Sunday, February 28, 2010


I know I am coming to this game a little late,
but I LOVE this song right now. LOVE it. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Totes.
And did I mention I love this song??

Just say yes, just say there’s nothing holding you back
It’s not a test, nor a trick of the mind
Only love

Sigh. If only I were 16 again....what a great song
to pine for someone over....Enjoy!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

In Which I Whine. And Moan A Little. And Rejoice Slightly.

  • This week finished my first MONTH at my new job. ONE WHOLE MONTH. FOUR WEEKS. I can hardly believe it. It has FLOWN by, I tell you. But so much more to do. So much more to learn.
  • Did I mention work is hard? Of course, it does not help that I have been sick basically since I started. Though I am much better, I am still not well. It took a lot out of me.
  • This past week was esp. stressful personally with some stuff going on behind the scenes with some of my freelance work. I really just wanted to punch someone. Hard. Instead I went out Wednesday night with my friend B. and we split a pitcher of margaritas. On the rocks. With salt. It had been a shitty week for her, too.
  • That was the first alcohol I pretty much had drink/drank/drunk since Christmas. The gallbladder whined a little but was basically okey-dokey the next day. I think it was starved for some booze.
  • The boys on American Idol were not much better than the girls. I was glad Little Jim Morrison wannabee got the boot. He was goofy looking.Overall, it's just all so BORING so far.
  • Thursday night has now become grocery night at Casa Bunny. Friday night everything is just too picked over. And our grocery store is near the local cinema and several chain eating joints so that area is a C. F. of madness on the weekend nights.
  • How can you buy four small bags of groceries and it equal $80??? I'll tell you how. Organic granola. Nighttime cold medicine. Bailey's creamer. Ice cream. And about five other things that were not on the list.
  • Speaking of money, now that I have been working for a month, we MUST get on a budget. We have been spending like we have money now. Which we do. But we have plenty of shizz to pay off or down after being out of work a year.
  • Yesterday, I had puppy therapy. That is what I call my 15 minute break of puppy cuddling. At work, we have a little two month old chihuahua mix puppy that was spayed and she wasn't doing well. My boss was feeding her with a syringe. So pitiful. I asked if I could rock, pet and cuddle her for a little while. Good for both of us. 
  • We decided to give the puppy a strong girl name. One of my co-workers came up with Roxy. Say a little puppy prayer for Roxy.
  • Last night, we went over to a couple friends' house for dinner. Wife made Pioneer Woman's Chicken Parmigiana and Best Spinach Salad. Ever. I forgot to take my camera (and probably would have felt a tiny bit weird taking photos even though they know I blog) but it was good eatin'. Mighty, mighty good eatin'.
  • Today, another friend and I had an Oscar-focused movie day. We saw Crazy Heart and An Education. Though a little slow, Crazy Heart was great and Jeff Bridges was excellent. He definitely deserves an Oscar.
  • Tonight, I am warming up Bo's Italian Sausage Soup (which I froze a big batch of) and then we are going to watch Warm Springs, the biopic with Kenneth Branaugh as FDR.
  • Tomorrow, we have birthday celebrating with Pop-in-Law and then I am taking the hubs out to dinner to celebrate the successful (two A's!) completion of his first Master's classes! Go, Mr. Martha, go!
  • Well, that's it peeps. Sorry the blogging has been few and far between. I knew it would be this way. But it still sucks. And, as Bobs would say, not in a good way. I hope it will get better. Hope you all are doing great! Love, B.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mmm, Mmm, Good

Saturday night, while Mr. Martha was working on his final school project, Bobs and I went to the DFM (otherwise known as the Dekalb Farmer's Market). We were supposed to go on V-Day, but that did not happen due to the snow. And, Lord, I had not been in foreva' and was having a bad jones. So I went a little loco.

First, I stocked up on fruits and veggies--grapefruits, lemons, limes, oranges, apples, bananas, Brussel sprouts, sugar snap peas, mushrooms, lettuce. And black peppercorns. And fresh baked ciabatta. And fresh pasta. And cheese. And a couple of bottles of wine. And lamb. Yes, baby, lamb. Then, I gots my cook on.  So, Sunday night, I decided to make pizzas.

First, I had to prep the crust with a brush of olive oil and a sprinkle of garlic, Herbs de Provence, and red pepper flakes. And then I layered on the DFM fresh pizza sauce.

