Sunday, February 14, 2010

In Which Bunny Starts to Bounce Back.....Slowly

Ok, dudes, I am going to try my damn-level best to start getting my shit back together this week. Work wise, I think things are starting to come together a least I see a direction and I am just going to start running that way until I hit a wall, then I'll make a turn. Healthwise, I think I am on the mend, though I am not fooling myself because I know it's going to be a long-haul of hacking the next few weeks.

That said, it was a chaotic and crazy weekend starting with the U.S.-wide snow storm of Friday. I read somewhere that it supposedly snowed in all 50 states....though I do think Hawaii is in contention. Let's just say all 50. Sounds cooler that way. But the whole experience was sorta crazy and I was NOT prepared. I thought the weather peeps were just hyping the whole thing. Um, they weren't.

Yep. We gots just shy of three inches. Well, I suppose you would really call that more 2.5 inches. Anyhoodle, it was a GREAT snow, as far as snow goes....the true drifty, fluffy, powdery snow we NEVER get here in the South. We usually just get ice with a dust of flakes on top.

 It snowed hard and fast, but me and the hubs made it home from work without incident (though it did take us both about triple our commute time!). Even better, the electric never went out, not even a flicker.

We even had milk and bread, so we were able to make it through the night. Saturday was warmish and sunny, so by mid-day, most of the snow had melted (at least in the sunny areas) and was a memory. The roadways were dry. Yep. Overall, a lovely snow experience if there can be such a thing.

The snow DID, however, foil mine and Bobs plans to go to the Farmer's Market in the ATL yesterday morning to purchase food stuffs for our Valentine's dinner last night. And for my grocery shopping in general. At first, we weren't sure we were going to be able to proceed with the dinner, but once it became apparent the roads were very safe for travel, we decided to go ahead, but with a change of menu. Originally, we were going to do an Italian feast (that's amore!), but Bobs decided to go down-home comfort.

Country-fried steak with gravy, mac & cheese, lima beans and biscuits. Damn, it was good eatin'!

 And, for dessert, some chocolately-fudgy pie-cakey thing with ice cream. MMMMM.

And Bobs even gots little heart ice cube trays to make heart ice cubes for the drinks. That Bobs! He also wound up pulling it all together by himself since due to the weather and my illness, I was unable to assist much. Thanks, Bobs, for the yum-yum dinner! As far as today and the hubs and I, we agreed since we are just starting our financial rebound (and taxes are coming up!) to keep V-Day simple. So, he gave me this:

A HUGE glass containers filled with my fave....Starburst Jelly Beans! He said it was for my desk at work, but I think I am going to have to be selfish and keep it at home for a while. For him, I am making a big beef stew dinner tonight and then we are going to snuggle and watch movies. Good day. Finally, here are some random tidbits of things from the past week:
  • The stupid song TikTok by Kei$sha is pure trashtastic, but I loves it and cannot get it out of my head. Yes, I downloaded it. Yes, I am listening to it right now. Yes, it is on repeat. At least 12 times so far. In a row. I blame the steroids
  • Steroids + PMS = Bad. Very bad. Puffy, teary, mean, bitchy mess. Esp. not good when it's your second week on the new job. And sick. 
  • Under the category of T.M.I., it IS possible to cough so hard that you wet yourself. Depends, anyone?
  • Poor Pepsi is gimpified and, after four days on meds, not much better. We will probably be going back to the animal doc again this week. Sigh.
  • We just rented the documentary No Impact Man. It's about this guy in NYC and his family who tried to live a year without any, or little, impact on the environment. Very interesting. Check it out. I just bought his book to read, as well.
  • Trivia the other night was....interesting. It wound up being a group of elementary school teachers who were, let's say, a little "pent up." Oy. It takes a lot to embarrass me, and let's just say I made that trip. But I would def do it again with a group of my peeps, fo' shizzle.
Well, that's it. Again, I will be trying my best to get back into the groove this week with blogging, so stay tuned. Love and later, peeps! B.


Jen on the Edge said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

I wish our snow had melted already, but we still have a solid 18" on the ground. Boo hiss.

KP said...

OMG those biscuits look sooooooooo good. As I recall, your Mom made (and probably still makes) great biscuits. YUM YUM!

Our snow has melted, but it is still cold and windy.

I am confident with all the meds, you will feel much better this week.

blackbird said...

I now have a craving for mac and cheese.
It's 9:54 am.