Thursday, February 04, 2010

Wiped Out

Peeps. Oy. Sorry I disappeared there for several days but I think you all know that I started my new job Monday. So, here's a recap and thoughts from this week:
  • Sunday I spent the day cleaning house, cleaning my office and, in general, trying to set a clean slate to start my new job.
  • Sunday night, I barely slept because I was all worried about my new job.
  • Monday, I arrived at my new job and was immediately overwhelmed by the 1) lack of resources and 2) the great need. Yes, a typical non-profit. But, wow, I have to admit it was worse than I thought.
  • Monday night, the hubs takes me out to dinner and I question whether I have made the right decision. I eat a lot of ice cream. I sleep badly Monday night.
  • Tuesday, I start afresh, with a better attitude. However, I learn Tuesday that the last person who had my (sorta) job was 1) a computer illiterate and 2) a bad record keeper. Hence, I will be creating everything from scratch and have little background to help me.
  • Wednesday, I start to feel sick. Only three days in this job and already feeling sickly. Sigh.
  • Thursday, Pepsi pees on two rugs. Acting out because Mom has returned to work? Possible diabetes like her sister? Neither good.
  • Still tired. Still exhausted. Not used to working 8 hours days and getting up so earlier. And still feeling sick.
  • In good news, I did manage to pull together a hot meal that I cooked myself tonight--the first this week. It was really good too--another Publix Apron recipe but I forgot to take photos. I also cannot find it on the Website. Sorry.
  • And I did get paid today, for my first three days of work. Whee. Cash money = good.
  • And there is just one day left in this first week.
Right now, I plan on getting some more ice cream and heading to bed early because my ass is dragging and I am still worn out tired. Worn. Out. Tired. But I keep reminding myself it has only been four days. It has to get better, right?? At least that is what everyone keeps telling me.

I promise to write a longer post this weekend and maybe I will have something to tell. I hope you will bear with me through this transition. I am not giving up....just got to gets a new groove. Love and kisses, B.


Bo said...

Payday is my favorite day of the week! It's the only day I love my job.

KP said...

Hang on mama! You can do it!

Jen on the Edge said...

The first week on the job is always the most stressful. You'll create the records and get everything whipped into shape in no time!

If it makes you feel any better, when I started my current job four years ago, there was NO database, only an Excel spreadsheet of names and addresses. No computers, no files, no records. Not. Good.

Elisabeth said...

Sorry to hear the week was so tough. You'll adjust...I have faith in you. And, you've got skills. You'll have that office in better shape than it thought it could ever be in no time. 'Cause you got skills. I've seen 'em.

robertga99 said...

It will get better! But if it doesn' sure beats not having a paycheck & insurance! :)

bunny said...

Thanks, everyone, for the words of encouragement...I need it. I have now officially made it through the first week and hope to do a whole lotta nothing this weekend but resting. Love you all!

Sonya said...

Amen to the girl's got skills! I've seen them, too. They're not going to know what hit them!