Saturday, March 27, 2010

Enjoy the Silence

Listen! What's that? Why, that would be silence, my dear peeps. Yes, no one in my house is currently 1) barking 2) growling or 3) whining. Or biting. Or pooping. Or peeing. Oy. Why did I think raising a baby would be easy?? I now know, with full clarity, that the decision to not have kids was a good one. If it is this hard to raise a furry child, I can only have immense respect for those raising human ones.

First of all, how can THAT MUCH SHIT come out of such a small body? A body that weighs 9 lbs.4 oz. to be exact. And how can he walk around outside for 20 minutes and NOT poop, then come back inside and unleash a pile of stink like I have never seen? Holy Hell. This morning, Mr. Martha gots a taste of it when I had to leave super early for a work event (outside, of course, in the freezing wind so I am sure to have consumption by tomorrow) and Charlie proceeded to shayt all over his cage I borrowed from work. I wanted to laugh because ALL I DID the first week Charlie was with us was clean up messy poop. Seriously. Anyhoodle, I see some serious training in our immediate future. Fo' shizzle.

In positive puppy news, I now can buy all kinds of stinking cute puppy/doggy stuff such as this rockin' collar from Etsy, my favorite place on Earth:

I think it will look quite dapper on Charlie with his black and tan coloring. While over at Etsy, I also managed to pick up a well-deserved bauble for myself:

Lovely, no?? I thought so too. I will look super glam for spring and give my old togs a burst of freshness. In other news, I went to have my haircut and highlights this week and it sorta was an epic FAIL. First, I arrived and found out my appointment had been scheduled for the same August. Woopsie! However, my stylist agreed to work me in (and later gave me some free Redken shampoo to make up the mistake) but I was there for THREE HOURS. Can I tell you I will NEVER get highlights again? That? Was too much like torture. Plus, you can hardly tell I had anything done. Yes, I understand subtle is not bad, but when you spend so much $$$$, you want to see results of SOME sort. Disappointing all around.

As far as cooking and reading, let's just say McDonald's, Taco Bell and Wendy's are all making way too many appearances in my life these days. Besides the fact that they are bad, bad, bad for my ever expanding waistline, they ain't too great on the wallet either. Yes, siree, we need to gets our shizz together on the cooking and eating out dealeo. Tonight, I am going to try to make a new recipe, so I will report back soon I hopes. 

And reading?? HAHAHAHA. I am still reading the book I started a month ago. What I am really looking forward to is a vacation. May cannot come fast enough. Seriously. In other news, I need to get serious about my budget and stop spending money like there is no tomorrow. Actually, a large part of our recent expenditures have been animal-related, however, I have been on a little splurge-fest that I seriously need to curb (and can I say "seriously" one more time in the post??). I think I am going on lock-down for April--no spending. None. No clothes. Or jewelry. But wait! I need bras. Like really, really bad. And I would rather poke out my eye than go bra shopping. Maybe this just give me a good excuse to prolong that torture.

Well, guess I better go start dinner. Then, its a movie later tonight, and tomorrow I have some freelance work that needs to get done. And housecleaning. Wow. Can my life be more exciting??? Later, peeps! XO, B.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Bunny, you are my hero. You are working AND blogging AND cooking.
I managed to cook one dinner this week...beef stew, but at least it was enough for two meals.

We're up to our elbows in cat shit here. Fun times.

Jeff said...

Bras?? Hum...that reminds me of that funny redneck term that cracks me up. "Over-the-shoulder-bolder-holder". Ha, ha, good luck!!

KP said...

love the necklace! love it!

go to Intimacy at Phipps - see Angela - IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

robertga99 said...

I love the snazzy dog collar. I see one in Scooby's future. I must talk you into going ahead and buying some bra's. We don't need your tig ole bitties busting free from a bad bra.

bunny said...

LMSS, glad to be SOMEONE's here...other than Charlie's. :)

Jeff and Bobs, what do gays know about boobies?? :)

KP, I may be calling Angela...just don't know if I can spend $$$ on bras right now.