Friday, March 05, 2010

THE Puppy

Ok, you know the puppy I have been gushing over about the past few days? Well, here he is:

Is he NOT the CUTEST puppy EVER??? And EVER?? I mean, EVER?? Really, like EVER?? Yeah, I went and gots him today and let him play in my office a little bit.

He played well by himself, but, man, look at those feet!! Of course, if he really IS a cocker-schanauzer, his feet really would be big but he may only be 25 pound-ish. And let's look at that face again:

Seriously, he is a sweet boy. I put him in my lap after he had played awhile and he just curled up and went to sleep.

I have it bad. Bad, bad, bad. And I am not sure if that is good or not. The next test if we decide to move forward is "does he get along with the girls?" I will keep you posted. Have a good weekend! B.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Will they let you take him home as a foster puppy for a weekend?

I told one of my co-workers about your job. She said "oooohhhh I want a job like that!"

Katie said...

Seriously tho, I wouldn't take him back. That face is a grabber and I'd be sold. Keep him!

robertga99 said...

I am sooooo holding him on Wednesday when I come to visit. I LOVE puppies! And puppy breath is the best!

bunny said...

Yes, my boss will let me bring him home overnight as a "foster"...I am thinking I might bring him home Monday night...if he and the girls can co-exist somewhat peacefully, I think he will be ours.

Elisabeth said...

I do believe "congratulations" are in order... such a precious looking pup.