Monday, June 21, 2010

Chillaxin' Cat

K.K., our cat (who you hear so little about), is usually always on guard. On her toes. Or paws. Or pads. Or whatever they may be. She's the huntress. The guardian of home from all things small and furry and rodenty. But occasionally she lets her kitty hair down and totally chillaxes. Like here.

Where she is crashed out under the deck chair.

Like totally, 100% visiting Snoozeville.

Wait. See her eyes are ever so slightly open. It all must be a ruse. A bunny must be nearby. Or a mole. Or maybe she just always sleeps with one eye slightly open. Crazy cat. Bless her heart though, she is gettin' shaved Wednesday. She will look like a said waif until fall. But be much, much cooler.

Be back soon with tales of our NEW MATTRESS and bed, delivered tonight. For now, I am exhausted after stripping beds, making beds and moving furniture all evening. So goodnight and later taters! B.

1 comment:

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

She's very purty.

When we lived up north, we had Tigger shaved in the summer. If not, he would lay on the dining room table, under the ceiling fan, and pant like a dog!