Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hump Day Holla

Yo, peeps! I meant to post yesterday, but Charlie had a play date and I gots home too late. But let me back up to Sunday and share my cookery of the past few days with you.

Over the weekend, Bobs and I went to the DFM (that would be Dekalb Farmer's Market) to stock up on shizz. I gots some lamb chunks, ground lamb, various assorted fruits and veggies, pepperoni, mozzarella, pizza sauce, and all the making to make Bo's sugar snap pea stir fry. So, loaded for bear, I decided to get to cookin'.

First, Sunday night I made Murphy's Hot Hamburger. I saw this recipe on the Pioneer Woman's site and it looked about perfect for Sunday--comfort food for a dreary, grey day.

Basically, you make homemade fries, homemade burgers and a whole bunch of gravy to pour over the whole mess. How can any recipe that has gravy as its solidifying agent be bad I ask??

The answer? It cannot. (But the photo of it can suck. Effin' camera!). This dish was delish though a tad salty....salty fries, salty burger, salty gravy. Yeah. I was retaining water the next day like the Hoover dam. Monday night, I decided to make pizza. Now, I used pre-made crusts and I don't want to hear any shizz from all those "fresh dough is so easy to make" folks out there, 'kay? It was a work night. Anyhoodle, I made two different versions:

(Yes, I know...the photos SUCKS. Seriously, I don't know what the HELL is wrong with my camera). I used the DFM sauce on both, sliced fresh mozzarella for both, then added portbellas and DFM imported pepperoni to one and spinach and Italian sausage to the other (just Jimmy Dean). They were delish. And, yes, I realize I made my pizza phonetically. Sue me.

Last night, I went to Bobs for a play date between his dog, Scooby, and Charlie. And an American Idol watching date for me and Bobs. Scooby and Charlie gots along like a house on fire. Maybe Charlie is gay?? I would loves a gay dog! And Bobs made a great dinner for us:

Grilled chicken, roasted acorn squash, roasted Brussel sprouts with pancetta. YUM. MEE. And good drinks:

"Homemade" whiskey sours, recipe by Ina Garten. I love me some whiskey sours and these were super-yummers. Anyhoodle, Charlie played super hard all night and was quite tuckered by evening's end:

He slept all the way home, and then conked out in his crate for 9 hours. Today at the office, he pretty much napped most of the day....lingering tuckered-ness, I assume. I told Bobs we need to come over every night and he would be SUCH a better puppy! :)

I, mean, isn't he just the cutest when he is asleep?? haha Little does he know, but next Monday we are starting puppy training classes. Oh boy. Now that? Will be something to share.

Well, dudes, I better go fix Mr. Martha some supper before he divorces me. Have a good night! Love ya! B.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Enjoy the Silence

Listen! What's that? Why, that would be silence, my dear peeps. Yes, no one in my house is currently 1) barking 2) growling or 3) whining. Or biting. Or pooping. Or peeing. Oy. Why did I think raising a baby would be easy?? I now know, with full clarity, that the decision to not have kids was a good one. If it is this hard to raise a furry child, I can only have immense respect for those raising human ones.

First of all, how can THAT MUCH SHIT come out of such a small body? A body that weighs 9 lbs.4 oz. to be exact. And how can he walk around outside for 20 minutes and NOT poop, then come back inside and unleash a pile of stink like I have never seen? Holy Hell. This morning, Mr. Martha gots a taste of it when I had to leave super early for a work event (outside, of course, in the freezing wind so I am sure to have consumption by tomorrow) and Charlie proceeded to shayt all over his cage I borrowed from work. I wanted to laugh because ALL I DID the first week Charlie was with us was clean up messy poop. Seriously. Anyhoodle, I see some serious training in our immediate future. Fo' shizzle.

