Saturday, June 26, 2010

Things I Love Right Now.....

Yo, peeps. I cannot believe how fast this past week went. My moms and sis have been gone to the beach (we abstained from family vacay due to finances and the hubs being in school...he just started back this week....divorce is still a possibility....I keed!....Kinda) so I have been fetching mail. And working my rump off. Anyhoodle, I have been bad about photog taking so, instead of pics, here a few things I love right now:
  • I love that I picked my first thing from the garden last night....a cuke! 
  • I love that my tomato plants are bustin' out in 'maters, esp. my cherry plants.
  • I love that in a few weeks we will have tomatoes coming out of our ears and will be eating tomatoes 24/7.
  • I love that we will also be run over with cukes from the way things look.
  • I love that Charlie has been a welcome additional to our family esp. in this time of sadness over Savannah. He has provided energy and smiles to our house the past two weeks. Even Pepsi has been inspired to ALMOST play with him twice. It didn't last long though. Trust me.
 Charlester playing tug with Daddy.
  • I love finding out about AOL radio... it is so AWESOME. And FREE. For all you 40-somethings, check out the 80s Alternative station. It will make you long to be young again...The Cure, The Smiths, New Order, Depeche Mode, INXS, Siouxsie & the Banshees, the Ramones, U2, REM, Echo & the Bunnymen....the AWESOME list goes on and on. Check it out.
  • I love that I have NOTHING planned for tomorrow. Oh, but cleaning the house. And an article to write.
  • I love that we had hotdogs with slaw and potato salad for dinner. Such a summer meal.
  • I love that I have a blackberry cobbler baking in the oven as I type.
  • I love that I am going to try my hand at homemade granola tomorrow. I will report back.
  • I love that I am planning on having a gin and tonic later.
  • I love how seriously Mr. Martha loves playing with he is right now. He laughs and has fun. And has the scars to show it.
  • I love that we will be resuming our movie night tonight after a few nights off.
  • I love ULTA self-tanner. It's affordable, doesn't smell funny and leaves a nice, realistic bronzy color.
  • I love that I finally found a summer beer I love....sorta summer anyway. I have had several other beers, but honestly, just did not keep up with the documentation as promised. None of them blew my socks off anyway. But Terrapin's Hop Karma IPA is da' bomb. It's the perfect cross between an IPA and brown ale. Loves it. 
That's all I love that I can think of right now. Hope you all are having a great weekend! Love and peace, B.


robertga99 said...

WTH? Where is "Bobs" on the list of things you love right now? HELLO!

ctflack said...

Oh, back to school - fun stuff. The amount of work in my class is kicking my butt! It's summertime, people! At least tomorrow is the midterm - half way over! Yay!

bunny said...

Oh, Bobs, you are on a list alright....;)

CTF, has the hubs threatened to divorce you in the past year?? :)