Saturday, June 05, 2010

Where IS Everyone??

OK, peeps, is it ME or is everyone just in a summer induced state of nirvana and being lazy or something?? Cause there are no or on many of the blogs I frequent. Guess everyone is just in a vacay frame of mind.

Speaking of vacay, I have about 24 more hours in mine. Whee. To give a wrap-up of the week, Wednesday was the day of my birth, to which I told the hubs "If we can't go to the beach, let's go tubing!" So off we trekked our redneck sides up the mountain and floated down the Chattahoochee River on big ol' innertubes. It is fun. I promise. And the river was high from all the rain this past winter so we gots quite wet.

Birthday night, we wents out to dinner and I tried this AWESOME new beer: Terrapin Rye Squared. Apparently, you can only get it on tap, but it is a high gravity beer (READ: high alcohol) and reminded me very much of my beloved Brown Shugga. Terrapin is actually a brewery quite close to where I live and they make some nice beers. I think a visit/tour/tasting may be in my future.

For the birthday, the furry children gave me Jo Malone's Verbena cologne (perfect for summer--crisp and clean) and the hubs gave me earrings from Tiffany (actually, mine were the smaller, less expensive version of this earring--I love the mesh because it's light-catching). In all, it was a good day.

Thursday, the hubs and I traveled over to South Carolina to the headquarters for Park Seed/Wayside Gardens, which--who knew?--was only about 2 hours away. I am SO happy about this find.

They have trial gardens, regular gardens you can tour and a RETAIL garden center. And they were having a 50% OFF SALE. Holy Mother of Pearl, did we get some awesome deal-eos.

This is a new trial hydrangea they have in the trial gardens--Forever Pink. It is a vivid, bright, beautiful shade of pink. Lovely.

They had lots of veggies planted--woo-boy, you should have SEEN the tomato plants!--but look at these cabbages! I see lots of slaw dogs right there, dudes.

We also went into the town of Greenwood (which is where Park Seed is located) and they are having their big flower festival in June. They had all these topiaries downtown made of various types of flowers and ground covers. This one--Dino--was the hubs' favorite.

I really liked the horse--look at the grass tuft of "hair. And the colorful, flower covered saddle. Nice. Yesterday, we had more mundane errands to run, including oil changes, the bank, groceries, etc., but we did manage to squeeze in a nappy and, today, I said "I ain't doing nothing that requires effort" so we took Charlie to a playtime sponsored by his trainer and then I went to Bobs to crash by the pool. I have to see if I can get my tan to unemployed status. :)

Tonight, we are watching a movie, tomorrow nothing else very strenuous, and Monday it will be back to work. But it has been a good week, even if I think I am ready to get back to my job work to get away from all this house work! Oy. Hope you all are having a great weekend! B.


Jen on the Edge said...

Happy belated birthday! Your new earrings are FAB.

I think you're right -- folks are off doing summer stuff, because the blogosphere has been really quiet lately.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I have been spending some quality time with Tigger, venting my frustration at my boss, sleeping and reading.

So, are you and the Hubs going to attempt some topiary at Chez Bunny?

Whaaaa, I wanna live close enough to hang with you and Bobs by the pool.

bunny said...

Thanks, JOTE. I feel a little blah and boring myself, so I understand why people many not be visiting MY blog. :)

LMSS, I understand. That all sounds great to me. And, no, no topiary at Casa Bunny!