Friday, May 28, 2010

VACAY! (Or "In Which I Get My Drink On")

Yo, peeps, has it been a WHOLE WEEK (okay, four days-ish) since I posted?? Well, I can only tell you that I was preparing for VACAY! Which started today, thanks to my wonderful boss who also gave me today off since I've worked about a bazillion (okay, four) Saturdays in the past two months. WOO-HOO! Before I fill you in on what I did today, let me catch up on a few things up from the week.
  1. Now that I am employed again, I think you may have figured out that my posts are going to be more spread out, but longer. Just keep checking me, peeps.
  2. Glee was exceptional the other night. I've been sorta "bleh" about it since it returned. It has seemed somewhat indulgent, sorta high on its own press. But Tuesday was good. Really good.
  3. On the other hand, will someone please put American Idol out of its misery?
  4. And on the other hand, I TOTALLY forgots to watch So You Think You Can Dance last night. Can you say "bummed" and "pissed?"
  5. In good news, I was able to sit in on another one of the interviews for our summer work study students. Young man. Dressed in nice, pressed jeans. City sneakers. Pressed polo shirt. Sat up straight. Said "Yes, ma'am." And "sir." Wants to be a neurologist. Yes. A brain surgeon. Plays football, too. Smart and athletic. Speaks French. Fluently. Oh, bless the Lord, there is hope, I think. 
  6. Then, he tells us his parents are from Cameroon, Africa. Of course. No wonder he is great. His parents are not American by birth. Oh, well.
Today, I decided to fill the day with shopping and errands. First, I made a stop at the local outlets where I hit the shower gel store ($10 HUGE candle! Score!), the Crocs store ($9 flip-flops! Score!), the W-S store ($10 salt--which is actually $12.50--for $7! Score!). Then, I went to the local good shoe store and bought me a pair of Birks for my birthday gift from my mom....for 20% off. Score! That's what I am talkin' about. YAY for holiday weekend shopping. Then, I went to Total Wine where I scored all this:

Four 6-packs of BEER. Yep. Happy Birthday Week to ME. Three of them are mix-&-match, which means 18 different beers! I just wanted to try a bunch of different summer beers--lighter ales and such--so I just gots me up a big old sampler. Trust me, I will be reporting back on ALL of them. 

I also boughts me a big ol' bottle of gin, cause nothin' is better in the summertime than a gin & tonic with lots of lime. Oh, and I also gots me two new Rogue beers. Yep. PAR-to-the-TAY.

 Oh, I also bought me a few bottles of white. Yep. I will be reviewing these, as well. One I bought at Total Wine and the other two I gots at the Dekalb Farmer's Market. Yes, I made it over there today, too.

In addition to crusty bread, fresh pasta, fresh pasta sauce, sopressata, zucchini, apples, parsly, Thai basil, mineral water, wine, olive oil, shrimps, cheeses, a HUGE bag of spinach, lemons, limes, and their awesome roasted salsa, I also bought this BBQ sauce. I don't even LIKE BBQ, but "Apple Butter BBQ"? Holy Hell. Dial me in, dude. I am thinking this will be GREAT on pork. MMMMM! Pork.

I also ran by Trader Joe's for coffee. I love me some TJ coffee. So, I put some miles on Bunny's butt today, fo' shizzle. And gots some dealeo-s. And have enough food and libations to hoard up for the birthday/vacay week ahead. Now, I gots to go pick up the Charlester from doggie day care, and then back home to fix a scrumptious supper. Catch you later, peeps! Love, B.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

wHoo-Hoo! You are ready for the holiday weekend.

I haven't seen the final American Idol yet, but I was Team Crystal.
My darling husband remembered to set the DVR for SYTYCD!

I'm working Sun and Mon at the Shower Gel Store.
Have a great weekend!

bunny said...

LMSS, I was Team Crystal too. She was robbed. Hope the holiday working was painless...I visited the outlet again Mon. and it was covered up like flies on a turd. :)