In positive puppy news, I now can buy all kinds of stinking cute puppy/doggy stuff such as this rockin' collar from Etsy, my favorite place on Earth:

I think it will look quite dapper on Charlie with his black and tan coloring. While over at Etsy, I also managed to pick up a well-deserved bauble for myself:

Lovely, no?? I thought so too. I will look super glam for spring and give my old togs a burst of freshness. In other news, I went to have my haircut and highlights this week and it sorta was an epic FAIL. First, I arrived and found out my appointment had been scheduled for the same August. Woopsie! However, my stylist agreed to work me in (and later gave me some free Redken shampoo to make up the mistake) but I was there for THREE HOURS. Can I tell you I will NEVER get highlights again? That? Was too much like torture. Plus, you can hardly tell I had anything done. Yes, I understand subtle is not bad, but when you spend so much $$$$, you want to see results of SOME sort. Disappointing all around.

As far as cooking and reading, let's just say McDonald's, Taco Bell and Wendy's are all making way too many appearances in my life these days. Besides the fact that they are bad, bad, bad for my ever expanding waistline, they ain't too great on the wallet either. Yes, siree, we need to gets our shizz together on the cooking and eating out dealeo. Tonight, I am going to try to make a new recipe, so I will report back soon I hopes. 

And reading?? HAHAHAHA. I am still reading the book I started a month ago. What I am really looking forward to is a vacation. May cannot come fast enough. Seriously. In other news, I need to get serious about my budget and stop spending money like there is no tomorrow. Actually, a large part of our recent expenditures have been animal-related, however, I have been on a little splurge-fest that I seriously need to curb (and can I say "seriously" one more time in the post??). I think I am going on lock-down for April--no spending. None. No clothes. Or jewelry. But wait! I need bras. Like really, really bad. And I would rather poke out my eye than go bra shopping. Maybe this just give me a good excuse to prolong that torture.

Well, guess I better go start dinner. Then, its a movie later tonight, and tomorrow I have some freelance work that needs to get done. And housecleaning. Wow. Can my life be more exciting??? Later, peeps! XO, B.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

In Which I Become a Mom...Again

Bunny & Mr. Martha announce the adoption of Charlie William Edwards to our furry family of children today at 9:15 a.m. Yes, peeps, he is a keeper. I, mean, by God, have you ever seen anything cuter??? If nothing else, raising a puppy should provide good fodder for the blog, right? Oy. Right.

Monday, March 22, 2010

In Which I Pay Homage to John Williams

Yesterday, the hubs and I went to another  ASO (that would be Atlanta Symphony Orchestra) concert. Our first afternoon show, as it were. This concert was featuring the music of John Williams, whom I vaguely knew but, after the wonderful show, I have learned so, so much more about the man.

John Williams, in case you don't know, is one of the most prolific score composers of our time. He has been nominated for 45 Academy Awards (YES. I KNOW.) and won five Oscars. Oh, by the way, he also has won 21 Grammys and 4 Golden Globes.

He has scored all but two films for Stephen Spielberg including the well known theme song for Indiana Jones (who doesn't know THAT one? right?). He also has written the scores for Jurassic Park, E.T., Jaws (another infamous one), Superman, Schindler's List, the Harry Potter movies and all six of the Star Wars movies (yet another infamous one). He also wrote the theme song for the NBC Nightly News.

Really, I just say "WOW." How can one person have so much talent?? And to have had so much impact on popular culture through your music. On top of which, film scores are definitely one of the MOST accessible ways to get people to listen to "classical" or symphonic music.

Anyhoodle, if you didn't know who John Williams was, I hope this J.W. primer will help you to appreciate him a little. And I leave you with a short montage selection of some of his "greatest hits." I am off to do some downloading. Enjoy. B.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Drinkin', Eatin' and Such

Oy, peeps....where did the week go? Sorry I am so sporadic about posting, but I knew it would be this way when I started back to work PLUS I have all the other drama going on in my life. I claim NOT to be a drama queen, and while I don't think I ACT dramatic, I do seem to be a drama magnet. Honestly, all I crave right now is about a week off and nothing to do but work in my garden and read books. Sounds heavenly, doesn't it?

