Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hump Day Holla

Whew, peeps. It has been a ball-busting week. Well, at least my metaphorical ones, anyway. It started with rising earlier on Saturday than normal for a work event. Outside. In 90 degree heat. And 90 percent humidity. Draining to say the least. I was pretty much wiped out the rest of the day Saturday and felt crappy+ on Sunday. So no sunning with Bobs.

Monday night I had to work late, and then Tuesday I was out and about running work errands and JOY! My car battery died. Outside. In 90 degree heat. And 90 percent humidity. And I had to call my moms to come give me a jump. Then I had to go back to work and work late. AGAIN.

Today, I had to shell out $$ for new battery. But WAIT. I had all this extra money after paying bills last week. NOT. I realized last night that I had forgotten to pay our HELOC. Mother-effer.

But there has been some bright spots to the week. And those would be:

Sunday night, I made Pioneer Woman's pineapple-mango salsa. This experience with mangos was MUCH better than the last. I decided to use this on some awesome nachos:

BBQ chicken nachos with pineapple-mango salsa. YUM. FREAKIN. Y. These were tasty. I will be making these again. BTW, I used canned pineapple. Suck it if you don't like it.

We had K.K. shaved (actually last week) and I also love the pissed off looks she seems to give us following her grooming. Like this one.

"Bitch. You haven't even seen pissed off yet. You want piss? Wait until I piss your rug."

And here is Charlie, chewing on my bra. Why is it that dogs always find the things you don't want them to find like bras, undies and such?? (No comments on the condition, size, color or any other aspects of my bra, 'kay, peeps???) Anyhoodle, you can see he is getting to be a big boy. Almost 25 pounds now. Lawsy.

Well, I am off. I think I may go grab an adult beverage and then settle in for the rest of So You Think You Can Dance before I head off to bed. Later taters! B.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pictures as Promised

Ok, peeps, since my last posts have been a little lacking in photos, I ran around taking, collecting and downloading photos since last night to do a visual catch-you-up, so here we go:

Friday was "Take Your Dog to Work Day" so Mr. Martha took Pepsi to work with him at the high-end furniture store. Of course, I take Charlie to work with me every day, so no news there. But look how cute Pepsi looks snuggled up in the blue toile settee. And, no, she isn't missing a's just tucked under her.

As mentioned in an earlier post, last Monday we finally received our new bed and mattress. The new Jamison foam mattress went on our bed (and it is WONDERFULLY plush and comfy) and our old mattress went into the guest room with the new headboard (pictured above). We originally had a double bed in this room, but Mr. Martha's boss made us a new queen wooden headboard stained a medium brown. We loves it and are ready for guests! (And , yes, I know the picture above the bed is off center now...sigh)

Last night, I made a blackberry cobbler. I know I have photoged cobblers before, but this one turned out esp. golden and lovely. My only complaint is it was not terribly sweet. Even with a cup of sugar in it.

Remember me talking about how much my garden had grown? Here is a photo of it this morning. The perfect combo of lots of rain the first month and lots of sunshine have made it grow, grow, grow.

My Cherokee Purple plants are the largest and hardiest. Last year, my Cherokees were awful....bugs got to them and bore out the innards. Let's hope that doesn't happen this year. Or I may cry.

This is just ONE of my cherry tomato plants...they almost all look this way....rows and rows of tiny tomatoes.

My Romas are also starting to fruit. Those bees need to get busy. There's lots of work to do.

Just a few of the tiny cukes that laden the vines with five times as many blossoms. Oh. my.

This morning, I decided to make homemade granola after seeing this simple recipe over at Dishin & Dishes (thanks, Katie!). I made it just like the original but added pecans instead of walnuts because 1) it's what I had and 2) I like them better.

Here is the finished product, which I probably overcooked a wee bit since my damn stove gets so hot. I added a dried fruit mix I had from Trader Joe's of mangos, cranberries and blueberries.

