Sunday, June 06, 2010

Vacation Recap

So, let's look at that list I had earlier in the week going on and see just how much I accomplished while off for one whole week (or, really, 10 days):
  • Help Mr. Martha clean and weed the whole yard. UPDATE: I did work in the yard a few days including pulling out a whole huge bucket of poison ivy though there is plenty, plenty more to do.
  • Help Mr. Martha move the rain barrels. UPDATE: Nope. Has not been done.
  • Clean off my deck so maybe we can eat outside sometime before it gets to be 100 degrees. UPDATE: Nope. Nada deck cleaning.
  • Clean out our guest bedroom in preparation for our new bed. UPDATE: DONE!
  • Clean out my closet just because I have way, way, way to many clothes in about 10 sizes and those 50 pounds seem to be staying with me. UPDATE: Partially done--I cleaned two huge lawn & leaf bags out, and a big box of shoes, but I still was unable to part with many of my smaller sized clothes. Sorry, I just keep clinging to the idea that I am going to lose 50 pounds.
  • Celebrate my birthday about three more times. UPDATE: Sorta. Still have a few get-togethers remaining.
  • Clean out my laundry room/pantry. UPDATE: Does straightening up count??
  • Clean out my linen closet. UPDATE: Nope. Not done.
  • Take a whole bunch of stuff to the eBay store (which probably will not sell). UPDATE: Nope, but only because the store was closed for vacation.
  • Take a whole bunch of stuff to the Goodwill. UPDATE: Yep. See "closet" and "bedroom."
  • Do at least one other fun thing like go to a big ol' garden center in South Carolina. UPDATE: DONE!
I suppose I would have to give myself a grade of B, but I did set my expectations a little high. Oh well, onward and upwards and back to work tomorrow. Later peeps! B. 


Sonya said...

Yes, absolutely. Straightening up always counts!

Jeff said...

I'm envious. I never have plans for vacations except for "We're going to_____", or "We're just staying home." Damn bunny, you're the sh**! Relaxin' and accomplishin'!