Anyhoodle, to catch you up, I pretty much have had a little relapse this week with my earlier sickness which sucks, but what can you do? I have been going to bed pretty early most nights, but Friday night, I decided to say, "Sickness and gallbladder be damned!" and cracked me open a cold one after the end of what was a VERY. LONG. week.

Obviously, I have had this one for a while....since probably the end of the year when I swore off booze. This one is Lagunita's Correction Ale, one of their seasonal offerings and a very good American ale that was great served with these:

A big 'ol plate of homemade nachos with spicy pepper cheese, shredded chicken, black beans and chunks of avocado. Yum. I wish I had another plate right now. Served that up with some Publix salsa (which rocks!) and sour cream and, that? Was some good eatin'.

Yesterday, I went down to my sister's to see her and my nephews, who are now into playing their spring sports. I neglected to take photos, but it was a nice, if slightly long day since I was a little tuckered. Last night, a friend came over for dinner and a movie (Whip It, which was quite good--what I would call a good rental movie) and I served up a nice plate of food, if I say so myself:

I grilled up some steak, roasted some asparagus, whipped up some taters (with butter and cream, natch) and sauteed up some balsamic-y grape tomatoes. I probably overdid the steaks a little, but it was still a very good meal. I LOVE tomatoes cooked this way and the sauce was actually quite nice with the steak.

In other news, spring is starting to burst out in the yard, for which I am VERY VERY happy. I need a little sunshine and warmth, I tell y'a. And I am starting to become excited about the garden, and have been shopping the seed catalogs, though I know I am behind. Last year, I had such a bad seed experience, I said I would never do it again, but alas, you cannot get the same variety with bought seedlings. Anyhoodle, here are a few signs of spring:

Forsythia blooming, wedged between my composter and one of our iron bedsteads.

Jonquils, or daffodils if you will, all over the yard. These are the cream on cream, one of my faves.

In other news, for those of you who love the booze section of the site and might have been missing it, I tried two more new beers this week:

Another Lagunitas, known as Olde Gnarly Wine. A seasonal brew, this beer is GREAT with caramel and rich toffee flavors and, hold onto your panties, 12% alcohol content! Woah, nelly! I actually had this beer on tap from Taco Mac, so this photo came from online. This photo came from online, as well:
I had this beer--Stone's IPA--last night. A "classic" IPA, this beer is very hoppy with lots of great taste and a nice aroma. I chose this beer because I had heard lots about it from other craft beer lovers, and while I am not a huge IPA fan, but I will say this IPA is one of the best I've had. I think I would have liked it much colder and maybe in warmer weather. I am willing to try this one again, but I wouldn't rank it as a top pick.

Well, I am off like a herd of turtles....the hubs and I have housecleaning to do and a concert to go to later this afternoon. All I really want to do is curl up with a book and a blanket today, but that's not gonna happen. Maybe next Sunday. Have a good week, peeps, and I'll be back as soon as I can. B. out!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hump Day Holla: In Which I Drink Wine

Yo, peeps. I am sitting here with a large goblet of wine. Because it has just been one. of. those. weeks. I am so sorry to whine on like a broken record, but let me tell you....March has sucked. hard.

Let's see. We gots Savannah out of hock at the vet to the tune of $600+ Monday. Yeah. And the vet told us she highly suspects the Puddin' may have some central nervous system spazzing going on which 1) I did not really want to hear but 2) would explain so much. Short of a $$$$$ doggie MRI there is not much we can do but watch her to 1) see if she gets worse or 2) doesn't. Ah. The miracle of modern medicine.

Anywho, the puppy kept expelling vile and nasty things from his little body until I demanded an antibiotic and he actually has had a couple of poos now that look something like formed turd. Yeah. However, he is still all sniffly and the girls are somewhere between ignoring him and disdain of him, but we are pretty much keeping them separated for now. And we STILL have not made a FINAL decision about puppy (I refuse to name him until we do!). I know, I know. I waiver hourly. Now it's not even so much the girls but just the amount of WORK he requires. And it is WORK. Oy.

