Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hump Day Holla

Yo, peeps! I meant to post yesterday, but Charlie had a play date and I gots home too late. But let me back up to Sunday and share my cookery of the past few days with you.

Over the weekend, Bobs and I went to the DFM (that would be Dekalb Farmer's Market) to stock up on shizz. I gots some lamb chunks, ground lamb, various assorted fruits and veggies, pepperoni, mozzarella, pizza sauce, and all the making to make Bo's sugar snap pea stir fry. So, loaded for bear, I decided to get to cookin'.

First, Sunday night I made Murphy's Hot Hamburger. I saw this recipe on the Pioneer Woman's site and it looked about perfect for Sunday--comfort food for a dreary, grey day.

Basically, you make homemade fries, homemade burgers and a whole bunch of gravy to pour over the whole mess. How can any recipe that has gravy as its solidifying agent be bad I ask??

The answer? It cannot. (But the photo of it can suck. Effin' camera!). This dish was delish though a tad salty....salty fries, salty burger, salty gravy. Yeah. I was retaining water the next day like the Hoover dam. Monday night, I decided to make pizza. Now, I used pre-made crusts and I don't want to hear any shizz from all those "fresh dough is so easy to make" folks out there, 'kay? It was a work night. Anyhoodle, I made two different versions:

(Yes, I know...the photos SUCKS. Seriously, I don't know what the HELL is wrong with my camera). I used the DFM sauce on both, sliced fresh mozzarella for both, then added portbellas and DFM imported pepperoni to one and spinach and Italian sausage to the other (just Jimmy Dean). They were delish. And, yes, I realize I made my pizza phonetically. Sue me.

Last night, I went to Bobs for a play date between his dog, Scooby, and Charlie. And an American Idol watching date for me and Bobs. Scooby and Charlie gots along like a house on fire. Maybe Charlie is gay?? I would loves a gay dog! And Bobs made a great dinner for us:

Grilled chicken, roasted acorn squash, roasted Brussel sprouts with pancetta. YUM. MEE. And good drinks:

"Homemade" whiskey sours, recipe by Ina Garten. I love me some whiskey sours and these were super-yummers. Anyhoodle, Charlie played super hard all night and was quite tuckered by evening's end:

He slept all the way home, and then conked out in his crate for 9 hours. Today at the office, he pretty much napped most of the day....lingering tuckered-ness, I assume. I told Bobs we need to come over every night and he would be SUCH a better puppy! :)

I, mean, isn't he just the cutest when he is asleep?? haha Little does he know, but next Monday we are starting puppy training classes. Oh boy. Now that? Will be something to share.

Well, dudes, I better go fix Mr. Martha some supper before he divorces me. Have a good night! Love ya! B.


robertga99 said...

What have I told you about using store bought pizza crust? I am going to report you to the culinary police.
hehe j/k
but don't can pick up pre-made pizza dough from any pizza place for a couple of bucks.

I got a large dough ball from Johnny's today. That pizza sauce was good!

Elisabeth said...

Holla right back a'cha!

Where are you doing puppy training?

Anonymous said...

Charlie's adorable! Wish I could babysit if you lived closer!

bunny said...

Bobs, FORGOT the pizza place need to put that on your blog!

Ebeth, Puppy Adept I think...she works with the Humane Society, we get a discount.

D&D, he is a cute little stinker...too bad because we could probably use a sitter but maybe his godfather Bobs will sit for him!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Go ahead. Say DFM one more time, just to taunt me ;-)

I want Bobs to cook for me and watch American Idol.

bunny said...

LMSS, that could be arranged.