Yo, peeps, dis' shizz was da bomb! Super tasty. The fresh tomato sauces from the DFM are really super-duper. Then I added the toppings:

Fresh mozzarella, coppa (or Capicola, a traditional Neapolitan Italian cold cut) and baby portabella mushrooms.....
Then, another pizza with Italian sausage, bell peppers and onions. They were both yummers, if I must say. For Monday night, I made lamb burgers courtesy of Cooking Asshole:

I mixed up some fresh rosemary and garlic into some ground lamb and served it up on some ciabatta with ranch dressing mixed with feta. And I steamed me up a big 'ol mess of multi-colored organic carrots including some super-cool purple carrots. Yep. Purple. For tonight, I mixed up some pasta and shrimps:

I just whipped up a lemon butter sauce, threw in some capers and sauteed up some shrimps in all that sauciness. Sadly, I overcooked the first batch of pasta (NOT photoed here) and undercooked the second batch of pasta (shown here) so the pasta was sorta a FAIL. But the steamed sugar snap peas on the side were awesome. I need to be planting some of these up in the garden. Yo.

So, that's about it. Other than that I is just watching American Idol and am sad at how much the girls are sucking. BAAAAAD. Except Crystal Bowersox. I think she is all original and totally rocks. GO CRYSTAL! (but, ps, think about some Crest Whitestrips....just sayin') Later, peeps! B.

PS, the photos in this post sorta suck. Something's up with my camera's flash. And it is pissing me off.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Bunny Heart Hurts

About 30 minutes ago, I got a call no one wants to get. It was my adopted mom, Mama Ann, calling to tell me that her mom, my adopted Granny Wofford, was dying.

My life has been woven in and out of their family for years. It was in high school, 25 years ago, when I met Mama Ann's two sons, S. and K., who became two of my best friends. We were all on Academic Team together--they were quiet and I was outgoing, and I was determined to make these two boys talk to me. They were both incredibly intelligent young men, and when you peeled away the layers of reserve, shyness and teen awkwardness, quite funny and engaging.

Throughout college, I stayed in touch with S. and K. both, though S. and I grew much closer over time. When S. and I were both in graduate school (he in New York City, me in Atlanta) I would fly up to see him. I helped him through his coming out. He helped me through a couple of failed relationships. We lived together through a terrible car crash that involved a truck load of (I believe drunken) teens hitting us from behind and knocking us 75 feet down the road.

K. moved to California, then back to the East Coast for school. Then back to California. I kept track of him through S. and even had dinner with him once in the late 90s when I was on a business trip to San Francisco.

During this time of college and graduate school, I started working at the local big department store in the small town where I live. S. and K.'s grandmother, Granny Wofford, also worked there, so I met her and we became friends. The hubs also worked there, which is how we met and, later, fell in love. When we married, Mama Ann and Granny Wofford hosted a shower for us. When my grandmother died, they came to the funeral home.

Later, S. and K.'s younger sister, M., also started working at the department store, in the same department as me. Like S. and K., she became my adopted younger sibling and I enjoyed getting to know her better.

As fate would have it, when the hubs and I married, we wound up moving into an apartment directly across the street from the apartment where Granny Wofford lived. For the first two years of our marriage, we made the trip across the street many a time for dinner with our adopted Granny. She came to our house, as well, and even after we moved across town to our home, we would still go for dinners. I loved visiting with her and it was a way for me to keep up with the grandkids and what they were doing since due to time, distance and life, I had grown apart from them all, including S. who I especially missed.

Though she worked well into her 80s, over the years, Granny grew more frail. Several years ago, her apartment building caught on fire, and after that, she moved in with Mama Ann. The distance now was much greater between us, and it was hard to make the time to visit, but we continued to consistently send holiday cards and saw her occasionally. Mama Ann would keep us updated on any major health issues.

Last year, Granny took a turn for the worse. Mama Ann called and said she was starting to make arrangements in preparation for the inevitable. She asked if the hubs would be a pallbearer when the time came, because he was like a grandson. She later called and asked if I could help care for Granny during my unemployment. I declined, because at the time, I had interviewed for four jobs and just knew I was going to get one. I didn't get one of the jobs, but I am not sure I could have cared for Granny regardless. I did that for my grandmother before she died. It hurts.

