Saturday, May 29, 2010

24 Hours in Photos

Dudes! Can you believe it?? Another post and it has barely been 24 hours. And it's been wacky, weird and a little wonderful. Here's how the past day went down.

This spread was our dinner last night. I made Garlicky Baked Shrimp, chilled Spinach & Ricotta tortellini tossed with fresh lemon juice, olive oil and grated provolone, and crusty bread to sop up all the sauciness with. Tas-tee. After dinner, we watched It's Complicated which was not as good as I thought it was going to be considering the cast. Oh, well. I was plenty tired after running around all day, so I skipped a cocktail last night. But I did try to play catch up today. This morning, I ran a few errands, then made it home for lunch. And some Charlie play time. Here's what that looks like:

First, I have to set up the Berlin Wall a la Casa Bunny. Girls on one side, Charlie on the othe (that's Savannah on the left, Pepsi's glowing eyes on the right). Sigh. Yes, we are working on making the love happen but it takes a while, 'kay?

Then, Charlie has to bring out EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of his toys, one by one. It's toys on parade. And, yes, he DOES have a lot of toys. I will buy anything that takes chewing better than my furniture. His favorite right now is the red fleece covered Kong there on the left. In the middle of all this, I discover this:

One of Charlie's molars. He has been teething BAD this week. Little swollen, bleeding gums. Now this. That finger is mine (please ignore my simply awful cuticles!). Tell me, does the tooth fairy visit doggies?

Like many dogs, the Charlester likes to chase and eat his tail. He can, as you see, actually catch it and spin in a circle. One day, I hope I can videotape it. I am thinking about putting him in the circus.

This spread? Was my lunch. Fresh mozzarella, sopressata, tomatoes (no, not mine...yet) drizzled with balsamic, olive oil and fresh basil, and crusty bread. Eating like this is my favorite part of summer. I could eat this every meal. I think it will be my lunch every Saturday this summer. And I also had my first of my summer beers.

Sierra Nevada Summerfest. The bottle says "Crisp Summer Lager. Summerfest is a pilsner-style lager brewed for enjoyment on warm summer days. Featuring a slight malt sweetness, delicate spicy and floral hop flavor, and a crisp, refreshing finish." Well, I didn't really like it. At all. It was about 1.5 steps above Miller Lite for me. When it hits your tongue, it's not too bad, but it has a bitter back note I did. not. like. Yeah. Won't be buying this one again. Well, onto the next, right??

Which I enjoyed at dinner. Tonight, we had Big Plate of Nachos and I enjoyed Flying Dog Tire Bite Golden Ale. The website says "a refreshing, light, warm weather slammer with a flavorful hop edge. Brewed using exclusive imported German hops, this beer draws craft beer drinkers back from the 'dark' side of the cooler." I liked this one MUCH better than the Sierra Nevada. Though it had more head/carbonation, it had none of the bitterness. I would drink this one again.

In other news, that red circled thing? Is a dead bird lodged in my truck grill. Yes, I hit it on the way home from spending the afternoon at Bob's pool. Yuck. The hubs is gonna have to take care of that one. I don't do dead animals.

And this? Is a bunny in the backyard of Casa Bunny this evening. Cute, right? That bitch just better not be eyeing my cukes. Otherwise, we will be having rabbit stew. Damn skippy. Well, I am off. I smell poop, which means the Charlester. Lord, we are having all kinds of house training issues at our house these days, but that is another story for another day. Later! B.


robertga99 said...

Ewwww, don't show photos o fa poor dead bird you sicko! lol
and keep KK away from that bunny
That is a super cute pic of Charlie

bunny said...

Bobs, I am all about keeping it reals! ;)