Saturday, May 29, 2010

24 Hours in Photos

Dudes! Can you believe it?? Another post and it has barely been 24 hours. And it's been wacky, weird and a little wonderful. Here's how the past day went down.

This spread was our dinner last night. I made Garlicky Baked Shrimp, chilled Spinach & Ricotta tortellini tossed with fresh lemon juice, olive oil and grated provolone, and crusty bread to sop up all the sauciness with. Tas-tee. After dinner, we watched It's Complicated which was not as good as I thought it was going to be considering the cast. Oh, well. I was plenty tired after running around all day, so I skipped a cocktail last night. But I did try to play catch up today. This morning, I ran a few errands, then made it home for lunch. And some Charlie play time. Here's what that looks like:

First, I have to set up the Berlin Wall a la Casa Bunny. Girls on one side, Charlie on the othe (that's Savannah on the left, Pepsi's glowing eyes on the right). Sigh. Yes, we are working on making the love happen but it takes a while, 'kay?

Then, Charlie has to bring out EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of his toys, one by one. It's toys on parade. And, yes, he DOES have a lot of toys. I will buy anything that takes chewing better than my furniture. His favorite right now is the red fleece covered Kong there on the left. In the middle of all this, I discover this:

One of Charlie's molars. He has been teething BAD this week. Little swollen, bleeding gums. Now this. That finger is mine (please ignore my simply awful cuticles!). Tell me, does the tooth fairy visit doggies?

Like many dogs, the Charlester likes to chase and eat his tail. He can, as you see, actually catch it and spin in a circle. One day, I hope I can videotape it. I am thinking about putting him in the circus.

This spread? Was my lunch. Fresh mozzarella, sopressata, tomatoes (no, not mine...yet) drizzled with balsamic, olive oil and fresh basil, and crusty bread. Eating like this is my favorite part of summer. I could eat this every meal. I think it will be my lunch every Saturday this summer. And I also had my first of my summer beers.

Sierra Nevada Summerfest. The bottle says "Crisp Summer Lager. Summerfest is a pilsner-style lager brewed for enjoyment on warm summer days. Featuring a slight malt sweetness, delicate spicy and floral hop flavor, and a crisp, refreshing finish." Well, I didn't really like it. At all. It was about 1.5 steps above Miller Lite for me. When it hits your tongue, it's not too bad, but it has a bitter back note I did. not. like. Yeah. Won't be buying this one again. Well, onto the next, right??

Which I enjoyed at dinner. Tonight, we had Big Plate of Nachos and I enjoyed Flying Dog Tire Bite Golden Ale. The website says "a refreshing, light, warm weather slammer with a flavorful hop edge. Brewed using exclusive imported German hops, this beer draws craft beer drinkers back from the 'dark' side of the cooler." I liked this one MUCH better than the Sierra Nevada. Though it had more head/carbonation, it had none of the bitterness. I would drink this one again.

In other news, that red circled thing? Is a dead bird lodged in my truck grill. Yes, I hit it on the way home from spending the afternoon at Bob's pool. Yuck. The hubs is gonna have to take care of that one. I don't do dead animals.

And this? Is a bunny in the backyard of Casa Bunny this evening. Cute, right? That bitch just better not be eyeing my cukes. Otherwise, we will be having rabbit stew. Damn skippy. Well, I am off. I smell poop, which means the Charlester. Lord, we are having all kinds of house training issues at our house these days, but that is another story for another day. Later! B.

Friday, May 28, 2010

VACAY! (Or "In Which I Get My Drink On")

