally feeling better.
I've dropped 4 pounds in 2 days. The oral diabetes med is making me spend WAY too much time on the potty (I know, TMI)

I wish I lived closer. We could be walking buddies.

bunny said...

I read about your sorry. At least you and your hubby can bond over the BG meter. I was so worried my sugar was gonna suck, which is another reason to lose the blubber. I would love if you lived closer, however, I don't know how much walking we would get done through all the chortling.