Saturday, February 27, 2010

In Which I Whine. And Moan A Little. And Rejoice Slightly.

  • This week finished my first MONTH at my new job. ONE WHOLE MONTH. FOUR WEEKS. I can hardly believe it. It has FLOWN by, I tell you. But so much more to do. So much more to learn.
  • Did I mention work is hard? Of course, it does not help that I have been sick basically since I started. Though I am much better, I am still not well. It took a lot out of me.
  • This past week was esp. stressful personally with some stuff going on behind the scenes with some of my freelance work. I really just wanted to punch someone. Hard. Instead I went out Wednesday night with my friend B. and we split a pitcher of margaritas. On the rocks. With salt. It had been a shitty week for her, too.
  • That was the first alcohol I pretty much had drink/drank/drunk since Christmas. The gallbladder whined a little but was basically okey-dokey the next day. I think it was starved for some booze.
  • The boys on American Idol were not much better than the girls. I was glad Little Jim Morrison wannabee got the boot. He was goofy looking.Overall, it's just all so BORING so far.
  • Thursday night has now become grocery night at Casa Bunny. Friday night everything is just too picked over. And our grocery store is near the local cinema and several chain eating joints so that area is a C. F. of madness on the weekend nights.
  • How can you buy four small bags of groceries and it equal $80??? I'll tell you how. Organic granola. Nighttime cold medicine. Bailey's creamer. Ice cream. And about five other things that were not on the list.
  • Speaking of money, now that I have been working for a month, we MUST get on a budget. We have been spending like we have money now. Which we do. But we have plenty of shizz to pay off or down after being out of work a year.
  • Yesterday, I had puppy therapy. That is what I call my 15 minute break of puppy cuddling. At work, we have a little two month old chihuahua mix puppy that was spayed and she wasn't doing well. My boss was feeding her with a syringe. So pitiful. I asked if I could rock, pet and cuddle her for a little while. Good for both of us. 
  • We decided to give the puppy a strong girl name. One of my co-workers came up with Roxy. Say a little puppy prayer for Roxy.
  • Last night, we went over to a couple friends' house for dinner. Wife made Pioneer Woman's Chicken Parmigiana and Best Spinach Salad. Ever. I forgot to take my camera (and probably would have felt a tiny bit weird taking photos even though they know I blog) but it was good eatin'. Mighty, mighty good eatin'.
  • Today, another friend and I had an Oscar-focused movie day. We saw Crazy Heart and An Education. Though a little slow, Crazy Heart was great and Jeff Bridges was excellent. He definitely deserves an Oscar.
  • Tonight, I am warming up Bo's Italian Sausage Soup (which I froze a big batch of) and then we are going to watch Warm Springs, the biopic with Kenneth Branaugh as FDR.
  • Tomorrow, we have birthday celebrating with Pop-in-Law and then I am taking the hubs out to dinner to celebrate the successful (two A's!) completion of his first Master's classes! Go, Mr. Martha, go!
  • Well, that's it peeps. Sorry the blogging has been few and far between. I knew it would be this way. But it still sucks. And, as Bobs would say, not in a good way. I hope it will get better. Hope you all are doing great! Love, B.


Jen on the Edge said...

Congrats to your hubs on his great grades!

I must say, puppy cuddling sounds incredibly therapeutic to me. :-)

big sis said...

Which Bailey's creamer did you buy and do you like it?

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I'm all out of my normal routine with working 8 hour days. I know, I've been spoiled.

I have been walking around saying "When I start getting decent paychecks I'm going to...."

I need to write a post about my massive grocery shopping extravaganza for $109.

bunny said...

JOTE, Puppy cuddling is VERY, VERY therapeutic!

Sis, I bought the original and I DO like it. Tastes, to me, very much like the boozy version.

LMSS, that new routine will break you if you're not careful! :) And I spent a whole bunch of money last month, but now we are back on a budget.