Yo, peeps, has it been a WHOLE WEEK (okay, four days-ish) since I posted?? Well, I can only tell you that I was preparing for VACAY! Which started today, thanks to my wonderful boss who also gave me today off since I've worked about a bazillion (okay, four) Saturdays in the past two months. WOO-HOO! Before I fill you in on what I did today, let me catch up on a few things up from the week.
  1. Now that I am employed again, I think you may have figured out that my posts are going to be more spread out, but longer. Just keep checking me, peeps.
  2. Glee was exceptional the other night. I've been sorta "bleh" about it since it returned. It has seemed somewhat indulgent, sorta high on its own press. But Tuesday was good. Really good.
  3. On the other hand, will someone please put American Idol out of its misery?
  4. And on the other hand, I TOTALLY forgots to watch So You Think You Can Dance last night. Can you say "bummed" and "pissed?"
  5. In good news, I was able to sit in on another one of the interviews for our summer work study students. Young man. Dressed in nice, pressed jeans. City sneakers. Pressed polo shirt. Sat up straight. Said "Yes, ma'am." And "sir." Wants to be a neurologist. Yes. A brain surgeon. Plays football, too. Smart and athletic. Speaks French. Fluently. Oh, bless the Lord, there is hope, I think. 
  6. Then, he tells us his parents are from Cameroon, Africa. Of course. No wonder he is great. His parents are not American by birth. Oh, well.
Today, I decided to fill the day with shopping and errands. First, I made a stop at the local outlets where I hit the shower gel store ($10 HUGE candle! Score!), the Crocs store ($9 flip-flops! Score!), the W-S store ($10 salt--which is actually $12.50--for $7! Score!). Then, I went to the local good shoe store and bought me a pair of Birks for my birthday gift from my mom....for 20% off. Score! That's what I am talkin' about. YAY for holiday weekend shopping. Then, I went to Total Wine where I scored all this:

Four 6-packs of BEER. Yep. Happy Birthday Week to ME. Three of them are mix-&-match, which means 18 different beers! I just wanted to try a bunch of different summer beers--lighter ales and such--so I just gots me up a big old sampler. Trust me, I will be reporting back on ALL of them. 

I also boughts me a big ol' bottle of gin, cause nothin' is better in the summertime than a gin & tonic with lots of lime. Oh, and I also gots me two new Rogue beers. Yep. PAR-to-the-TAY.

 Oh, I also bought me a few bottles of white. Yep. I will be reviewing these, as well. One I bought at Total Wine and the other two I gots at the Dekalb Farmer's Market. Yes, I made it over there today, too.

In addition to crusty bread, fresh pasta, fresh pasta sauce, sopressata, zucchini, apples, parsly, Thai basil, mineral water, wine, olive oil, shrimps, cheeses, a HUGE bag of spinach, lemons, limes, and their awesome roasted salsa, I also bought this BBQ sauce. I don't even LIKE BBQ, but "Apple Butter BBQ"? Holy Hell. Dial me in, dude. I am thinking this will be GREAT on pork. MMMMM! Pork.

I also ran by Trader Joe's for coffee. I love me some TJ coffee. So, I put some miles on Bunny's butt today, fo' shizzle. And gots some dealeo-s. And have enough food and libations to hoard up for the birthday/vacay week ahead. Now, I gots to go pick up the Charlester from doggie day care, and then back home to fix a scrumptious supper. Catch you later, peeps! Love, B.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Random Ramblings & Rants

Holla, peeps! Thanks for indulging my end-of-week rant last week. Things at work sorta sucked. Well, work didn't suck. Some peeps at work sorta sucked. Good Lord, there are some of the WHINIEST people that work with me. SUCK IT UP, PEEPS. You are freakin' adults. Act like it, 'kay?? I, mean, seriously. I gets SO tired of people bitching and moaning and pussing up (that would be the eye-shoulder-rolling-I-don' know, like a 6 year old) all the damn time. How 'bout you quit if it is SO unbearable for you? Seriously. Okay, sorry I gots off on another, please!

This weekend I had my third event in six weeks. Can you say "pooped"? Can you say "Bunny is vacating next week?" In even better news, my boss came in this morning and said "Take the day off Friday, too!" What a dude. Word.

In food news, Saturday night I made these quesadillas from the Pioneer Woman. Boy howdy, were they tasty! The hubs remarked several times over their yumminess. Sorry no pics--camera still on the blink. Last night, I made this beef stroganoff recipe from Williams-Sonoma. It was good, but a little heavy for the time of year. However, I had some beef tips that I needed to eat, so....I will say this recipe was lighter than others I have tried. More brothy, less creamy.