Last year, I also reconnected with S. through Facebook. He came home for Christmas (he currently lives in California, as well). I had lunch with him and his partner. It was good. He has been successful and his success has afforded him the ability to help his grandmother and he was able to say his goodbyes.

This morning, Mama Ann called. The hospice nurses are giving Granny a week or so. She is in and out of life. Mama Ann said Granny told her yesterday that she is ready to go home. She has had a long life, full of some pain, but full of much, much more love. I love her for adopting me and the hubs as her grandchildren, though I know she loved S., K. and M. more than her life. She talked about them all the time. She was so proud of them. I hope they all know that. And I thank them for sharing Granny with us. Go in peace, Granny. We love you.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Bringing the Crazy

Holy Hell. If I didn't know better, I would swear it was a full moon. Today at work was INSANE. Well, the people calling were anyway. I have always thought people should have to get a license to have kids, but I am beginning to think that needs to be extended to pets. Here's a little taste of the crazy from today (reminder: I now work for a Humane Society; I don't normally answer the phone much but we were short-staffed today):
  • First thing, a lady calls because her cat is up a tree and she wants us to bring a ladder out to get it down. Seriously? This is what you think we do? Um, no, dumb bitch. Besides, have you ever seen a cat skelton in a tree? No. It will come down.
  • Next has taken his female dog to a vet...the dog is leaking puss from her vulva. No shit. She needs to be spayed immediately, but he cannot afford the vet, so can he bring her to us, like, right now? Um, no, jackass. Besides the fact that you have to have an appointment for a spay/neuter, the dog sounds seriously sick. How about some antibiotics? 
  • Next call....lady brought her male and female dogs to us to be spayed/neutered six months ago, but they must be in heat because the male is humping the female. She's watching it right now. Um....since I seriously doubt those procedures are reversible on their own, maybe it's simply aggressive behavior, ma'am. I, mean, Savannah humps Pepsi all. the. time. Crazy, lesbian doggie. Oh, and give them some privacy, how 'bout it?
  • We take community service workers to help in the shelter, sweeping, cleaning cages and such. Some dude calls this afternoon and wants to come in to do his CS work. So I run down the sheet of do's and don'ts and remind him to bring his paperwork. Oh, he doesn't have paperwork. He is coming to do the work BEFORE he goes to court so he can hopefully head off having to be assigned CS work. WTF?? Were you in trouble because you are a stupid jackass??? Moron.
  • But the BEST call of the day was from a toothless inbred lady who wanted to know if we had cat cages. Seems "she done called Animal Control and she ain't gots no answer over yonder and they done said they would comes out but they ain't done done it." And the entire time she was "talking," her first cousin man was "hollerin'" in the background "I'm about to kill me some G-D 'EFFIN cats! By God, I'm getting my shotgun and I'm killin' some cats!" I guess the cats were eating their dinner pet squirrels?? And she's all like "shut the Hell up, Jimmy Bob--I is tryin' to talk to this here lady!" Holy Mother of Pearl. If only I could do it in person for you with the accents. 
So, yeah, the nut jobs were out in full force today. In good news, this crazy shit just makes me love my job even more because it is some good anecdotal shizz to share at cocktail parties and such. In other news, I picked up a faboo new bed for the Pudding at work this week--look:

Pepsi sort of took over Savannah's old bed since she has been gimpy. See, Pepsi usually sleeps up in the chair, but she hasn't been able to jump, so she just took over the bed on the floor. Yeah. No wonder Savannah humps her. Anyhoodle, a pet store chain which I cannot name donates all kinds of stuff to the shelter which we "sell" for donations. I picked up this awesome bed (faux sheepskin and suede removable cover! egg crate cushion! bolsters all around!) for $10. Did I mention I love my job??? In other news, the Pepster is better now after we took her back to the vet yesterday for a steroid shot. So, whee!

Lastly, remember my large vat of Starburst Jelly Beans? Remember Starburst's lack of quality control? Well, it's back:

MORE mutant jelly beans! To the left is a normal bean. In the middle is a bean sperm. To the right is a baby baby, picked early.

