Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Four Days In

Seriously, peeps, can you believe I am already FOUR WHOLE DAYS into my vacation? I cannot. Lordy, how the days fly by! I still have so much to do like:
  • Help Mr. Martha clean and weed the whole yard
  • Help Mr. Martha move the rain barrels
  • Clean off my deck so maybe we can eat outside sometime before it gets to be 100 degrees
  • Clean out our guest bedroom in preparation for our new bed
  • Clean out my closet just because I have way, way, way to many clothes in about 10 sizes and those 50 pounds seem to be staying with me
  • Celebrate my birthday about three more times
  • Clean out my laundry room/pantry
  • Clean out my linen closet
  • Take a whole bunch of stuff to the eBay store (which probably will not sell)
  • Take a whole bunch of stuff to the Goodwill
  • Do at least one other fun thing like go to a big ol' garden center in South Carolina
As you can see, there is plenty, plenty to do. I think I will need at least another week off. In other news, here is some more food I have been making. Apparently, I have plenty of time to shove stuff in my piehole. Sunday, we went over to my mom's for birthday celebration with the fams. Moms made a spread of Mexican including enchiladas and cheese dip. MMM! I gots money and gift cards and earrings. YEAH.

Sunday night, I decided to make pork burgers--burgers from ground pork basted with that apple butter BBQ sauce I bought at the DFM. And I roasted some taters.

Golly, were these good! I threw some spinach on the bun just to feel healthy, but that sauce? Was yummers! I enjoyed it all with this:

Rogue's Somer Orange Honey Ale. I have yet to have a Rogue beer I did not like and this was no exception. Their website says "Somer Orange Honey Ale is new to Rogue’s award-winning brews bringing with it an easy, year round drinkability. It’s unique recipe includes sweet orange peel and Oregon-indigenous Wildflower Honey from Wild Harvest Honey in Blodgett, OR, a mere 35 miles away from the Rogue Brewery in Newport, OR. This unfiltered beer is medium bodied with no harsh bitterness, it has flavors of orange and honey with a nice medium-sweet malt character." VERY NICE summer beer with, as they promise, no bitterness. My only complaint--which is toward me--is that I wish it had been a little colder. Try this one, peeps.

Last night, I decided to get creative and try to make Pioneer Woman's Mozzarella Sticks. It was an epic FAIL. The coating did not stick right, I did not have enough oil, and they all fell apart in the pan. And that was the GOOD parts. But when life hands you lemons, make croutons, I say! I turned it around and made spinach salad with warm fried cheese croutons!

We also had fresh pasta with alfredo sauce from the DFM. So, meal salvaged! In other news, after sleeping in and running errands yesterday morning, I worked in the garden yesterday afternoon, including ripping out about a TON of poison ivy. See, Mr. Martha is DEATHLY attracted to the PI and breaks out just looking at it. He has it now on his left hand and cannot wear his wedding ring his fingers are swollen so badly. So, I dressed in long sleeves and such and went to town. See, I have NEVER had PI. And let's hope that trend continues after yesterday. In other news, my veggie garden is coming along nicely:

Everything is growing nicely and we gots the soaker hoses laid out (OY! Was THAT a chore!). Some of the tomatoes are languishing a bit but I think because it has not gotten truly hot here....YET. I did transplant some basil and put out some hen poop (fertilizer!). Now it's just water and wait.

Well, I best go get busy. See you peeps later! Love and kisses, B.


Fannie said...

My soaker hose is still not out. My closets languish in disrepair.
My rain barrel is not fully functional. You should come to MY house!

bunny said...

Oh, Fannie, if I get 1/4 of that list completed, I will be thrilled!

Jeff said...

Happy Birthday you sweet little bunny you!!!