Friday, April 23, 2010

The Good Life

Ok, peeps, I promised myself I would not make this another post about how tired/worn out/sad I am. Seriously. I have a job. And fams and friends (though I don't see them much anymore). And dogs. And Mr. Martha. So, tonight I am focusing on the GOOD things. Things I loves right now.

Yes, I know this photo is not very clear, but Mr. Martha gave me this bunny for Easter. It is made of ironwood which, as it sounds, it an incredibly heavy wood. Loves.

Believe it or not, the Trader Joe's near my sis' house was open Easter and Mr. Martha and I went by and STOCKED. UP. on the java. Word. This blend was a new try. Medium dark roast with sweet, caramel flavors. Yeah. You all know I is a fool for anything that says "sweet" and "caramel." This rocks. It rocks even harder because it is all organic and fair trade. Yo.

I am all about making homemade hummus and delving into it with Stacy's Simply Naked Pita Chips. Or just eating them plain. FYI, Sam's has five gallon bags. Damn skippy.

Another for crap photo (damns, do I need a new camera!) but I am so pleased my sage is making a comeback. Though I am at a loss as to what to do with sage in summer.

Remember my new blue necklace?? Well, I went back for more. See my new lemon drop and orange necklaces. I love the yellow...truly like candy. And the orange is vivid and faceted so it catches the light. And orange is the new red, you know. Seriously. I am already wearing the hellz out of these.

I love tonight that I made Bo's stir-fry recipe with shrimp.

I love it better with shrimp. And with less chili garlic sauce. 
And so does my acid reflux. And my colon. I also love all these things:
  1. This recipe, also from Bo, which I made Sunday. Hot damn, is it good! The hubs REALLY loved it. Even commented on how much he loved it. TWICE. Bobs, by coincidence, also made the same recipe this week. You can see his blog about it here. (Yes, I forgots to take photos)
  2. Puppy training. It's da' bomb. Charlie has "sit" down but, unfortch, the whole "come" thing is spotty and the "sit" doesn't really work without the "come." We are having a house visit by the trainer tomorrow. Holy God, I think it's going to be a hot mess. When she sees the cluster we call "dinnertime," she may call Animal Control.
  3. Hellz yes, GLEE is back! At least the rest of April and May, I have something to live for.
  4. I pre-ordered this book this week. In paperback. With my Swagbucks gift card. Loves her. Cannot wait.
  5. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that tonight I was tinkering around on Rhapsody and found one of my all-time favorite teen songs: Burning Flame by Vitamin Z. O.M.G. I almost had a stroke. I screamed like a school girl for ten minutes, then proceeded to download it and play it 13 14 times in a row. As well as the extended dance mix. O.M.G. Very underknown song but oh-so-dramatic lyrics. And SO 80s. 1985 to be exact. I know I am weird, but I loved my tunes, peeps. Esp. my 80s tunes.
Well, it's gonna be a busy weekend. Bobs and I are making cheese tomorrow so tune back in for that. Could be a cluster, could be cool. Doggy training lessons. Verdi concert Sunday. Maybe a nap. That would be lovely. For now, I am off to watch a movie with Mr. Martha--The Goodbye Girl. We are trying some modern classics. Have a good one! B.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I share your excitement about GLEE!!! and PIP coming out in paperback!!!! And your gorgeous new necklaces!! And Cheese With Bob!

Have a great weekend!

blackbird said...

Hungry now thankyouverymuch!

bunny said...


BB, Sorry for the pics. You know I am the cookster even if I have been off my game a little.

KP said...

I remember Vitamin Z. Good times! Loves the necklaces and the food looks super yum.

bunny said...

KP, Very good times.

ctflack said...

I love some Stacys pita chips. In fact I just had them for lunch today. And I have an awesome cauliflower recipe that uses sage that I will be happy to share with you.