It now resides in a lovely glass canister on my counter, ready to eat with vanilla yogurt for breakfast. See, I am bad to make or buy foods then forget to eat them, so I thought I would leave this out in full sight. In fact, I was thinking this morning I need to have a "clean the cupboards" week when I try to make things from what's in the cupboards. Actually, I could probably go several weeks eating out of the cupboards but there would be A LOT of pasta being consumed!

Tonight, I am going to try my hand at Pioneer Woman's Pineapple & Mango salsa. If you remember, my last experience with mango was not so positive, so here's hoping tonight goes better. I will report back. XO, Bun.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Things I Love Right Now.....

Yo, peeps. I cannot believe how fast this past week went. My moms and sis have been gone to the beach (we abstained from family vacay due to finances and the hubs being in school...he just started back this week....divorce is still a possibility....I keed!....Kinda) so I have been fetching mail. And working my rump off. Anyhoodle, I have been bad about photog taking so, instead of pics, here a few things I love right now:
  • I love that I picked my first thing from the garden last night....a cuke! 
  • I love that my tomato plants are bustin' out in 'maters, esp. my cherry plants.
  • I love that in a few weeks we will have tomatoes coming out of our ears and will be eating tomatoes 24/7.
  • I love that we will also be run over with cukes from the way things look.
  • I love that Charlie has been a welcome additional to our family esp. in this time of sadness over Savannah. He has provided energy and smiles to our house the past two weeks. Even Pepsi has been inspired to ALMOST play with him twice. It didn't last long though. Trust me.
 Charlester playing tug with Daddy.
  • I love finding out about AOL radio... it is so AWESOME. And FREE. For all you 40-somethings, check out the 80s Alternative station. It will make you long to be young again...The Cure, The Smiths, New Order, Depeche Mode, INXS, Siouxsie & the Banshees, the Ramones, U2, REM, Echo & the Bunnymen....the AWESOME list goes on and on. Check it out.
  • I love that I have NOTHING planned for tomorrow. Oh, but cleaning the house. And an article to write.
  • I love that we had hotdogs with slaw and potato salad for dinner. Such a summer meal.
  • I love that I have a blackberry cobbler baking in the oven as I type.
  • I love that I am going to try my hand at homemade granola tomorrow. I will report back.
  • I love that I am planning on having a gin and tonic later.
  • I love how seriously Mr. Martha loves playing with he is right now. He laughs and has fun. And has the scars to show it.
  • I love that we will be resuming our movie night tonight after a few nights off.
  • I love ULTA self-tanner. It's affordable, doesn't smell funny and leaves a nice, realistic bronzy color.
  • I love that I finally found a summer beer I love....sorta summer anyway. I have had several other beers, but honestly, just did not keep up with the documentation as promised. None of them blew my socks off anyway. But Terrapin's Hop Karma IPA is da' bomb. It's the perfect cross between an IPA and brown ale. Loves it. 
That's all I love that I can think of right now. Hope you all are having a great weekend! Love and peace, B.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Chillaxin' Cat

K.K., our cat (who you hear so little about), is usually always on guard. On her toes. Or paws. Or pads. Or whatever they may be. She's the huntress. The guardian of home from all things small and furry and rodenty. But occasionally she lets her kitty hair down and totally chillaxes. Like here.

Where she is crashed out under the deck chair.

Like totally, 100% visiting Snoozeville.

Wait. See her eyes are ever so slightly open. It all must be a ruse. A bunny must be nearby. Or a mole. Or maybe she just always sleeps with one eye slightly open. Crazy cat. Bless her heart though, she is gettin' shaved Wednesday. She will look like a said waif until fall. But be much, much cooler.

Be back soon with tales of our NEW MATTRESS and bed, delivered tonight. For now, I am exhausted after stripping beds, making beds and moving furniture all evening. So goodnight and later taters! B.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Starting Over

Holla, peeps! Sorry it has been a while, but we have been readjusting to life sans Savannah in our house. I won't go into all the nitty gritty deets of the past weekish, but I will just say today was the first day I did not tear up/cry since she died. So, yes, we are feeling better.