In other news, we are interviewing at work for a vet tech. Now, I know a vet tech is not a professional position per se, but I CANNOT believe the way some of these peeps have showed up for. an. interview. Tank tops. Capri pants. Flip flops. Yes, I am not kidding. Flip flops. Really. I, mean, I wore a suit to EVERY SINGLE INTERVIEW I had last year. Even if I knew it was a non-dressy environment. Even in a position like this, I would expect a nice sweater/blouse, slacks, dressy sandals/flats. Or even clean, pressed scrubs with clean sneakers. Seriously. I would not hire ANY of them. If they cannot dress like they take it seriously, then why should I take them seriously? Thank God for them it is not my decision.

Then, today, we had a high school work study girl come in for an interview. My boss asked me to sit in on the meeting. She was dressed in a sloppy T-shirt. Jeans. Flip flops. Chewing gum. She said "Yeah" to my boss about ten times. I just cringed. Cringed. WHY would the school not give them some instruction on how to interview? Or did they and she ignore it? Again, I don't expect a suit on a 16 year old, but doesn't she have a nice blouse and some pressed jeans? A cute dress? I am thinking of calling her supervisor and telling them maybe they need to do a little more work here. Three more are coming Thursday. Cannot WAIT to see them. I really hope one of them surprises me.

The BEST part of the interview, though, was when I asked her why she wanted to work at our organization. She said, "because I like animals." I just laughed. Sorry, I had to. Really? Are you gonna like them when they piss on you? When you are cleaning out shitty kennels? When they chew on your flip flop? Ha. I don't think so. It's like when I worked in PR and we asked people why they wanted to be in PR and they said "because I like people." Wrong. PR has almost as much to do with people as an animal welfare organization has to do with animals. People come in there thinking they are gonna be cuddling puppies and kitties all day. Riiiiiight. Not gonna happen.

Speaking of puppies, the Charlester almost wound up in a Chinese restaurant today as the daily special. He about pushed me over my limit when he purposefully shredded his nice, plush bed. Guess what? His little arse slept on the cold, hard concrete of my office floor this afternoon. Mom wins.

Well, I am off to bed--still recovering from the weekend. Looking forward to my vacay and birthday next week. Whee. XO, B.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

This Week Has Sucked. Hard.

I cried out of frustration today at work. I really would love to cuss about about 1011 people. Charlie has been sick with tummy issues. Aunt Flo is visiting. I feel like I am trying to get sick. But you know what? YOU MOTHERFUCKERS WILL NOT BREAK ME. I am the Bunny. So SUCK IT. HARD.

Thanks, Bobs, for sharing this song...yes, it's about gay rights, but the chorus fits my mood today. Sorry if I have offended anyone, but it is BGR. Kisses, B.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Start of Summer

Yo, peeps, summer has officially started at Casa Bunny. How's that you say? Well, because I spent the day putting in my veggie garden and now I have something to look forward to during the hot, humid, horrible months ahead.

Since I worked like a damn slave all day last Saturday, my nice boss person said "Take the day!" yesterday. Alas, I have yet ANOTHER event next weekend so a whole day was not doable, but a half day worked out. I dropped the Charlester off at doggy day care, went to WalMart to buy basil and replacement cukes (my first ones bit the dust and they have the cheapest prices on Bonnie plants) and a wheelbarrow (which is going back because the front end drags the ground about like my ass is doing right now). And, on a non-garden, but just as important, errand to Sam's for 6 months of toilet paper and paper towels. And soap. Because you gots to save TP, PT and soap. Then to Lowe's for a fresh bag of cow shit. And then I was ready to go to town, figuratively speaking.

Unfortch, having little upper body strength and a horribly slopey yard, I had to wait for the hubs to help me last night. In the meantime, however, I ripped out about 1000 wild ferns and about 2000 wild violets. I think the Lord put both on this Earth to torment me. See, these wild ferns grow all around my new $5,000 heat pump. The hubs likes them. I have told him there is NO PLANT ON THIS EARTH that will jeopordize my $5,000 heat pump. Because there is no damn plant on this Earth that costs that much. I clear a good 2-foot-wide path around it. And I don't care what the Hell I have to mow down. Word.