Other than that, the hubs started his new class this week so his short reprieve from school work is over. We have a concert this weekend which I was SO looking forward to but he may not be able to attend now. And to top it off, I feel like I am trying to get sick yet AGAIN. But I started using my inhaler last night, so maybe I can head it off. And, oh yeah, today is DAY ONE.

So, you can all see that I NEEDED this glass of wine like I need oxygen. Glory be and thanks to the folks who discovered fermentation. Word. Back soon--I hope. B

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Catch-Up Quicky

Oy, peeps. Can I AGAIN say it has been a LONG week? And now we have to lose an hour of sleep tonight? That ain't right.

Anyhoodle, let me catch you up on the drama of the past two days. Wednesday night, puppy did not eat or drink and, Thursday morning, he had some nasty poo. Fearing a parasite, I took him to our vet for a check-up, but after two different fecal tests on two different stool samples, our vet could find nothing. For now, he is still with us, but we have to make a decision soon, otherwise it's not fair to him.

Honestly, we were all set to adopt the puppy, but now I am just torn about what to do because Thursday I also wound up taking Savannah to the vet. Her sugar was off-the-charts high. Like 396. Then 455 ("normal" is around 100). Then I started feeling guilty because I thought maybe the stress of bringing the puppy home had made her sick. Plus, the puppy is still having poop problems. And Pepsi is all stressed out because Savannah is not here and the puppy is. Oy. Why did I think this situation would be slightly more simple??

Anyhoodle, I did hear from the former mother of the puppy (human, that is) and his parents were a 20 lb. blonde AKC registered Cocker Spaniel and a 10 lb. salt & pepper AKC registered Schnauzer. So he will not be big. Here's another photo, in case you forgot how cute he is:

I have been reading up on puppies on the Internet and, heck, again, why did I think this would be easier?? Plus, he's still having VERY mucusy poopy. Yeah. It's nasty. So something is up with him that we need to get fixed. In other news, I received the information yesterday for my adopted Kenyan child. I think he will be much easier to cope with:

There is information for you to complete about yourself and send photos and letters. I have to read through everything, but I cannot wait to get started! Maybe I can send him the puppy! I keed, I keed! As far as cooking and reading, both have taken a hit since I returned to work, but here are two things I did manage this week:

This is Cognac Chicken from Bo's Bowl blog. I FUBAR'd this up a little by not thoroughly reading the directions. First, I gots a little heavy handed--as in vampire warding off--with the garlic. Then, I did not let the cognac reduce down before putting in the cream. WOOPS! It still turned out ok though, but not great. That was MY bad though, NOT the recipe, so I will def try again the RIGHT way.

I also ordered this book ,which I originally saw in Entertainment Weekly a few weeks back. It is the true story of a African-American woman whose cells were harvested by doctors for research when she died WITHOUT ASKING THE FAMILY. Her cells, known as HeLa cells, have been used to create the cure for polio, and in just about every other type of medical research you can name, making everyone but the family millions of dollars. Then, her children found out. I can't wait to read it.

Well, I am off for lunch then a nap. I need one desperately after the week I have had. Desperately. Did I say desperately? Be back soon. B.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hump Day Holla: Puppypalooza

Yo, yo peeps--it's the Hump Day Holla! To recap, this week has been a tiny bit chaotic. Yeah. Just a little, tiny bit. Monday was Granny Wofford's funeral which was incredibly sad and broke my heart for her grandchildren and Mama Ann. Then, Monday evening, I decided to bring home THE puppy for an overnight--which has now turned into the THIRD overnight. In a row. My boss is allowing me to temporary foster him to see how he fits our family. Here are some photos:

Puppy, who we have been calling "Buddy," asleep in my office. Conked out. But Monday night did not go so well. The girls were PISSED to say the least. Puppy pooped no less than five times and peeped more than that. But he WAS consistently pooping and peeing in the same general place--the mat under our exercise bike--so good for him.

Tuesday night went slightly better. But this morning? Oy. Savannah was NOT a happy camper, as is usual at meal times around our house. Puppy almost got his ass kicked about five times. Oh, above is puppy on my desk, chewing my pen.

