Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Start of Summer

Yo, peeps, summer has officially started at Casa Bunny. How's that you say? Well, because I spent the day putting in my veggie garden and now I have something to look forward to during the hot, humid, horrible months ahead.

Since I worked like a damn slave all day last Saturday, my nice boss person said "Take the day!" yesterday. Alas, I have yet ANOTHER event next weekend so a whole day was not doable, but a half day worked out. I dropped the Charlester off at doggy day care, went to WalMart to buy basil and replacement cukes (my first ones bit the dust and they have the cheapest prices on Bonnie plants) and a wheelbarrow (which is going back because the front end drags the ground about like my ass is doing right now). And, on a non-garden, but just as important, errand to Sam's for 6 months of toilet paper and paper towels. And soap. Because you gots to save TP, PT and soap. Then to Lowe's for a fresh bag of cow shit. And then I was ready to go to town, figuratively speaking.

Unfortch, having little upper body strength and a horribly slopey yard, I had to wait for the hubs to help me last night. In the meantime, however, I ripped out about 1000 wild ferns and about 2000 wild violets. I think the Lord put both on this Earth to torment me. See, these wild ferns grow all around my new $5,000 heat pump. The hubs likes them. I have told him there is NO PLANT ON THIS EARTH that will jeopordize my $5,000 heat pump. Because there is no damn plant on this Earth that costs that much. I clear a good 2-foot-wide path around it. And I don't care what the Hell I have to mow down. Word.

Anyhoodle, I weeded about four buckets full of ferns and violets until the hubs came home, then we gots busy on the veggie garden. He tilled in the cow shit, I laid newspapers (best cheap weed block ever!), and he toted mulch and I spread it. It took us about an hour, but like all successful projects, the success is in the prep work. Here it is ready to be planted:

Beautiful! Except that ugly black stump neat the top middle of the pic. See all my cages and potting soil there to the right? Yeah, well after four ibuprofen, seven hours of sleep (thanks, Charlester!)  and a hair dye (ok, that had nothing to do with gardening, but I needed it bad!), I gots out this morning and started again. Here's what I planted:
  • 4 pots of sweet basil
  • 5 mounds of pickling cucumbers
  • 3 mounds of regular burpless cucumbers
  • 2 striped Roma tomatoes
  • 4 regular Roma tomatoes
  • 2 Cherokee purple tomatoes
  • 1 Golden Italian tomato
  • 1 Green Zebra tomato
  • 1 Dr. Wyche's tomato
  • 1 Black Krim tomato
  • 1 Arkansas Traveler tomato
  • 1 Gypsy tomato
  • 1 Beauty Queen tomato
  • 1 Yellow Marble tomato
  • 1 Yellow Pear tomato
  • 6 Chocolate Cherry tomatoes
  • 6 Tomatoberry tomatoes
  • A few Beefsteak, Rutgers and Better Boy tomatoes
Yes, that is HELL OF A LOT of tomatoes. But 1) all the onesies are heirlooms and I was interested in trying several new varieties just for kicks and giggles and 2) I fully expect they will not all make it and I still want to have lots of tomatoes this year. Of course, if they all DO make it, we're going to be swimming in 'maters, but that's never a bad thing. Here is the garden after:

Cukes along the fencing and bench (for support), Romas in the strips on the left, big tomatoes in square cages, small tomatoes in pots. The only thing left to day is try and lay my soaker hoses. Since I am working now, I need some watering help. Watering can take a LONG time to do. I do have a few more morsels of garden porn for your enjoyment, as well:

Another peony in bloom.

And another peony. This one is a favorite, cause it looks like a rose.

  A better shot of the dinner-plate size clematis. That is my hand. And I have a BIG hand.

In other news, can someone please tell me how Charlie went from being this big:

To being this big??

We had him weighed last week--SEVENTEEN POUNDS. Oy. And little boy is stinky boy, so I am off to bathe him and do other fun things on this fine day such as paying bills and cleaning house. I hope we will be able to go see Iron Man 2 tomorrow. At least that is my plan, anyway. Have a good one peeps! Love, B.


    Sonya said...

    Congrats on finally getting the garden in! I'm looking forward to seeing (and tasting) all of your heirloom varieties. I hope that most of them make it. I also hope that you can move tomorrow...all the work in the garden can be painful!

    bunny said...

    Thanks, Sonya--I am sure you will be able to enjoy the fruits of my labor, literally and figuratively! I am quite pained today...ibuprofen here I come!

    Jen on the Edge said...

    Your garden looks GREAT!

    I mulch with newspapers too and love seeing how it attracts earthworms to my garden.

    BTW, love the way you edged the space with wine bottles. Do you leave them in all winter or take them out in the fall?

    Little Miss Sunshine State said...

    Yeah, I want whatever vitamins you're taking!

    I can barely keep up with my one city porch tomato plant.
    Your garden looks great. I can't wait to see the pics when everything is producing!

    bunny said...

    JOTE, Thanks! My hubs will only let me do it if it turns out pretty! lol I will email you later in regards to the wine bottles.

    LMSS, I don't know what I am running on...stupidity and spite?

    Anonymous said...

    So have you seen my pictures of my mutt dog Sam? He looks like a grownup version of your pup, which is weird cuz I've never SEEN another dog who looks like him except for a weird VW car commercial. Look on my family page under "Meet the Dogs" Oh, and did you know that Greyson Michael Chance lives 10 minutes from me? Great things happen in Oklahoma. :)VERY ambitious garden. Looks AWESOME!

    Elisabeth said...

    I missed this post somehow...

    I hope all the maters make it - means more to share! ;-)