Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hump Day Holla: In Which I Drink Wine

Yo, peeps. I am sitting here with a large goblet of wine. Because it has just been one. of. those. weeks. I am so sorry to whine on like a broken record, but let me tell you....March has sucked. hard.

Let's see. We gots Savannah out of hock at the vet to the tune of $600+ Monday. Yeah. And the vet told us she highly suspects the Puddin' may have some central nervous system spazzing going on which 1) I did not really want to hear but 2) would explain so much. Short of a $$$$$ doggie MRI there is not much we can do but watch her to 1) see if she gets worse or 2) doesn't. Ah. The miracle of modern medicine.

Anywho, the puppy kept expelling vile and nasty things from his little body until I demanded an antibiotic and he actually has had a couple of poos now that look something like formed turd. Yeah. However, he is still all sniffly and the girls are somewhere between ignoring him and disdain of him, but we are pretty much keeping them separated for now. And we STILL have not made a FINAL decision about puppy (I refuse to name him until we do!). I know, I know. I waiver hourly. Now it's not even so much the girls but just the amount of WORK he requires. And it is WORK. Oy.

Other than that, the hubs started his new class this week so his short reprieve from school work is over. We have a concert this weekend which I was SO looking forward to but he may not be able to attend now. And to top it off, I feel like I am trying to get sick yet AGAIN. But I started using my inhaler last night, so maybe I can head it off. And, oh yeah, today is DAY ONE.

So, you can all see that I NEEDED this glass of wine like I need oxygen. Glory be and thanks to the folks who discovered fermentation. Word. Back soon--I hope. B


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I'm detoxing off sleeping pills and I STILL wouldn't trade for all the crappo at your house!

I hope it all gets unsucky really soon. Wine helps.

Elisabeth said...

:) Sorry you're feeling bad. It was good seeing you this week, though. It has been too long.

ctflack said...

I, too, had a big ol glass of wine last night. I started my classes, and I think I am in for a rough 8 weeks. I'll e-mail you! And, I think you should keep the puppy! :)

Jeff said...

Howdy B! It sounds to me you have already made your puppy keeping decision due to the time, money, and love already rendered.

robertga99 said...

It was just a drinking kind of night. I made whiskey sours! I was gonna call and beg u to go with me to Mellow Mushroom and have car bombs but I figured you wouldn't

bunny said...

LMSS, Wine DEF helps.

E., was great to see you too. Wish I'd been happier.

CTF, I think you need to have this puppy. Reggie needs a playmate!

Jeff, Seems that way, doesn't it???

Bobs, Sounds great but I was in the bed at 9 p.m. Sometime soon though, once I am healthy (if that ever happens!)