Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hump Day Holla: The Bullet Edition

  • Oy.
  • Last Friday and Saturday, I had my second work event. Two days long. TWO. DAYS.
  • It took place at our local WalMart (who, by the way, are WONDERFUL to our organization). That was clue no. 1 it was going to be a bear.
  • The event consists of my boss and a local radio personality being locked into a giant "kennel" to raise money. Seriously.
  • Over the course of TWO. DAYS. I stood on my feet for 16+ hours and served more than 300 hotdogs and 200 hamburgers. 
  • Seriously.
  • Because cooking and selling hotdogs and hamburgers is part of the fundraiser.
  • I never want to see a hotdog or hamburger again.
  • Which is sorta gonna make the summer suck.
  • I also am over pizza and Mexican right now since that is what we have been living on the past week.
  • Needless to say, I felt like I had been hit by a Mack truck by Saturday night. And re-run over.
  • If you don't know what a Mack truck is, look here.
  • In other news, my AWESOME family and friends pledged almost $500 to the event.
  • My peeps ROCK.
  • Sunday, we had Mom's day at my Mom's and it was loverly.
  • The hubs let me sleep late Sunday morning and made me homemade waffles.
  • And the girls and Charlie gave me a loverly pair of earrings.
  • Monday was the last night of puppy training class.
  • Charlie has done well, but I think we will continue with the next class in a monthish. 
  • Because I swore I would never have another dog who was not trained.
  • I am so far behind on my freelance work it is not funny.
  • I would give it up, but I would like to go on vacation some time this year.
  • And freelance $$ is the only way we can afford it.
  • But, by God, when I get home at night, I am just TIRED these days.
  • Yesterday, I had to go to the ATL for a fundraising conference.
  • It was specifically for animal shelters/humane organizations.
  • Animal people are crazy as Hell. Trust me.
  • The lady I was sitting next to had 30 dogs. THIRTY. DOGS.
  • Please tell me how that is humane.
  • Seriously.
  • The people who work for feral cat TNR (trap/netuer/release) programs are esp. nutso. Major loony tunes.
  • Seriously.
  • But the hubs took me to dinner last night. At Ruby Tuesday's. 
  • Because my body was craving salad.
  • And I bought some awesome stuff on sale at the Bath & Body Works outlet.
  • And the Williams-Sonoma outlet. I, mean, some deals!
  • And figured out being unemployed last year has made me more frugal.
  • Which is a GOOD thing.
  • Now I have to go write an article about an architecture firm.
  • While listening to Siouxsie & the Banshees.
  • Cities in Dust, if you must know.
  • Later taters. Love, B. 
  • PS, I am currently obsessed with this "viral video" of a middle-school prodigy circulating on the Web. Obsessed.


    Elisabeth said...

    Thirty dogs is not humane, and there is no way to justify that it is. And boy have I got a story for you! About the dog lady for boarding. Let's just say Annie's not staying there...

    bunny said...

    Oh, boy--can't wait to hear it!

    robertga99 said...

    That kid has some SERIOUS SKILLS! I can't watch it awesome! LOVE IT!

    Little Miss Sunshine State said...

    You can't make a comment about the crazy TNR Feral cat people and not tell me a story!

    KP said...

    Cities in the of my favorites. Love it!

    bunny said...

    Bobs, yes, that kid is awesomeness!

    LMSS, let's just say they are in general crazy. Who would go out, set traps for cats and sit around and watch them? Crazy people, that's who.

    KP, yes, I remember. I think of you whenever I hear it.