Sunday, May 02, 2010

400 and Counting

Well, peeps, this post would be number 4-0-0. I wish I had something more to tell, some epiphany of life, or some great realization that I have been led to by blogging but....not. It is 7:45 am on a Sunday morning and I have tons to do and a puppy who likes to start whining at 6 am so I also have little sleep. So, there you go. Now onto the post.

First, Charlie will be 16 weeks old tomorrow. 4 months. That means he can have his rabies shot. And that we only have 8 more months until he hopefully will be past his chewing stage. In the meantime, here is what I endure:

Two, three, four shredded puppy pee pads a day. Yes, we play with him. Yes, he gets exercise. Yes, he is fed. But apparently not enough for him. When he gets bored/mad/wants attention, this is what we get. And it makes an unholy mess. Like asbestos. Everywhere. And when he gets the pad in his water bowl? It sticks to everything. If he wasn't so damn cute, I'd throw his ass across the house. The good news is he is severely scared of the dust buster thingy so I wave it around him when I get it out to help clean the mess. Yes, I am a mean bitch to scare a puppy but I hope he learns shredding pee pad = loud scary thing and will stop doing it.

The week otherwise has been pretty quiet and routine. Groceries and Publix sub Thursday? Check. Pizza and movie Friday? Check. Yesterday, I worked in the house most of the day while Mr. Martha worked in the yard. Here are some photos for the Casa Bunny Jardin (that's fancy for garden):

I don't know what these are, but they are pretty. (Again, for the 800th time, let me lament how much my camera sucks. I am hoping maybe I will get some $$ for a new one for my birthday. HINT, HINT FAMS.)

This is the Japanese maple in our backyard. It was a wedding gift from someone who knows the hubs love of gardening. It looked esp. scarlet and beautiful yesterday.

Beautiful, saucer-size (Hell, dinner plate-size!) white clematis on the side of the house.

The purple clematis. Lovely.

Gorgeous coral-colored peony. Peonies are my VERY FAVORITE flower. Loves.

All the irises are busting out. We have yellow, white and purple in all shades.

Cluster of white irises in the front yard. My purple iris photos sucked it, so no purple.

The hubs also bought me some Kirby cuke plants and some more heirloom tomato plants yesterday. I don't even know how many tomato plants I have now but I am trying to nurture them all until May 15, which will be garden D-Day. Now, watch, it will rain like a monsoon that day.

Speaking of monsoons, terrible stormy weather is headed our way later today and tomorrow. Oy. I don't likes that at all. It just takes one afternoon of sitting in a bathtub with your shivering dogs praying for your life to get you over that.  And I have been there, done that. I thought we might have dodge the tornado scares this year, but apparently they are just coming later. Hope all my friends out there in blog land are safe if you are in the path of these storms.

Well, I am off--lots to do today, as well. That working thing means all the weekends are pretty much chore time. Whee. Later taters! B.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

oh! But that little face is toooo cute.
Want to exchange pet issues? Yesterday I found 3 different piles of kitty poop. None of them were in the litter box.

Happy 400!

Jeff said...

400, great job! Wish we had pube-lix here in NC. The pup will eventually come together. Later babe.

Elisabeth said...

Congratulations on #400! Awesome achievement. And these pictures make me look forward to all the garden porn we have in our future!

Fannie said...

Your unidentified flowers are Columbine. I'm supposed to wait until Mother's Day to plant, but put in bunches of annuals, some tomatoes, cukes and beans last weekend. Rebel or stupid? Hard to tell....

bunny said...

LMSS, he is too cute. The only thing that saves him from being strangled some days.

Jeff, when are you and I coming together? (And no dirty returns to that!)

E., Lots more garden porn to come.

Fannie, yes, Master Gardener hubs has already filled me in. I am trying to wait until May 15 to plant, which is my first free day I will have.

robertga99 said...

Happy 400th post!

That is a super cute pic of Charlie!