I also am not going to back track on all the deets of the past two weeks regarding food, beers, events and what not, but just start fresh from here. Sound good? Hope so. So, let's start with today, shall we?

It has been heinously hot here in the G of A--high 90s all week. Today was equally warm so we decided to go on a jaunt to the mountains rather than work in the yard. We decided to visit two nearby falls--Helton Creek Falls and Desoto Falls--and take Pepsi and Charlie with us. Here's some pics:

Here is Mr. Martha and the Charlester at Desoto Falls. I loves the photo. LOVES it. See how big the Char is getting? I had him weighed this week and he was almost 23 pounds.

Here is Mr. Martha with Pepsi at Helton Creek Falls. Poor Peppy! She was such a trooper. She'll be 12 years old next month--AND she's gimpy--and she pretty much kept up with Charlie. They were two pooped pups and there was lots of snoozing in the back seat on the way home. And on the way home, we pulled into a little roadside produce stand for this:

HELLZ Yes! White peaches, a quart of blackberries, and 'maters, red and orange. Yum. Yeah, I will be eating those peaches shortly with some vanilla ice cream, making a cobbler of blackberries tomorrow night, and maybe another bread salad with those 'maters. We've already had bread salad twice this past week. I loves it in the summer--so easy, so tasty, no cooking. Just see here. I changed it up one night and added a can of mixed beans instead. Yum. In other news, here's one funny photo from the past week of Charlie and K.K. having a love fest underneath the wicker ottoman:

They were so funny. At first, K.K. did not like the Charlester but now they are getting along like a house on fire, playing and rubbing up against each other. So funny. Of course, K.K. has not been in much since we adopted Charlie, but we've let her in the past week 'cause it's been so blazing hot.

Well, that's all for now, peeps. I hope to get back in the swing this week with posting. Thank you again to everyone for your lovely comments about Savannah. She was wonderful and we'll never forget her, but now we have to focus on remembering the good times and making new memories with our other furry children. Have a happy Father's Day! B. Out!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Hardest Post I’ve Ever Had to Write

I know it has been a while, peeps, but it has been a long, heartbreaking week at Casa Bunny. Our oldest dogter, Savannah, had a bad turn for the worse and there was no choice but to give her peace this past Wednesday. Needless to say, her passing has left a huge hole in our hearts that will never be filled—she was our first dog and will always be one-of-a-kind.

We adopted Savannah when she was a little over 2 years old. The first 1.5ish years we were married, we lived in an apartment and could not have pets, but we watched Westminster every year, looking at breeds and talked about what kind of dog we would have one day. We narrowed down our choices to a short list, with Cairn Terrier at the top.

After we bought our house, we started looking for our dog. It took us almost a year, but in Spring 1999, I saw an ad in the Atlanta paper for an adult Cairn Terrier. The next weekend, we drove south of Atlanta to McDonough where we met Savannah for the first time.

Her mom was a breeder who had recently divorced and could not financially afford to keep breeding, so she was finding new homes for her adult dogs. From the moment we saw her, we knew Savannah was special. And spunky. In fact, while we were there, she escaped from her fenced yard and there we were, with her mom, chasing her down the street. Undaunted, we took her home that day, full of excitement.

That evening, we took her to my ‘rents for dinner. She walked in the back door, head and tail high, no fear, and immediately pooped in the middle of my mom’s living room floor. That was Savannah. She ruled the room and had such personality….really the best personality of any dog I’ve known. She was feisty, spirited, loved to meet people and loved to “go”…on rides, to the park for walks, even to the vet office. She was so typical terrier and yet had her own special way that was all Savannah.

About 5 years ago, Savannah was diagnosed with diabetes. I remember I took her on a Saturday morning to the vet, and when they told me, I cried all weekend, thinking it was her death sentence. While it was a hardship in many ways, her diagnosis also was somewhat of a blessing. For one, after she was diagnosed, no one wanted to keep her anymore when we went away because they were scared of giving her injections, so we started taking Savannah and Pepsi with us on every vacation which gave us more time with them.