Well, I am off, peeps. Tomorrow is the dreaded tax prep day. Actually, I LOVE my accountant, but we always get so screwed on the taxes. Hopefully, since I didn't work last year, it won't be an issue this year. See, an upside to unemployment! Later taters! B.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Souper Douper

Yo, peeps, I have FINALLY gots some of my cooking mojo back! Whee! I have missed cooking, but as I have said, working really screws with your culinary aspirations. Yo. I suppose if Mr. Martha and I were more cosmopolitan, we might be willing to eat at 10 p.m. like some city folk, but, Hell, who am I kidding??? 10 p.m. is my bedtime, not dinner time.

So, I sit here watching the Westminster Dog Show (go Cairn Terrier!) and blogging (thank GOD for my new laptop!) and thinking to myself, "Damn, those freakin' female handlers have some FUGLY wardrobes!" Ok, back to the cooking. As I mentioned, Valentine's Day I made a kick-ass beef stew for Mr. Martha. Yes, I have made beef stew before, but this recipe was a new one from, you guessed it, Williams-Sonoma:

This stew is actually called 20-Minute Beef Stew but I actually did NOT make it in a pressure cooker (yeah, I pretty much am a-feared of pressure cookers) but still used the same recipe and let it simmer for about 2 hours. It was super duper yummers and the perfect side dish was my fabulous cornbread:

White Lily white corn meal, corn oil and buttermilk in a Crisco-coated skillet. Who's your daddy? Then, tonight, I made Bo's Hot Italian Sausage Soup (from over at Bo's Bowl). Bo is a newbie to the blogging scene but I have been all on board because he is a big ol' foodie and has some scrumptious recipes. And this soup was no exception:

Ok, so this photo is shitty, but the soup is faboo! Note: I did NOT use hot sausage, but just used some good ol' Jimmy Dean Italian sausage (because I am old and farty and have a hinky gallbladder and acid reflux). And it made a TON so we had plenty to eat and leftovers and I think I am going to freeze a big batch for another night when I get home late (Bo, I hope this freezes well!). Def try this one peeps, esp. with a nice crusty roll to soak up the goodness.

Well, that's it peeps. I guess I better be thinking about going to bed. It's creeping up on 9 p.m. which is the witching hour here since I have been sick. Be back soon! Later! B.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

In Which Bunny Starts to Bounce Back.....Slowly

Ok, dudes, I am going to try my damn-level best to start getting my shit back together this week. Work wise, I think things are starting to come together a least I see a direction and I am just going to start running that way until I hit a wall, then I'll make a turn. Healthwise, I think I am on the mend, though I am not fooling myself because I know it's going to be a long-haul of hacking the next few weeks.

That said, it was a chaotic and crazy weekend starting with the U.S.-wide snow storm of Friday. I read somewhere that it supposedly snowed in all 50 states....though I do think Hawaii is in contention. Let's just say all 50. Sounds cooler that way. But the whole experience was sorta crazy and I was NOT prepared. I thought the weather peeps were just hyping the whole thing. Um, they weren't.

Yep. We gots just shy of three inches. Well, I suppose you would really call that more 2.5 inches. Anyhoodle, it was a GREAT snow, as far as snow goes....the true drifty, fluffy, powdery snow we NEVER get here in the South. We usually just get ice with a dust of flakes on top.

 It snowed hard and fast, but me and the hubs made it home from work without incident (though it did take us both about triple our commute time!). Even better, the electric never went out, not even a flicker.

We even had milk and bread, so we were able to make it through the night. Saturday was warmish and sunny, so by mid-day, most of the snow had melted (at least in the sunny areas) and was a memory. The roadways were dry. Yep. Overall, a lovely snow experience if there can be such a thing.

The snow DID, however, foil mine and Bobs plans to go to the Farmer's Market in the ATL yesterday morning to purchase food stuffs for our Valentine's dinner last night. And for my grocery shopping in general. At first, we weren't sure we were going to be able to proceed with the dinner, but once it became apparent the roads were very safe for travel, we decided to go ahead, but with a change of menu. Originally, we were going to do an Italian feast (that's amore!), but Bobs decided to go down-home comfort.

Country-fried steak with gravy, mac & cheese, lima beans and biscuits. Damn, it was good eatin'!

 And, for dessert, some chocolately-fudgy pie-cakey thing with ice cream. MMMMM.

