Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pictures as Promised

Ok, peeps, since my last posts have been a little lacking in photos, I ran around taking, collecting and downloading photos since last night to do a visual catch-you-up, so here we go:

Friday was "Take Your Dog to Work Day" so Mr. Martha took Pepsi to work with him at the high-end furniture store. Of course, I take Charlie to work with me every day, so no news there. But look how cute Pepsi looks snuggled up in the blue toile settee. And, no, she isn't missing a's just tucked under her.

As mentioned in an earlier post, last Monday we finally received our new bed and mattress. The new Jamison foam mattress went on our bed (and it is WONDERFULLY plush and comfy) and our old mattress went into the guest room with the new headboard (pictured above). We originally had a double bed in this room, but Mr. Martha's boss made us a new queen wooden headboard stained a medium brown. We loves it and are ready for guests! (And , yes, I know the picture above the bed is off center now...sigh)

Last night, I made a blackberry cobbler. I know I have photoged cobblers before, but this one turned out esp. golden and lovely. My only complaint is it was not terribly sweet. Even with a cup of sugar in it.

Remember me talking about how much my garden had grown? Here is a photo of it this morning. The perfect combo of lots of rain the first month and lots of sunshine have made it grow, grow, grow.

My Cherokee Purple plants are the largest and hardiest. Last year, my Cherokees were awful....bugs got to them and bore out the innards. Let's hope that doesn't happen this year. Or I may cry.

This is just ONE of my cherry tomato plants...they almost all look this way....rows and rows of tiny tomatoes.

My Romas are also starting to fruit. Those bees need to get busy. There's lots of work to do.

Just a few of the tiny cukes that laden the vines with five times as many blossoms. Oh. my.

This morning, I decided to make homemade granola after seeing this simple recipe over at Dishin & Dishes (thanks, Katie!). I made it just like the original but added pecans instead of walnuts because 1) it's what I had and 2) I like them better.

Here is the finished product, which I probably overcooked a wee bit since my damn stove gets so hot. I added a dried fruit mix I had from Trader Joe's of mangos, cranberries and blueberries.

It now resides in a lovely glass canister on my counter, ready to eat with vanilla yogurt for breakfast. See, I am bad to make or buy foods then forget to eat them, so I thought I would leave this out in full sight. In fact, I was thinking this morning I need to have a "clean the cupboards" week when I try to make things from what's in the cupboards. Actually, I could probably go several weeks eating out of the cupboards but there would be A LOT of pasta being consumed!

Tonight, I am going to try my hand at Pioneer Woman's Pineapple & Mango salsa. If you remember, my last experience with mango was not so positive, so here's hoping tonight goes better. I will report back. XO, Bun.


Sonya said...

That granola looks delish! I'm so looking forward to peaches and tomatoes. So far I've enjoyed fresh squash and corn. There's a cucumber waiting in the kitchen now. I'm thinking tabouli w/cucumber, tomato, olives and feta.

bunny said...

S., fresh fruits and veggies are the only thing that makes hot weather tolerable for me. That tabouli sounds delish...what time should we arrive?? :)

PS, did you see my other post below this one??

Jen on the Edge said...

I love having homemade granola for breakfast and, like you, I eat it with vanilla yogurt.

My tomatoes are slowly coming along, although my Romas aren't doing diddly squat at this point.

Elisabeth said...

I am jonesin' for some homemade granola. Mom usually makes it for the beach, but didn't this year...

And...Scott & I drove all the way up to said high-end furniture store to shop for the new house, only to find it closed on Sundays! Ugh. Oh well. We were just killin' time anyway.

bunny said...

JOTE, I loves me some granola. Who knew it was so easy to make??

E., that granola IS easy...sorry about the store. Kerry will be there this Saturday if you can make it...and next Monday. Anything with red, white and blue will be half off.

DishinAndDishes said...

So awesome that your garden is doing so well. So far, I've only had one bout with caterpillars that ate my dill to sticks. OH, and the sad plight of my heirloom seedlings that got hailed to death.

I love the dried fruit mixture you used in the granola - I need to get me some of that!