Saturday, June 19, 2010

Starting Over

Holla, peeps! Sorry it has been a while, but we have been readjusting to life sans Savannah in our house. I won't go into all the nitty gritty deets of the past weekish, but I will just say today was the first day I did not tear up/cry since she died. So, yes, we are feeling better.

I also am not going to back track on all the deets of the past two weeks regarding food, beers, events and what not, but just start fresh from here. Sound good? Hope so. So, let's start with today, shall we?

It has been heinously hot here in the G of A--high 90s all week. Today was equally warm so we decided to go on a jaunt to the mountains rather than work in the yard. We decided to visit two nearby falls--Helton Creek Falls and Desoto Falls--and take Pepsi and Charlie with us. Here's some pics:

Here is Mr. Martha and the Charlester at Desoto Falls. I loves the photo. LOVES it. See how big the Char is getting? I had him weighed this week and he was almost 23 pounds.

Here is Mr. Martha with Pepsi at Helton Creek Falls. Poor Peppy! She was such a trooper. She'll be 12 years old next month--AND she's gimpy--and she pretty much kept up with Charlie. They were two pooped pups and there was lots of snoozing in the back seat on the way home. And on the way home, we pulled into a little roadside produce stand for this:

HELLZ Yes! White peaches, a quart of blackberries, and 'maters, red and orange. Yum. Yeah, I will be eating those peaches shortly with some vanilla ice cream, making a cobbler of blackberries tomorrow night, and maybe another bread salad with those 'maters. We've already had bread salad twice this past week. I loves it in the summer--so easy, so tasty, no cooking. Just see here. I changed it up one night and added a can of mixed beans instead. Yum. In other news, here's one funny photo from the past week of Charlie and K.K. having a love fest underneath the wicker ottoman:

They were so funny. At first, K.K. did not like the Charlester but now they are getting along like a house on fire, playing and rubbing up against each other. So funny. Of course, K.K. has not been in much since we adopted Charlie, but we've let her in the past week 'cause it's been so blazing hot.

Well, that's all for now, peeps. I hope to get back in the swing this week with posting. Thank you again to everyone for your lovely comments about Savannah. She was wonderful and we'll never forget her, but now we have to focus on remembering the good times and making new memories with our other furry children. Have a happy Father's Day! B. Out!


blackbird said...

Oh! I am SO into roadside fruits/veg!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Hi Bunny...waving from hot and steamy FL!

I didn't know you had a cat!
Charles is getting big!!

I saw the rest of the hiking pics on FB. Pretty place!

bunny said...

Yep, BB, they are pretty awesome--the produce and the people. This guy yesterday was just chatting me up about the veggies. In his overalls. With a wife-beater on underneath. Country charmer. :)

LMSS, I know GA cannot hold a candle to FLA. And, yes, K.K. is talked about less (we are both more "dog people") but she is ours. Great cat. Beautiful too.