Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stealing 'Puter Time

Yo, peeps! Oy. It's been a week. First, I have to tell you that though I have WANTED to blog, the hubs and I have been in a war over computer time. You may remember me telling you that he started back to school a few weeks ago, so every waking minute he is home, he is on the computer. And, yes, we are one of those lame-o fams who only have one desktop. Which has not been an issue...until now.

But never fear....a laptop is looming in our immediate future. In order for me to continue freelance and Mr. Martha to continue his learnin', it's going have to be. I may even run out to Best Buy today to check out what they have on the roster. I really wish I could just go Mac, but that would require a $$$$ investment for me to change all my hardware AND software. Which, yes, I have a job, but we still have a hole to climb out of finance wise. We sorta blew through the savings+ the past year, as you can imagine.

Anyhoodle, THANKS for everyone who sent well wishes about the job. I am still swinging widely--and wildly--between high excitement and deep anxiety, but it's all gonna work out, I am sure. I know I didn't say WHERE I would be working, but I am going to be doing marketing and fundraising for the local Humane Society. I am all about the marketing, but it's the fundraising that sorta has me sweating. Esp. in this economy. So if you know any high-rollers who love the furry creatures, hook me up.

My gallbladder also has decided to rear it's ugly head in a different way after being better for several weeks--horrible abdominal cramps. At least that's what my surgical PA friends says it is. Yesterday, I was begging her to cut out the bitch with a sharpened spoon. She's all, "just have surgery." Well, see, I STILL don't have health insurance and won't for at least 90 days. So I am screwed until then. Oh well. It will be a great diet because I have no desire to eat since noshing = pain. Talk about effective conditioned response.

So last night, the hubs and I decided to take a break from our boringly dramatic lives and go on down to the ATL for a little night music. For Christmas, we bought a packet of cheapo passes for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) and last night was the first concert. The celeb musical guest was Jean-Yves Thibaudet. JYT is an accomplished pianist and the hubs loved his work on the Pride & Prejudice soundtrack (the one with Keira Knightly). Here he is:

This was the promo photo....which apparently is from several years ago. Add about 10 years, 20 pounds and change the grey to blond and that is what he looks like today. Actually, he played the HELL out of that piano, though I think he was channeling Stevie Wonder with all the swaying and head rolling and such (no disrespect to Stevie, but JYT was a tad dramatic...someone has told me he was a diva and I believe it). Robert Spano conducted:

Robert Spano is the Mack Daddy of the ASO. I cannot remember that I have ever seen him conduct, but he REALLY gets into it. And he is a nice looking man in that bald, artistic man way. I liked that he wore this tunic thingy to conduct in rather than a tux. I suppose you need lots of movement to gesticulate so wildly. In two weeks we will return, this time to see one of my ALL TIME FAVES, Michael Feinstein:

I LOVES me some Michael F. That other Michael, while good, pales in comparison. This concert will be the 4th time I have seen him in concert. The last time he played with the ASO, he signed CDs in the lobby and I didn't stay. I have already told the hubs that, BY GOD, if he is signing this time, I WILL be staying and meeting him. I don't care how fat, geeky or acne-riddled I am or if my gallbladder is busting as I wait in line. He is performing, in part, his Sinatra songbook this concert. If you've never heard MF, he is a "standards" singer and his rendition of this song is one of my top three favorite songs he performs:

Ah. SO good. Cannot WAIT. Well, I am off like a herd of to clean and the gallbladder is starting to act up so I think this day will include some prone positioning on the sofa. Be good, peeps, and I will be back as soon as I can drug the hubs have a window of opportunity. Love, Bun.


Jen on the Edge said...

It's such a drag that your gallbladder is messing up your new job celebration. :-)

I've been a fundraiser for 20 years, so holler if you need to brainstorm with me.

KP said...

I like Robert Spano too. We have the same birthday!

Elisabeth said...

Good luck with the computer shopping! I wonder if the new job would help subsidize & have it be the work computer too? I did that at SH & it worked out great.

robertga99 said...

Go Mac or Go home!
hehe, j/k

Bo said...

I can relate about the husband hogging the computer. I had to go to best buy last week and buy a computer. Damn husbands!