Thursday, May 06, 2010

Tearing Through the Week

Yo, peeps, I cannot believe it is already Thursday and I have a F.U.L.L. weekend ahead. So, let's do a quick recap of the week, shall we?

First, on Sunday night, the hubs and I decided to have an impromptu Cinco de Mayo partay. Just a few local peeps, lots of good food and beer. Lots of beer. I kepts it simple with fajita meat from Sam's, black beans, Spanish rice, a toppings bar and chips & cheese. Here was the set-up:

Oh, and guacamole. Because I loves it. And key lime cupcakes. And Bobs made this AWESOME caramel cheesecake (recipe here). It was all da' bomb. And the flowers were loverly, and provided by Mr. Martha:

Lovely, bright arrangement purchased at the Farmer's market. Still look lovely six days later.

Irises and four kinds of Japaneses maple leaves from our yard.

In all, a loverly evening. It was a good thing I worked from home Monday too. hehe  Monday night was puppy class and I am happy to report that after my last post, my friend KP sent me some links about how to make your puppy stop shredding pads. One was sprinkling the pads with red pepper, which I have been doing this week and (cross fingers) so far seems to be working. So YEAH! Thanks, KP!

Tuesday night, I had dinner with a friend and last night I sorta collapsed. That means tonight my ass has to get in high gear because I have several things which need to be done including writing an article. Whee. Tomorrow and Saturday, we have a 2-day work event (Whee.) so my arse will be dragging come Sunday which is when we will be celebrating Mom's Day all. day. long. with fams. Le sigh. I am looking SO forward to vacay later this month.

Well, I am off like a herd of turtles, but I will leave you with this tidbit: The trailer to Iron Man 2 which opens this weekend.

Oh HELL YES! I am just sad that I have NO TIME this weekend to go see it. And if I did, I would probably fall asleep in the theater. But next weekend? Oh, yeah, baby! Later loves! B.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Isn't there a midnight showing of IM2 somewhere? Sprinkle a little No-Doze on your popcorn.

GORGEOUS arrangements with the flowers and the maple leaves.

blackbird said...

Aren't you handy with flowers! Maple leaves from the yard? I'll have to try that...

bunny said...

Thanks, LMSS and BB, but I have to give FULL props to my hubs, Mr. Martha Master Gardner, for the arrangements. He does good work! BB, some of the most beautiful arrangements he does--maple leaves, evergreens, forced branches of forsythia--are some of the most beautiful!