Thursday, February 11, 2010


Ok, since I stole my 10 for 2010 idea from Bobs originally, I also will admit Bobs' post today reminded I should also give a 2010 resolution update as well to, you know, keep me honest. Besides, it's still pretty boring up in Casa Bunny. So, here's the update:
  1. Have More New Adventures. Well, I don't know if it qualifies as an "adventure," but I did purchase a set of flex passes for the ATL Symphony, which is sorta cool. And spending time with my fams and friends is always an adventure, and I managed to have 11 different social outings over the past month. Not bad!
  2. Get My Company Website Up & Running.Well, this sorta was waylaid and delayed due to the new job, but something I am STILL planning on doing.
  3. Continue to Improve My Cooking Techniques. I attended a Braising class at W-S and I made eight new recipes including Croques Madames!
  4. Learn to Make Great Bread. Nope. Moving on.
  5. Update/Expand My Blog. Well, I have been trying to find other cool blogs and have made some cool new bloggy friends (Hi, Bo!) but no cosmetic or content changes. Yet.
  6. Expand My Reading Horizons. Well, I've read six books so far this year and only one could be classified as "chick lit." So there.
  7. Expand My Vegetable Gardening. Too soon for this one!
  8. Visit More New Restaurants. Yep, I managed to visit one new restaurtant--The Real Chow Baby. Oh, and one new beer before my gallbladder went South and then I got sick.
  9. Improve/Find More Outlets for My Writing. Not yet.
  10. Lose (At Least) 10% of My Body Weight and KEEP IT OFF. Believe it or not, I actually lost about four pounds the past month, however, I am SURE the 'roids I am on will take care of that loss in short order!
So, tonight I am off for another NEW ADVENTURE--Trivia Night at the local watering hole! Whee. I am thinking we will win since I am going with a bunch of medical savants. I think I will take my camera and see if I can snap some redneck action. Be back soon. Love, Bunch.


Sonya said...

I DO want an update on the trivia night business. Sounds potentially fun and/or interesting.

ctflack said...

1) Did you go to Wild Wing for trivia? Because apparently there is this guy who goes every week and wins every week. We went a few weeks ago and came in second to him.

2) Have you ever been to eat at Re-cess? It's on Bradford Street - right off the square. We went a few weeks ago. Good food, good atmosphere, reasonably priced. I highly recommend it.

Elisabeth said...

Me too, Me too! I used to love trivia night in college...

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

You were a busy little Bunny in the first 6 weeks of the year!

robertga99 said...

I want to go play trivia sometime. I am excellent with pop culture questions.

bunny said...

CTF, Yes, it was Wild Wing...and it was fun! Went with an interesting group of "Girls Gone Wild" teachers...but that is another story...apparently, there are several places, peeps, where trivia is doable in G-Vegas. Who knew? We may have to get us up a team! :)