The last 3 years (until this past February), I worked from home, which allowed me to keep an eye on Savannah. I also was finally able to forge a small bond with Savannah where she would actually come to me and seemed to sorta like me. See, she was a Daddy’s girl through and through. She and the hubs had a special bond from day one….that dog loved Mr. Martha and he loved her like sweets (that’s a whole lot).

I realized around Christmas that Savannah would probably not make it another year. She had a really bad bout with her diabetes right before the holidays, then another in March. But, in the end, it wasn’t her diabetes but just advanced age compounded by multiple health problems that conquered her. She always bounced back, for so many years, and this time she just couldn’t.

Last weekend, we noticed her cheek was starting to swell. We took her to the vet Monday morning and they diagnosed an abscessed tooth. The vet was preparing to remove it when Savannah went into distress, but she revived. Monday evening, I brought her home and spent time just sitting beside her, petting her. I think I knew the end was near. I thought maybe a few weeks, a few months at the very best.

Tuesday I went to work, but was worried about her, so I asked my boss if I could leave and work from home. I watched her all day as she mostly slept. We went to bed Tuesday evening remarking that she seemed somewhat better. We thought maybe our bounce-back girl would bounce back yet again.

Sadly, it was not the case. Wednesday morning at 5:30 a.m. we woke up to her moaning. She was lying on our bedroom floor in a puddle of her own urine, panting fast and shallow and non-responsive. We immediately called the vet and drove her there (it has been a comfort that our vet office takes their own emergency call and this time, more than ever). Right before we left, Savannah got on her own feet, and seemed okay. At the vet’s office, however, the Dr. said her lungs did not sound good. Savannah stayed at the vet office, and later they did an X-ray. Her heart was enlarged and her lungs surrounded in fluid. The tooth and her diabetes probably/maybe were making it all worse, but I was going to pick her up and bring her home for now.

Shortly before I arrived at the vet office Wednesday afternoon, Savannah took a sudden turn for the worse. Her breathing became very labored, they had to give her oxygen. I didn’t fully understand until I saw her and saw the distress she was in. There was no choice…I knew we had to let her go. I called the hubs, who was on his way home and told him to come immediately, that she was not coming home. The vet held her until he arrived so I could talk to her and pet her. I don’t know if she ever knew I was there, but when her Daddy walked in and petted her, she stopped panting for a few seconds and looked up at him. I know she at least knew he had arrived and was there with her. We said our goodbyes among many, many tears and stayed by her side while the vet gave her the peace she needed.

While I knew this day was coming sooner rather than later, I was not prepared. I thought I was going to pick her up and bring her home, not say my final goodbye. But I suppose no amount of being prepared makes losing a beloved part of your family easier. She was our first pet, our furry child, our dogter. It hurts horribly. There is no way I can even begin to explain what a big part of our life she has been.

We have spent the past two days grieving, remembering and questioning. I know we gave her a wonderful life, but you always wonder “what if” and feel some amount of guilt, wondering if you could have done more to give her one more day, spent more time with her, fed her some “good food.”

There also is guilt in the relief that she is at peace. I admit that the past year with Savannah has been trying. I loved her, but I did not like the dog she had become due to her age and health. She was a huge eggshell of grumpiness that everyone in our home tiptoed around; however, she would occasionally have a “good day” or moment when the real Savannah shone through in all her glory.

Small things trigger fresh tears. Yesterday as I was eating breakfast, I looked over to her spot where she would sit and watch us eat, waiting for that crumb to fall, and thought “where’s Savannah?” before I remembered. Meal time, bed time, coming home from work are all reminders she is no longer here.

This morning, the hubs said he was starting to feel the tiniest bit better, which he felt a little guilty about. I agreed about feeling a tiny bit better, but said I did not feel guilty. I cannot wait until the day I can think about Savannah, remembering the good times and the joy she brought to our lives and not feel this hurt in my heart.

