Saturday, April 03, 2010

Photo Fever

A few weekends ago, I went to visit my sis and borrowed her super-nice Canon Rebel SLR. See, I wanted to take photos of the girls because, well, they are getting older by the minute and I just wanted to have some nice photos of know....just in case.

Well, that really has NOT worked out the way I planned. See, for some reason, Savannah sorta loses her shit goes a little loco around cameras. I don't know if it's the flash, the beeping noises or a combination of those and other things but she Does. Not. Like. having her photo taken. So , this:

Is one of the two fairly decent photos I have been able to snap of her in two weeks without her snapping my head off. And even the look on her face here says "WTF??" Pepsi, it seems, has gotten almost as bad:

Again, I think this may be the one of two semi-decent shots I have been able to take of Pepsi. Oy. Oh well, we have some great shots from about three years ago I took and I guess we will just have to cling to those. Charlie, on the other hand, is all about the photos. Well, he doesn't know what's going on and we are like those pathetic loving parents who want to take a gazillion photos of our new baby:

Being loved on by Daddy. PS, note the new collar (shown in previous post)

Cuddling with Daddy (all Daddy because Daddy cannot work the camera).

Look at those legs....he does this all the time....I have been told it is the cocker in him.

Again, with the legs.

One of those you just catch at a right funny time!

In other funny puppy news, Charlie took a big ol' crap right in the middle of my passenger side floorboard on the way home the other day....what a treat! Puppy training cannot come soon enough.

I was going to work in the yard today, but I have done something terrible to my left leg and it hurts like a mother. Instead, I guess I will be inside, working, and maybe pulling out my summer togs. Whee. Can we have MORE fun? Tomorrow, for Easter, we are going to my sista's for lunch and birthday celebration for M., her youngest son. At least that should be fun. Be back soon, peeps! Love, B.


Fannie said...

Terrorists don’t like to have their pictures taken – they feel it steals a piece of their souls! ;)

bunny said...

LOL! I don't know that she has a soul, Fannie....she's such a little demon diva these days.