Anyhoodle, I weeded about four buckets full of ferns and violets until the hubs came home, then we gots busy on the veggie garden. He tilled in the cow shit, I laid newspapers (best cheap weed block ever!), and he toted mulch and I spread it. It took us about an hour, but like all successful projects, the success is in the prep work. Here it is ready to be planted:

Beautiful! Except that ugly black stump neat the top middle of the pic. See all my cages and potting soil there to the right? Yeah, well after four ibuprofen, seven hours of sleep (thanks, Charlester!)  and a hair dye (ok, that had nothing to do with gardening, but I needed it bad!), I gots out this morning and started again. Here's what I planted:
  • 4 pots of sweet basil
  • 5 mounds of pickling cucumbers
  • 3 mounds of regular burpless cucumbers
  • 2 striped Roma tomatoes
  • 4 regular Roma tomatoes
  • 2 Cherokee purple tomatoes
  • 1 Golden Italian tomato
  • 1 Green Zebra tomato
  • 1 Dr. Wyche's tomato
  • 1 Black Krim tomato
  • 1 Arkansas Traveler tomato
  • 1 Gypsy tomato
  • 1 Beauty Queen tomato
  • 1 Yellow Marble tomato
  • 1 Yellow Pear tomato
  • 6 Chocolate Cherry tomatoes
  • 6 Tomatoberry tomatoes
  • A few Beefsteak, Rutgers and Better Boy tomatoes
Yes, that is HELL OF A LOT of tomatoes. But 1) all the onesies are heirlooms and I was interested in trying several new varieties just for kicks and giggles and 2) I fully expect they will not all make it and I still want to have lots of tomatoes this year. Of course, if they all DO make it, we're going to be swimming in 'maters, but that's never a bad thing. Here is the garden after:

Cukes along the fencing and bench (for support), Romas in the strips on the left, big tomatoes in square cages, small tomatoes in pots. The only thing left to day is try and lay my soaker hoses. Since I am working now, I need some watering help. Watering can take a LONG time to do. I do have a few more morsels of garden porn for your enjoyment, as well:

Another peony in bloom.

And another peony. This one is a favorite, cause it looks like a rose.

  A better shot of the dinner-plate size clematis. That is my hand. And I have a BIG hand.

In other news, can someone please tell me how Charlie went from being this big:

To being this big??

We had him weighed last week--SEVENTEEN POUNDS. Oy. And little boy is stinky boy, so I am off to bathe him and do other fun things on this fine day such as paying bills and cleaning house. I hope we will be able to go see Iron Man 2 tomorrow. At least that is my plan, anyway. Have a good one peeps! Love, B.

    Wednesday, May 12, 2010

    Hump Day Holla: The Bullet Edition

    • Oy.
    • Last Friday and Saturday, I had my second work event. Two days long. TWO. DAYS.
    • It took place at our local WalMart (who, by the way, are WONDERFUL to our organization). That was clue no. 1 it was going to be a bear.
    • The event consists of my boss and a local radio personality being locked into a giant "kennel" to raise money. Seriously.
    • Over the course of TWO. DAYS. I stood on my feet for 16+ hours and served more than 300 hotdogs and 200 hamburgers. 
    • Seriously.
    • Because cooking and selling hotdogs and hamburgers is part of the fundraiser.
    • I never want to see a hotdog or hamburger again.
    • Which is sorta gonna make the summer suck.
    • I also am over pizza and Mexican right now since that is what we have been living on the past week.
    • Needless to say, I felt like I had been hit by a Mack truck by Saturday night. And re-run over.
    • If you don't know what a Mack truck is, look here.
    • In other news, my AWESOME family and friends pledged almost $500 to the event.
    • My peeps ROCK.
    • Sunday, we had Mom's day at my Mom's and it was loverly.
    • The hubs let me sleep late Sunday morning and made me homemade waffles.
    • And the girls and Charlie gave me a loverly pair of earrings.
    • Monday was the last night of puppy training class.
    • Charlie has done well, but I think we will continue with the next class in a monthish. 
    • Because I swore I would never have another dog who was not trained.
    • I am so far behind on my freelance work it is not funny.
    • I would give it up, but I would like to go on vacation some time this year.
    • And freelance $$ is the only way we can afford it.
    • But, by God, when I get home at night, I am just TIRED these days.
    • Yesterday, I had to go to the ATL for a fundraising conference.
    • It was specifically for animal shelters/humane organizations.
    • Animal people are crazy as Hell. Trust me.
    • The lady I was sitting next to had 30 dogs. THIRTY. DOGS.
    • Please tell me how that is humane.
    • Seriously.
    • The people who work for feral cat TNR (trap/netuer/release) programs are esp. nutso. Major loony tunes.
    • Seriously.
    • But the hubs took me to dinner last night. At Ruby Tuesday's. 
    • Because my body was craving salad.
    • And I bought some awesome stuff on sale at the Bath & Body Works outlet.
    • And the Williams-Sonoma outlet. I, mean, some deals!
    • And figured out being unemployed last year has made me more frugal.
    • Which is a GOOD thing.
    • Now I have to go write an article about an architecture firm.
    • While listening to Siouxsie & the Banshees.
    • Cities in Dust, if you must know.
    • Later taters. Love, B. 
    • PS, I am currently obsessed with this "viral video" of a middle-school prodigy circulating on the Web. Obsessed.