Savannah “Puddin’” Edwards
Our Beloved Dogter
December 30, 1996 – June 9, 2010

PS, Here is Savannah's Last Birthday Post if 
you'd like to see a happier post about her life.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Vacation Recap

So, let's look at that list I had earlier in the week going on and see just how much I accomplished while off for one whole week (or, really, 10 days):
  • Help Mr. Martha clean and weed the whole yard. UPDATE: I did work in the yard a few days including pulling out a whole huge bucket of poison ivy though there is plenty, plenty more to do.
  • Help Mr. Martha move the rain barrels. UPDATE: Nope. Has not been done.
  • Clean off my deck so maybe we can eat outside sometime before it gets to be 100 degrees. UPDATE: Nope. Nada deck cleaning.
  • Clean out our guest bedroom in preparation for our new bed. UPDATE: DONE!
  • Clean out my closet just because I have way, way, way to many clothes in about 10 sizes and those 50 pounds seem to be staying with me. UPDATE: Partially done--I cleaned two huge lawn & leaf bags out, and a big box of shoes, but I still was unable to part with many of my smaller sized clothes. Sorry, I just keep clinging to the idea that I am going to lose 50 pounds.
  • Celebrate my birthday about three more times. UPDATE: Sorta. Still have a few get-togethers remaining.
  • Clean out my laundry room/pantry. UPDATE: Does straightening up count??
  • Clean out my linen closet. UPDATE: Nope. Not done.
  • Take a whole bunch of stuff to the eBay store (which probably will not sell). UPDATE: Nope, but only because the store was closed for vacation.
  • Take a whole bunch of stuff to the Goodwill. UPDATE: Yep. See "closet" and "bedroom."
  • Do at least one other fun thing like go to a big ol' garden center in South Carolina. UPDATE: DONE!
I suppose I would have to give myself a grade of B, but I did set my expectations a little high. Oh well, onward and upwards and back to work tomorrow. Later peeps! B. 

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Where IS Everyone??

OK, peeps, is it ME or is everyone just in a summer induced state of nirvana and being lazy or something?? Cause there are no or on many of the blogs I frequent. Guess everyone is just in a vacay frame of mind.

Speaking of vacay, I have about 24 more hours in mine. Whee. To give a wrap-up of the week, Wednesday was the day of my birth, to which I told the hubs "If we can't go to the beach, let's go tubing!" So off we trekked our redneck sides up the mountain and floated down the Chattahoochee River on big ol' innertubes. It is fun. I promise. And the river was high from all the rain this past winter so we gots quite wet.

Birthday night, we wents out to dinner and I tried this AWESOME new beer: Terrapin Rye Squared. Apparently, you can only get it on tap, but it is a high gravity beer (READ: high alcohol) and reminded me very much of my beloved Brown Shugga. Terrapin is actually a brewery quite close to where I live and they make some nice beers. I think a visit/tour/tasting may be in my future.

For the birthday, the furry children gave me Jo Malone's Verbena cologne (perfect for summer--crisp and clean) and the hubs gave me earrings from Tiffany (actually, mine were the smaller, less expensive version of this earring--I love the mesh because it's light-catching). In all, it was a good day.

Thursday, the hubs and I traveled over to South Carolina to the headquarters for Park Seed/Wayside Gardens, which--who knew?--was only about 2 hours away. I am SO happy about this find.

They have trial gardens, regular gardens you can tour and a RETAIL garden center. And they were having a 50% OFF SALE. Holy Mother of Pearl, did we get some awesome deal-eos.

This is a new trial hydrangea they have in the trial gardens--Forever Pink. It is a vivid, bright, beautiful shade of pink. Lovely.

They had lots of veggies planted--woo-boy, you should have SEEN the tomato plants!--but look at these cabbages! I see lots of slaw dogs right there, dudes.

We also went into the town of Greenwood (which is where Park Seed is located) and they are having their big flower festival in June. They had all these topiaries downtown made of various types of flowers and ground covers. This one--Dino--was the hubs' favorite.