And Bobs even gots little heart ice cube trays to make heart ice cubes for the drinks. That Bobs! He also wound up pulling it all together by himself since due to the weather and my illness, I was unable to assist much. Thanks, Bobs, for the yum-yum dinner! As far as today and the hubs and I, we agreed since we are just starting our financial rebound (and taxes are coming up!) to keep V-Day simple. So, he gave me this:

A HUGE glass containers filled with my fave....Starburst Jelly Beans! He said it was for my desk at work, but I think I am going to have to be selfish and keep it at home for a while. For him, I am making a big beef stew dinner tonight and then we are going to snuggle and watch movies. Good day. Finally, here are some random tidbits of things from the past week:
  • The stupid song TikTok by Kei$sha is pure trashtastic, but I loves it and cannot get it out of my head. Yes, I downloaded it. Yes, I am listening to it right now. Yes, it is on repeat. At least 12 times so far. In a row. I blame the steroids
  • Steroids + PMS = Bad. Very bad. Puffy, teary, mean, bitchy mess. Esp. not good when it's your second week on the new job. And sick. 
  • Under the category of T.M.I., it IS possible to cough so hard that you wet yourself. Depends, anyone?
  • Poor Pepsi is gimpified and, after four days on meds, not much better. We will probably be going back to the animal doc again this week. Sigh.
  • We just rented the documentary No Impact Man. It's about this guy in NYC and his family who tried to live a year without any, or little, impact on the environment. Very interesting. Check it out. I just bought his book to read, as well.
  • Trivia the other night was....interesting. It wound up being a group of elementary school teachers who were, let's say, a little "pent up." Oy. It takes a lot to embarrass me, and let's just say I made that trip. But I would def do it again with a group of my peeps, fo' shizzle.
Well, that's it. Again, I will be trying my best to get back into the groove this week with blogging, so stay tuned. Love and later, peeps! B.

Happy Valentine's Day


Hope you all are spending the day with the person and/or creatures you love the most, doing the things you love the most, consuming the things you love the most, and just enjoying the love. XO to you all! Bunny

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Ok, since I stole my 10 for 2010 idea from Bobs originally, I also will admit Bobs' post today reminded I should also give a 2010 resolution update as well to, you know, keep me honest. Besides, it's still pretty boring up in Casa Bunny. So, here's the update:
  1. Have More New Adventures. Well, I don't know if it qualifies as an "adventure," but I did purchase a set of flex passes for the ATL Symphony, which is sorta cool. And spending time with my fams and friends is always an adventure, and I managed to have 11 different social outings over the past month. Not bad!
  2. Get My Company Website Up & Running.Well, this sorta was waylaid and delayed due to the new job, but something I am STILL planning on doing.
  3. Continue to Improve My Cooking Techniques. I attended a Braising class at W-S and I made eight new recipes including Croques Madames!
  4. Learn to Make Great Bread. Nope. Moving on.
  5. Update/Expand My Blog. Well, I have been trying to find other cool blogs and have made some cool new bloggy friends (Hi, Bo!) but no cosmetic or content changes. Yet.
  6. Expand My Reading Horizons. Well, I've read six books so far this year and only one could be classified as "chick lit." So there.
  7. Expand My Vegetable Gardening. Too soon for this one!
  8. Visit More New Restaurants. Yep, I managed to visit one new restaurtant--The Real Chow Baby. Oh, and one new beer before my gallbladder went South and then I got sick.
  9. Improve/Find More Outlets for My Writing. Not yet.
  10. Lose (At Least) 10% of My Body Weight and KEEP IT OFF. Believe it or not, I actually lost about four pounds the past month, however, I am SURE the 'roids I am on will take care of that loss in short order!
So, tonight I am off for another NEW ADVENTURE--Trivia Night at the local watering hole! Whee. I am thinking we will win since I am going with a bunch of medical savants. I think I will take my camera and see if I can snap some redneck action. Be back soon. Love, Bunch.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hump Day Holla

Yo, peeps, I just wanted to catch you up on the goings on over here at Casa Bunny. It's not all that thrilling, actually, but I feel the need to bring everyone up to date. I know. I am OCD that way.

First of all, last week, as noted, pretty much was an overwhelming whirl as I attempted my best to adjust to being a working girl again. My cooking skills--which I have worked so hard on over the past three years--have hit the brick wall called employment. It's a little harder to have a great meal during the week when you work.  I mean, you folks know. I have like 30-45 minutes from the time I walk through the door to walk the girls, change clothes, check emails/mail and get dinner on the table before Mr. Martha arrives home.

