Sunday, March 21, 2010

Drinkin', Eatin' and Such

Oy, peeps....where did the week go? Sorry I am so sporadic about posting, but I knew it would be this way when I started back to work PLUS I have all the other drama going on in my life. I claim NOT to be a drama queen, and while I don't think I ACT dramatic, I do seem to be a drama magnet. Honestly, all I crave right now is about a week off and nothing to do but work in my garden and read books. Sounds heavenly, doesn't it?

Anyhoodle, to catch you up, I pretty much have had a little relapse this week with my earlier sickness which sucks, but what can you do? I have been going to bed pretty early most nights, but Friday night, I decided to say, "Sickness and gallbladder be damned!" and cracked me open a cold one after the end of what was a VERY. LONG. week.

Obviously, I have had this one for a while....since probably the end of the year when I swore off booze. This one is Lagunita's Correction Ale, one of their seasonal offerings and a very good American ale that was great served with these:

A big 'ol plate of homemade nachos with spicy pepper cheese, shredded chicken, black beans and chunks of avocado. Yum. I wish I had another plate right now. Served that up with some Publix salsa (which rocks!) and sour cream and, that? Was some good eatin'.

Yesterday, I went down to my sister's to see her and my nephews, who are now into playing their spring sports. I neglected to take photos, but it was a nice, if slightly long day since I was a little tuckered. Last night, a friend came over for dinner and a movie (Whip It, which was quite good--what I would call a good rental movie) and I served up a nice plate of food, if I say so myself:

I grilled up some steak, roasted some asparagus, whipped up some taters (with butter and cream, natch) and sauteed up some balsamic-y grape tomatoes. I probably overdid the steaks a little, but it was still a very good meal. I LOVE tomatoes cooked this way and the sauce was actually quite nice with the steak.

In other news, spring is starting to burst out in the yard, for which I am VERY VERY happy. I need a little sunshine and warmth, I tell y'a. And I am starting to become excited about the garden, and have been shopping the seed catalogs, though I know I am behind. Last year, I had such a bad seed experience, I said I would never do it again, but alas, you cannot get the same variety with bought seedlings. Anyhoodle, here are a few signs of spring:

Forsythia blooming, wedged between my composter and one of our iron bedsteads.

Jonquils, or daffodils if you will, all over the yard. These are the cream on cream, one of my faves.

In other news, for those of you who love the booze section of the site and might have been missing it, I tried two more new beers this week:

Another Lagunitas, known as Olde Gnarly Wine. A seasonal brew, this beer is GREAT with caramel and rich toffee flavors and, hold onto your panties, 12% alcohol content! Woah, nelly! I actually had this beer on tap from Taco Mac, so this photo came from online. This photo came from online, as well:
I had this beer--Stone's IPA--last night. A "classic" IPA, this beer is very hoppy with lots of great taste and a nice aroma. I chose this beer because I had heard lots about it from other craft beer lovers, and while I am not a huge IPA fan, but I will say this IPA is one of the best I've had. I think I would have liked it much colder and maybe in warmer weather. I am willing to try this one again, but I wouldn't rank it as a top pick.

Well, I am off like a herd of turtles....the hubs and I have housecleaning to do and a concert to go to later this afternoon. All I really want to do is curl up with a book and a blanket today, but that's not gonna happen. Maybe next Sunday. Have a good week, peeps, and I'll be back as soon as I can. B. out!


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I had a gallbladder attack just LOOKING at that plate of nachos.

Love your daffodils. Happy Spring.

Bo said...

I love beer and have my two favorites covered in this post. Glad to see you compost. I bought a composter...but I have yet to put anything in it.

Jen on the Edge said...

I'm really looking forward to hearing about what you plant this year.

bunny said...

LMSS, as I said, screw the gallbladder. If I can't beat it, I'll pickle it!

Bo, I think I could live on beer (good craft beer, that is) and nachos. Composting is somewhat tedious, but I hope to have something good in there come warmer weather.

JOTE, I will probably not live up to your expectation, esp. with the job, but I will give it my best shot.

Jeff said...

We have a small brewery here in Hickory that makes the best stout-Hickory Stick Stout. Do you like stout? That steak looks devine.

bunny said...

Jeff, I'd love me some of that stout...when you coming home next? You can bring me some and I will cook you a steak! :)