I really liked the horse--look at the grass tuft of "hair. And the colorful, flower covered saddle. Nice. Yesterday, we had more mundane errands to run, including oil changes, the bank, groceries, etc., but we did manage to squeeze in a nappy and, today, I said "I ain't doing nothing that requires effort" so we took Charlie to a playtime sponsored by his trainer and then I went to Bobs to crash by the pool. I have to see if I can get my tan to unemployed status. :)

Tonight, we are watching a movie, tomorrow nothing else very strenuous, and Monday it will be back to work. But it has been a good week, even if I think I am ready to get back to my job work to get away from all this house work! Oy. Hope you all are having a great weekend! B.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Four Days In

Seriously, peeps, can you believe I am already FOUR WHOLE DAYS into my vacation? I cannot. Lordy, how the days fly by! I still have so much to do like:
  • Help Mr. Martha clean and weed the whole yard
  • Help Mr. Martha move the rain barrels
  • Clean off my deck so maybe we can eat outside sometime before it gets to be 100 degrees
  • Clean out our guest bedroom in preparation for our new bed
  • Clean out my closet just because I have way, way, way to many clothes in about 10 sizes and those 50 pounds seem to be staying with me
  • Celebrate my birthday about three more times
  • Clean out my laundry room/pantry
  • Clean out my linen closet
  • Take a whole bunch of stuff to the eBay store (which probably will not sell)
  • Take a whole bunch of stuff to the Goodwill
  • Do at least one other fun thing like go to a big ol' garden center in South Carolina
As you can see, there is plenty, plenty to do. I think I will need at least another week off. In other news, here is some more food I have been making. Apparently, I have plenty of time to shove stuff in my piehole. Sunday, we went over to my mom's for birthday celebration with the fams. Moms made a spread of Mexican including enchiladas and cheese dip. MMM! I gots money and gift cards and earrings. YEAH.

Sunday night, I decided to make pork burgers--burgers from ground pork basted with that apple butter BBQ sauce I bought at the DFM. And I roasted some taters.

Golly, were these good! I threw some spinach on the bun just to feel healthy, but that sauce? Was yummers! I enjoyed it all with this:

Rogue's Somer Orange Honey Ale. I have yet to have a Rogue beer I did not like and this was no exception. Their website says "Somer Orange Honey Ale is new to Rogue’s award-winning brews bringing with it an easy, year round drinkability. It’s unique recipe includes sweet orange peel and Oregon-indigenous Wildflower Honey from Wild Harvest Honey in Blodgett, OR, a mere 35 miles away from the Rogue Brewery in Newport, OR. This unfiltered beer is medium bodied with no harsh bitterness, it has flavors of orange and honey with a nice medium-sweet malt character." VERY NICE summer beer with, as they promise, no bitterness. My only complaint--which is toward me--is that I wish it had been a little colder. Try this one, peeps.

Last night, I decided to get creative and try to make Pioneer Woman's Mozzarella Sticks. It was an epic FAIL. The coating did not stick right, I did not have enough oil, and they all fell apart in the pan. And that was the GOOD parts. But when life hands you lemons, make croutons, I say! I turned it around and made spinach salad with warm fried cheese croutons!

We also had fresh pasta with alfredo sauce from the DFM. So, meal salvaged! In other news, after sleeping in and running errands yesterday morning, I worked in the garden yesterday afternoon, including ripping out about a TON of poison ivy. See, Mr. Martha is DEATHLY attracted to the PI and breaks out just looking at it. He has it now on his left hand and cannot wear his wedding ring his fingers are swollen so badly. So, I dressed in long sleeves and such and went to town. See, I have NEVER had PI. And let's hope that trend continues after yesterday. In other news, my veggie garden is coming along nicely:

Everything is growing nicely and we gots the soaker hoses laid out (OY! Was THAT a chore!). Some of the tomatoes are languishing a bit but I think because it has not gotten truly hot here....YET. I did transplant some basil and put out some hen poop (fertilizer!). Now it's just water and wait.

Well, I best go get busy. See you peeps later! Love and kisses, B.