      Thursday, May 06, 2010

      Tearing Through the Week

      Yo, peeps, I cannot believe it is already Thursday and I have a F.U.L.L. weekend ahead. So, let's do a quick recap of the week, shall we?

      First, on Sunday night, the hubs and I decided to have an impromptu Cinco de Mayo partay. Just a few local peeps, lots of good food and beer. Lots of beer. I kepts it simple with fajita meat from Sam's, black beans, Spanish rice, a toppings bar and chips & cheese. Here was the set-up:

      Oh, and guacamole. Because I loves it. And key lime cupcakes. And Bobs made this AWESOME caramel cheesecake (recipe here). It was all da' bomb. And the flowers were loverly, and provided by Mr. Martha:

      Lovely, bright arrangement purchased at the Farmer's market. Still look lovely six days later.

      Irises and four kinds of Japaneses maple leaves from our yard.

      In all, a loverly evening. It was a good thing I worked from home Monday too. hehe  Monday night was puppy class and I am happy to report that after my last post, my friend KP sent me some links about how to make your puppy stop shredding pads. One was sprinkling the pads with red pepper, which I have been doing this week and (cross fingers) so far seems to be working. So YEAH! Thanks, KP!

      Tuesday night, I had dinner with a friend and last night I sorta collapsed. That means tonight my ass has to get in high gear because I have several things which need to be done including writing an article. Whee. Tomorrow and Saturday, we have a 2-day work event (Whee.) so my arse will be dragging come Sunday which is when we will be celebrating Mom's Day all. day. long. with fams. Le sigh. I am looking SO forward to vacay later this month.

      Well, I am off like a herd of turtles, but I will leave you with this tidbit: The trailer to Iron Man 2 which opens this weekend.

      Oh HELL YES! I am just sad that I have NO TIME this weekend to go see it. And if I did, I would probably fall asleep in the theater. But next weekend? Oh, yeah, baby! Later loves! B.

      Sunday, May 02, 2010

      400 and Counting

      Well, peeps, this post would be number 4-0-0. I wish I had something more to tell, some epiphany of life, or some great realization that I have been led to by blogging but....not. It is 7:45 am on a Sunday morning and I have tons to do and a puppy who likes to start whining at 6 am so I also have little sleep. So, there you go. Now onto the post.

      First, Charlie will be 16 weeks old tomorrow. 4 months. That means he can have his rabies shot. And that we only have 8 more months until he hopefully will be past his chewing stage. In the meantime, here is what I endure:

      Two, three, four shredded puppy pee pads a day. Yes, we play with him. Yes, he gets exercise. Yes, he is fed. But apparently not enough for him. When he gets bored/mad/wants attention, this is what we get. And it makes an unholy mess. Like asbestos. Everywhere. And when he gets the pad in his water bowl? It sticks to everything. If he wasn't so damn cute, I'd throw his ass across the house. The good news is he is severely scared of the dust buster thingy so I wave it around him when I get it out to help clean the mess. Yes, I am a mean bitch to scare a puppy but I hope he learns shredding pee pad = loud scary thing and will stop doing it.

      The week otherwise has been pretty quiet and routine. Groceries and Publix sub Thursday? Check. Pizza and movie Friday? Check. Yesterday, I worked in the house most of the day while Mr. Martha worked in the yard. Here are some photos for the Casa Bunny Jardin (that's fancy for garden):