Tonight has been better--Puppy has only almost got his ass kicked once. He is a sweet boy. Seriously. I mean, he is a puppy, chewing, peeing and pooping at will, but he is quiet and basically entertains himself. He has shared my office the past two days at work and been just a love.

So now we have to decide: Adopt or Not? I am SO torn. He is cute, sweet and needs a good home. But can I tell you WHY I have been so drawn to him? No. Other than he is sweet and has this pitiful look. And I suppose I just cannot resist pitiful. He also has bonded with me and seems very smart and loving. However, Savannah is SO put out by him right now and it makes me sad to stress her out esp. with her diabetes (I worry about making her health worse). And the work of three doggies?? Oy. I just don't know.

My nephew votes "Yes" and wants me to name him "Skittles" after the candy (which he loves). Regardless, at this point, I cannot surrender him to the Humane Society because it would be too hard for me to know he was sitting back there in a cage after being out all this time. So, if not, I will have to foster him until we can find him a home. Peeps, what should I do? Help me blogger buddies. I just don't know what to do, but I want it to be the right thing. Yo. B.

Monday, March 08, 2010

It's a Boy!

Ok, peeps, I am about to say something possibly politically incorrect...well, for some maybe. I have always wanted a little black baby. Black babies are the CUTEST ever. I, mean, some white babies are cute, and some not so much, but black babies?? Always cute.

Of course, short of adoption, I didn't know how to make this dream happen, though I have often mused of adopting an A-A (African-American) child. Well, yesterday I had my chance. And I took it.

See, there is this blogger called Pastor Ryan who writes This is Reverb. Ryan is a cool tattoo sporting, piercing wearing kinda new fangled pastor who is currently on a mission trip to Kenya through Compassion International. Get right on over there and read all his posts. They are moving and inspiring and full of hope.

Compassion International is a faith-based organization that has folks all over the world and they encourage donors to sponsor children in various poverty stricken countries. Having read Ryan's account of what they do in Kenya, I felt compelled to sponsor a child of my own. Here, my peeps, is my new Kenyan child:

Meet Mulinge, 7 years old and lover of soccer. I tell you, it was hard to choose just one child, but his HUGE smile won me over. Isn't he a cutie pie? Compassion will send me a packet in two weekish with his photo and all kinds of info including how I can write him. I am very excited.

I will admit, first I was concerned about the money, but heck, the monthly sponsor is basically the cost of one meal out for us. And I have a job now. So it just seemed like the right thing to do and the right time to do it. Pay it forward. Help here at home and abroad. We have so much, even at our poorest, than the most well off in other countries. Anyhoodle, I highly encourage you peeps to read about Compassion International and consider sponsoring a child of your own. As Martha says, "It's a good thing." Meanwhile, I anxiously await the packet on my new child and will be sure to keep you updated. Later, peeps! B.

Friday, March 05, 2010

THE Puppy

Ok, you know the puppy I have been gushing over about the past few days? Well, here he is:

Is he NOT the CUTEST puppy EVER??? And EVER?? I mean, EVER?? Really, like EVER?? Yeah, I went and gots him today and let him play in my office a little bit.

He played well by himself, but, man, look at those feet!! Of course, if he really IS a cocker-schanauzer, his feet really would be big but he may only be 25 pound-ish. And let's look at that face again:

Seriously, he is a sweet boy. I put him in my lap after he had played awhile and he just curled up and went to sleep.

I have it bad. Bad, bad, bad. And I am not sure if that is good or not. The next test if we decide to move forward is "does he get along with the girls?" I will keep you posted. Have a good weekend! B.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Hump Day Holla

Wow. I cannot remember the last time I posted a Hump Day Holla. Well, this one is going to be a short one, but I just HAD to recap the meal I made last night cause it was slap-yo-mama goodness.

