Thursday, May 20, 2010

This Week Has Sucked. Hard.

I cried out of frustration today at work. I really would love to cuss about about 1011 people. Charlie has been sick with tummy issues. Aunt Flo is visiting. I feel like I am trying to get sick. But you know what? YOU MOTHERFUCKERS WILL NOT BREAK ME. I am the Bunny. So SUCK IT. HARD.

Thanks, Bobs, for sharing this song...yes, it's about gay rights, but the chorus fits my mood today. Sorry if I have offended anyone, but it is BGR. Kisses, B.


robertga99 said...

I today is better for you. If not, just remember it is Friday and try not to hurt them too bad!

Fannie said...

My baby factory is shutting down but Aunt Flo showed up this week after an eight month absence. I can't believe I haven't stabbed anyone.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I hope you have a suck-free weekend.