Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Souper Douper

Yo, peeps, I have FINALLY gots some of my cooking mojo back! Whee! I have missed cooking, but as I have said, working really screws with your culinary aspirations. Yo. I suppose if Mr. Martha and I were more cosmopolitan, we might be willing to eat at 10 p.m. like some city folk, but, Hell, who am I kidding??? 10 p.m. is my bedtime, not dinner time.

So, I sit here watching the Westminster Dog Show (go Cairn Terrier!) and blogging (thank GOD for my new laptop!) and thinking to myself, "Damn, those freakin' female handlers have some FUGLY wardrobes!" Ok, back to the cooking. As I mentioned, Valentine's Day I made a kick-ass beef stew for Mr. Martha. Yes, I have made beef stew before, but this recipe was a new one from, you guessed it, Williams-Sonoma:

This stew is actually called 20-Minute Beef Stew but I actually did NOT make it in a pressure cooker (yeah, I pretty much am a-feared of pressure cookers) but still used the same recipe and let it simmer for about 2 hours. It was super duper yummers and the perfect side dish was my fabulous cornbread:

White Lily white corn meal, corn oil and buttermilk in a Crisco-coated skillet. Who's your daddy? Then, tonight, I made Bo's Hot Italian Sausage Soup (from over at Bo's Bowl). Bo is a newbie to the blogging scene but I have been all on board because he is a big ol' foodie and has some scrumptious recipes. And this soup was no exception:

Ok, so this photo is shitty, but the soup is faboo! Note: I did NOT use hot sausage, but just used some good ol' Jimmy Dean Italian sausage (because I am old and farty and have a hinky gallbladder and acid reflux). And it made a TON so we had plenty to eat and leftovers and I think I am going to freeze a big batch for another night when I get home late (Bo, I hope this freezes well!). Def try this one peeps, esp. with a nice crusty roll to soak up the goodness.

Well, that's it peeps. I guess I better be thinking about going to bed. It's creeping up on 9 p.m. which is the witching hour here since I have been sick. Be back soon! Later! B.


Bo said...

I'm glad you made it...It really does makes a lot. We don't ever have any leftover, but I'm sure it freezes well.

bunny said...

Thanks for the recipe! It was really easy to make and very yummy...I will say I was not terribly patient (because I was starving!) so I didn't let it cook the whole hour, thus, I am thinking it will be even better tomorrow!

robertga99 said...

Ummmm....did you think to save Bobs a bowl?

bunny said...

No, but I did think about inviting you over. But I knew your "d*ck was freezing off" so I decided you would probably want to stay in. :)

blackbird said...


We love Williams-Sonoma's recipes.