Since it was snowing, I really wanted soup but, alas, I did not have the makings, so I decided to go with comfort food. I had some ground pork which I could not decide what to do with so I decided to go simple and just make pork steaks:

I just patted them out, sprinkled them liberally with some lemon pepper and grilled them up in my trusty Caphalon grill pan. I was surprised at how LEAN the meat was--very, very if no fat came off the meat. For sides, I broke my jones for Brussel sprouts:

These are from Bobs and I run to the DFM a weekish ago. I just sliced them in half, tossed with a little olive oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper and roasted on both sides in the oven for about 15-20 min each side. And, oh yeah, I sprinkled them with a little bacon. Nothing like doubling up on your pork intake.

To round out the meal, I made smashed potatoes from some lingering red potatoes I had laying around and then whipped up some white gravy for the steaks and taters. Ah, gravy. Beverage of the South. It was freakin' yummers and as good as any greasy Southern spoon buffet. Don'cha wish you lived at Casa Bunny??? ;)

In other news, I am trying to talk the hubs into adopting one of the cocker-schnauzer pups. I will have to take photos and post here. They are SO. DAMN. CUTE. You will all have to help me woo the hubs. Be good and I'll be back soon! XO, B.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Hit Me Baby One More Time.....Not

Well, peeps, guess what? It is snowing here AGAIN in the G of A. Of course, most of you know this since you live nearby, but it's coming down like it ain't never stopping and has been since like 6 a.m. I went to work, and here is my ride home once my boss let us go around 1 p.m.

As you can see, the roads are not TOO bad, but really, I think we already have more accumulation than two weeks ago. Craziness. On another note, can I say how much I appreciate my boss?? He called a little while ago to make sure I made it home ok. And he did that two weeks ago too. I know, I cannot believe it either.

What I can also not believe is yesterday was my one month anniversary in the new job. Though I am technically "on probation" for 90 days, I think I will be staying. I did go ahead today and give a nice donation. I figured I cannot very well ask others for money if I myself am not willing to give. But I WILL be asking for a refund if they decide to let me go in 60 days. Word.

In other news, Sunday night I took the hubs out to dinner to celebrate the end of his first classes. It was a HARD seven weeks for both of us. Yeah, it sorta blew. And not in a good way. Anyhoodle, I decided to combine the event with a visit to a new restaurant in keeping with my resolutions, so I chose Feast in Decatur, GA:

Can I tell you how seriously stoked I was to dine here? Seriously. Cool little place on the right side of the tracks with an interior that's all dark, moody lighting and exposed brick walls. Nice. Romanticky. To start we had the black-eyed pea hummus:

Let me say if lovin' this is wrong, I don't wanna be right. It was served with warm, grilled pita and grilled veggies. Um, YUM. And before we go any further, let me apologize for the photos. It is hard to take photos in a VERY DARK restaurant and not startle the other patrons with your flash. Yo.

For entrees, I had the Roasted Mountain Trout stuffed with artichoke & fennel and drenched in lemon citrus butter with a side of corn pudding. It was pretty freakin' tasty but not too pretty to photog. The hubs, however, had the above, which I was supremely jealous over: Wood Oven Roasted Shrimp with whiskey sauce and bleu cheese & bacon risotto. Damn. Now that shizz? Was totes yummers. I could just bathe in a tub of that risotto. With a spoon. Then we were all "no dessert" until our serve person told us the special dessert was....wait for it:

Strawberry & pear cobbler. Oh HELL to the YES. By God, that shizz was crackalicious. In fact, just thinking about it again makes me want to make a cobbler tonight for dessert. So, a very good meal and def a joint worth visiting again.

In sad news, Granny Wofford passed away Sunday (I just found out last night) and the little puppy that I enjoyed puppy therapy with last Friday also passed away Sunday. NOT that I am equating Granny to the puppy, but it was just a sad day yesterday all around. So I had to do some MORE puppy therapy, this time with a cocker-schnauzer mix puppy that is simply precious. Precious. Thanks goodness we have plenty of puppies to love.

Anyhoodle, I am off like a herd of turtles. Trying to take advantage of these few extra non-work hours to get some shizz accomplished today. Hope you all are warm and dry, wherever you are. Love, B.