Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mmm, Mmm, Good

Saturday night, while Mr. Martha was working on his final school project, Bobs and I went to the DFM (otherwise known as the Dekalb Farmer's Market). We were supposed to go on V-Day, but that did not happen due to the snow. And, Lord, I had not been in foreva' and was having a bad jones. So I went a little loco.

First, I stocked up on fruits and veggies--grapefruits, lemons, limes, oranges, apples, bananas, Brussel sprouts, sugar snap peas, mushrooms, lettuce. And black peppercorns. And fresh baked ciabatta. And fresh pasta. And cheese. And a couple of bottles of wine. And lamb. Yes, baby, lamb. Then, I gots my cook on.  So, Sunday night, I decided to make pizzas.

First, I had to prep the crust with a brush of olive oil and a sprinkle of garlic, Herbs de Provence, and red pepper flakes. And then I layered on the DFM fresh pizza sauce.

Yo, peeps, dis' shizz was da bomb! Super tasty. The fresh tomato sauces from the DFM are really super-duper. Then I added the toppings:

Fresh mozzarella, coppa (or Capicola, a traditional Neapolitan Italian cold cut) and baby portabella mushrooms.....
Then, another pizza with Italian sausage, bell peppers and onions. They were both yummers, if I must say. For Monday night, I made lamb burgers courtesy of Cooking Asshole:

I mixed up some fresh rosemary and garlic into some ground lamb and served it up on some ciabatta with ranch dressing mixed with feta. And I steamed me up a big 'ol mess of multi-colored organic carrots including some super-cool purple carrots. Yep. Purple. For tonight, I mixed up some pasta and shrimps:

I just whipped up a lemon butter sauce, threw in some capers and sauteed up some shrimps in all that sauciness. Sadly, I overcooked the first batch of pasta (NOT photoed here) and undercooked the second batch of pasta (shown here) so the pasta was sorta a FAIL. But the steamed sugar snap peas on the side were awesome. I need to be planting some of these up in the garden. Yo.

So, that's about it. Other than that I is just watching American Idol and am sad at how much the girls are sucking. BAAAAAD. Except Crystal Bowersox. I think she is all original and totally rocks. GO CRYSTAL! (but, ps, think about some Crest Whitestrips....just sayin') Later, peeps! B.

PS, the photos in this post sorta suck. Something's up with my camera's flash. And it is pissing me off.


robertga99 said...

GIRL, she is the most talented so far for sure but she is beyond Crest Whitestrips...she needs a professional Brite Smile treatment. She will get it when she makes the Top 12...HOPEFULLY!

I heart DFM! I took a picture of my 50 cent bag of bay leaves but forgot to post it. That place just ROCKS!

Bo said...

Those carrots look great...What kind of pasta is that...is it purple?

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I told my boss that if Crystal goes any farther, you can be sure they will be doing a makeover. I told him to bank on a teeth whitening if she makes Top 12.

DFM *sigh* The other day I was cuddling with my tub of basil... 27 cents!! and my tub of cloves... $1.12!! My mother actually laughed at me.

bunny said...

Bobs, I think Bright Smile is on the way.

Bo, the carrots were great..I <3 steamed carrots! The pasta is "red"...it is colored with beet juice.

LMSS, I would be glad to be a "spice enabler" and provide some interstate transport if needed. :) PS, I like Crystal's dreds (that's who she is) but the teeth are sorta bad.

ctflack said...

The teeth are awful, but she is excellent. I love her, and I liked her song last night regardless of what the judges said. I agree the girls were not good last night.

big sis said...

I wanna come and eat at your house! Theresa is another DFM freak---usually she will drag me with her---I haven't been in a LONG time!
When are we going to do our next IKEA run? Oh that's right--you went without me--don't worry, I forgive you! hahaha