Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Yo, peeps, it's been a GOOD weekend. Yesterday morning, I ran some errands and then went to Bobs for a puppy play date between Charlie and Scooby (Bobs' dog). They get along like a house on fire, those two. While I was there, Bobs and I tried our hand at the aforementioned cheesemaking. Oh boy, did we and how.

Let's just say that cheesemaking looks deceptively simple. Just heat up some milk, add some citric acid and rennent, and (supposedly) voila! Cheese!

Um, I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but while the process is easy to DO, it's by no means simple. The milk has to be the right milk. The water has to be the right water. The pot has to be the right pot. There are way too many variable that have to be right. So, we gots the above....cottage cheese-like, ricottay-looking cheese-type stuff, not solid curd.

However, you can use the above to make a soft cheese spread--we added in herbs and such and it was pretty good. We tried a second batch which did better, but still did not come out correctly. Overall, first cheesemaking experience = FAIL. I will try again though. After all, I gots enough kit to make 30 batches or some such shizz.

After cheesemaking, I came home and our dog trainer came over for a house visit to work on us integrating the girls with the Charlester. It went better than I expected. They all co-existed in the same room for about an hour, believe it or not. Trainer lady also gave us lots of other tips, including how to possibly deal with Charlie's new penchant for shredding up his puppy pee pads. Sigh. Seriously. Makes a mess and makes me mad. He better be glad I am getting a dealeo on those suckers!

Then, it was nap time. Woo-hoo! It rained all day yesterday and I just couldn't let such a good opportunity go to waste. After that, I headed out for some more errand running, between the rounds of storms, including some cool new earrings, a great new hand lotion and a new bone for the Charlester. I will report back on all later. Then, for dinner, I made pork steaks, mac-n-cheese and lima beans. And corn bread sticks. I took a photo but forgot to download it. Yum. Good comfort food for a wet day.

Today, the hubs and I went to our last ASO (ATL Symphony) concert--Verdi's Requiem. It was lovely but we were both terrible sleepy heads (late afternoon naps = late bedtimes) and kept having to poke each other to stay awake. There was, however, drama in front of us. This gay couple came and sat next to this very prim lady and were all kiss on the mouth (well, one peck) and putting arms around each other. I thought prim lady was going to have a stroke. She slid so far over in her seat, it was hysterical. I wanted to tap her on the shoulder and say "Lady, you can't catch gay." People are so stupid. I applaud the couple for having the balls, literally and figuratively, to be very open. I wanted to stand up and applaud them.

After the concert, we went to FLIP Burger Boutique. FLIP's creative director is Richard Blais (who I LOVES!) from Top Chef: Chicago. The interior is very hip, very modern. The music is VERY, VERY LOUD. Don't go there on a date, fo' shizzle. I had the Southern burger (southern country fried beef patty, house-made pimento cheese, b&b pickles, green tomato ketchup) which was so good I almost wept. The french fries were awesome (hand-cut and coarsely salted) and Mr. Martha and I agreed that the onion rings were some of the best we'd every had in our life. But the crowing jewel was the Krispy Kreme milkshake which includes a blended up (or two) K.K. doughnut. Holy Hell. It was crackalicious. Seriously. Just like drinking a Krispy Kreme.

The hubs and I did agree though that the staff was lacking. They were all very pretty and thin and pretty. And they knew it. Our waiter was quite handsome, but less than helpful. I am sure he thought we were not nearly cool enough to be there. He needs to remember that non-cool people can be great tippers if their pretty-boy waiters aren't horses asses. Word.

Tonight has been laundry, and dog time, and laundry. Whee. Lots to do this week--dog training, GLEE, dinner with a friend. Hope you all have a great one! XO, B.


Bo said...

I've been wanting to try cheese making too...Hey a Flip opened here about six months ago...I sort of thought it was just going to be over priced hamburgers...what you had sounds really good...I'll have to try it.

bunny said...

It WAS overpriced, Bo, but it was also really good. I would def go by for the milkshake, if nothing else. Maybe then you can replicate it for us! :)

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I had a diabetes attack just reading about the KK shake!

I get annoyed when people think they are Too Cool.

robertga99 said...

WTH! you got a Krispy Kreme milkshake without me? I am going to bitch slap you when I see you!

Just for that I am going to have a Nutella & Burnt Marshmallow shake. So there!!!!

Fannie said...

Our weather was lousy so all I did this weekend was EAT!

bunny said...

LMSS, that milkshake was da' bomb. The wait staff was not.

Bobs, I told hubs you were going to be PO'd when you learned I went without you. BTW, we had the Nutella shake, too (and it was not as good).

Fannie, I ate plenty this weekend, trust me!

Anonymous said...

See I knew I wanted to live vicariously thru you making cheese instead of me :) When you perfect, then I'll buy a kit. HA

Jeff said...

The crowning jewel of the prim lady drama would have been if one of the guys in the gay couple had expelled a loud POOT!!! Put that in your pipe and smoke it BLEEOCH!

Bo said...

I went to flip last night...I ate way too much but it was really good. Thanks for the recommendation. When you go back try the fried okra it was so delicious.

bunny said...

D&D, maybe you would do better than we did....

Jeff, I wanted to tap the guy beside her on the shoulder and tell him to keep rubbing up against her... :)

Bo, Glad you liked is good if a little pricey. I don't think we have okra at our locale though....