So, needless to say, the menus of the past week have been simplistic at best. Walmart pizza. Frozen tortellini with jar Alfredo. Taco Bell tacos. Leftover, thawed Bolognase sauce. I did make a new dish Sunday night, but I forgot to take photos. Sigh. I will get my groove back soon, I hope. Worst case, I will just have to save the elaborate dishes for the weekends.

Then, after not recovering from my new work sickness, I went to the doc yesterday and find out I have asthmatic bronchitis. Whee. He also thinks I may, in general have asthma. Whee. But, bless his heart, my boss hooked me up with his great doc who did me right.

On a good note, today was sorta the first day that I felt slightly like I knew what I was doing at work. I am sorry for being a blogging slacker, but it may take a little bit of a while for Bunny to Get Her Groove Back. I just need to get my feet a little more grounded--and get well--and remember to start using my camera again!

I hope you all have great plans for the Valentine's Weekend and spend it with the one(s) you love most. I'll be back soon. XO, B.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Ode to Michael Feinstein

Oh, Michael Feinstein, how do I love you? Let me count the ways.

I love you because even though last week Sucked. Hard. the mere knowledge that I had tickets to your Saturday night concert in Atlanta gave me the will to live to the weekend.

I love you because, unlike other performers....other men.... even other humans, you have never disappointed me. Fourth time seeing you in concert and it was just as excellent as each and every time before. You are always charming, gracious, funny, and full of life. It is readily apparent that you love, love, love what you do and I love you for it. And you do it So. Damn. Well.

I love you because you are all that and a big ol' bag of chips, but you don't act that way on stage. That other Michael cannot hold  a candle to you on his best day. My only regret (and, yes, I do have a few) is that the last time you were in the ATL, I did not stay and meet you. I was hoping you would be signing CDs this concert, and I could finally reveal my undying devotion, but alas, it was not meant to be. For now, I can only hold onto my dream....a trip to your NYC joint one day to see you in person there. And maybe meet you. And have a late supper with you. Then have you invite me back to your fabulous apartment where we'll sip cocktails while you noodle on the piano and sing my favorite songs and share great stories of all the interesting people you've met and places you've been. I mean, a girl CAN have a dream, right?

 Until then, I will continue to enjoy your lovely music
and appreciate you from afar.
Your devoted (almost) Georgia stalker, Bunny

**Sorry, peeps, but I was just feeling the love for MF today. Be back soon with a "regular" post.**

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Wiped Out

Peeps. Oy. Sorry I disappeared there for several days but I think you all know that I started my new job Monday. So, here's a recap and thoughts from this week:
  • Sunday I spent the day cleaning house, cleaning my office and, in general, trying to set a clean slate to start my new job.
  • Sunday night, I barely slept because I was all worried about my new job.
  • Monday, I arrived at my new job and was immediately overwhelmed by the 1) lack of resources and 2) the great need. Yes, a typical non-profit. But, wow, I have to admit it was worse than I thought.
  • Monday night, the hubs takes me out to dinner and I question whether I have made the right decision. I eat a lot of ice cream. I sleep badly Monday night.
  • Tuesday, I start afresh, with a better attitude. However, I learn Tuesday that the last person who had my (sorta) job was 1) a computer illiterate and 2) a bad record keeper. Hence, I will be creating everything from scratch and have little background to help me.
  • Wednesday, I start to feel sick. Only three days in this job and already feeling sickly. Sigh.
  • Thursday, Pepsi pees on two rugs. Acting out because Mom has returned to work? Possible diabetes like her sister? Neither good.
  • Still tired. Still exhausted. Not used to working 8 hours days and getting up so earlier. And still feeling sick.
  • In good news, I did manage to pull together a hot meal that I cooked myself tonight--the first this week. It was really good too--another Publix Apron recipe but I forgot to take photos. I also cannot find it on the Website. Sorry.
  • And I did get paid today, for my first three days of work. Whee. Cash money = good.
  • And there is just one day left in this first week.
Right now, I plan on getting some more ice cream and heading to bed early because my ass is dragging and I am still worn out tired. Worn. Out. Tired. But I keep reminding myself it has only been four days. It has to get better, right?? At least that is what everyone keeps telling me.

I promise to write a longer post this weekend and maybe I will have something to tell. I hope you will bear with me through this transition. I am not giving up....just got to gets a new groove. Love and kisses, B.