Sunday, April 18, 2010


Peeps. My arse is draggin' so low, there are skidmarks on it. Skidmarks, I tell you. Today was my first fundraising event for my new job which was a 5K Run & 1 Mile Walk. No, I did NOT run or walk the EVENT, but I did enough walking over a four hour period to probably equal two 5Ks. And I is tuck.erd.

Backtracking, Thursday night, as you know, is grocery night at Casa Bunny. No surprises there. No surprises either that we enjoyed a lovely Publix sub for dinner. Friday evening, I went to a fundraising concert for a non-profit I volunteer for and....well....let's just say I gots a teensy-weensy bit shitty faced.

While I did start out the evening with the grand notion of getting my drink on and feeling good, I did NOT mean to get sloshed. But after two beers, a martini, and a margarita (don't judged! USUALLY I can hold my booze. Word.), I started drinking cheap red wine. Oh. God. No. Since I basically have not drank any booze since Christmas to speak of, it was not good. Not. Good. At. All. And it was one of those drunks that hits you all of a sudden. A sneak shitty-face attack. And, by God, I will tell you, I am too damn old to be shitty-faced drunk.

So, I gots home and sorta made myself barf just to get that nasty wine O.U.T. Sorry, if that is TMI. Anyhoodle, I felt much better after Ralph and I became friends, but the first half of Saturday? Was rough. Shout out to Mr. Martha for stepping up to take care of the pups while I slept in. In all, a good reminder as to why I never let myself get shitty-face drunk. Here's some other stuff going on at Casa Bunny:

I gots my cheesemaking kit this week. Guess what I am going to be doing next weekend?? I will be reporting back on this, don't you worry.

My basil is so far surviving the onslaught of pollen we are having. See all that yellow dust EVERYWHERE in this photo?? That would be pollen.

My tomatoes I bought just last weekend are doing great but are getting a bit leggy. I don't know if they can wait three more weeks to go in the ground. Mr. Martha also bought me some cukes. Love him.

This azalea is on the edge of our woods. Beautiful. Even with our ratty old wheelbarrow in the pic.

These two azaleas are off our deck. In the middle there is the trumpet vine that drives me crazy.

Cooking the end of the week was a little spotty, though I did make hamburger steaks, twice-baked potatoes and salad last night, but, OOPS, forgot to take a photo. Tonight, was Big Ol' Plate of Nachos with chicken, red beans and avocado. I also whipped up another dish for dinner tomorrow night (cooking ahead since Monday is Charlie Training Class Day--I will also have to report on that later!) which I will rate in my next post. For now, however, it is ibuprofen and bed! Later taters, B.


blackbird said...

Thanks for reminding me (you poor tired thing!) I need to buy some basil and tomato plants!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

My blog life and my real life just collided. I was reading this post and at the same time my daughter was describing how 150 drunk sorority girls/frat boys spent Friday night on Universal Blvd the other night.

Also, I can relate to the "OY I'm so tired. I got home from work last night, slept until 3pm today and then went to work again tonight. OY

Elisabeth said...

I HATE when that happens, and as much as I love red wine, a red wine drunk as you have described is horrible. Yes, so much better off to get it out of the system as early as possible...sorry.

Fannie said...

I bought a few tomato plants this weekend and it is KILLING me trying to keep from planting them!

Anonymous said...

funny story on the drinkin'. Don't do that again! Haha! Cool on the cheese making kit. I've been thinking about doing that but I think I'll live vicariously thru you and see how it goes for a bit. Let us know!

bunny said...

BB, you are welcome! The only reason I adore summer is fresh tomato and basil salad, hopefully rounded out with my homemade mozzarella this year.

LMSS, BOOM! And, yes, retail will also kick. your. tail.

E, I don't know when I will drink red wine again which means I may not be drinking wine period for awhile.

Fannie, I hope my girls make it!

D&D, Trust me, I will NOT being going near the vino anytime soon! Will def be posting back about the cheesemaking though.

robertga99 said...

I can't wait to make some cheese with you. Do we need to head to the Dekalb Farmer's Market first?