Monday, January 11, 2010

Lackluster Blues

Peeps, maybe it is just the BITTER cold, or the post-holiday season time of year (or maybe both), but I have felt, well, a little lackluster lately. Plus, there is lots of necessary but no fun things going on around Casa Bunny. Here's a few examples:
  • Hubs started back to school to earn an MBA last week and he is a little overwhelmed. I won't go into all the deets, but he was going to start last year, then I lost my job and then, well, I told him he just needed to get started. And these instructors are a little psycho. I, mean, he has a one hour class that requires a 10-pg paper. RI-DIC-U-LOUS.
  • I spent ALL DAY Saturday going through our financial papers, shredding and filing and preparing for taxes and only gots about 1/3 the things done I needed to. My progress was hindered, in part, because I managed to blow up the motor on our shredder. Piece of crap. Who knew you could only use it for 10 minutes at a time or some craziness? What do you mean it won't shred for 6 hours non-stop?
  • I need to be working on my website, but I have had no time to since the hubs has been glued to the computer when he is at home, working on school work. I am thinking 1) we need a second computer or 2) I need to hire someone to do my website. But 3) first we need $$$.
Anyhoodle, so you can see about how much fun I had Saturday. Also, Saturday, Little Kevin came and installed insulation under the floor of our new room. Recently, we found out that our other contractor, who was a little dotty, apparently "forgot" to do that one little step. No wonder we could hang meet from our ceiling fan in the dormer. But we are slightly toastier now. And Little Kevin took photos for me, because 1) he knows I blog and loves the pictures and 2) he knows I would NEVER EVER EVER go farther than two steps into my crawl space (I become a girly-girl right at the door). Isn't he great??? And look at my new insulation (before, during, after order):

Pretty! Pink! But most of all, WARM. I loves it! And I loves Little Kevin (in a totally platonic way, wife who reads my blog!). Like a big sister/cousin. And he probably regards me like a big sister--annoying and bossy (but not you, wonderful older sis who reads my blog!). But if anyone needs a reputable, ethical, talented contractor/handyman, let me know and I will hook you up. He rocks.

As far as eating, Saturday morning, I cut that damn mango. The "seed" was humongous and I wound up only getting about half the fruit. It was tasty, but I am thinking too much trouble. Yesterday morning, I cut the huge Asian pear, or apple pear--look at this thing:

It was crisp and juicy, but had VERY LITTLE flavor. Really none. I also took a second stab at Croques Madames yesterday, using the French bread and cheese:

Honestly, it looked about the same and tasted about the same. I did a few things different--cut back the Dijon, cooked the egg less so it was more runny, made sure the sauce was thinner--but about the same overall look and taste. Still very good, but not as pretty as the W-S photo. Look:

I don't think mine will ever look like that, but then I console myself with the fact that I don't have a food stylist and professional photog taking my pics. So there. Speaking of W-S, I went to my first class yesterday (Braising) since before the holidays (they do not have classes over the holidays) and Little Jake is GONE. He has moved onto another store. I am so bereft. The new girl was okay, but she only made ONE DISH--Little Jake always made three or four--and she pushed the product too much and, well, I am a little sad. I am not sure about the future....I will try to give her a fair shake but it's just not the same. Sigh.

Well, folks, I better get to getting and start the day. Plenty to do, a friend coming for dinner tonight, a new dish to make....I will be back later with deets! Have a great week! Bun


Elisabeth said...

You need to figure out how to get W-S to pay you....crawl space looks great!

ctflack said...

The crawl space does look great. You are cracking me up.
From - the wife you reads your blog

Sonya said...

OH NO!!! Jake is gone! Such sad news. Do you know where? Is it within a reasonable distance that switiching to the new store wouldn't be too crazy?

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

My MIL's friend was a food stylist. She said the secret to those pictures is that it isn't really food! Or it is crafted from some other food to make it look like the food in the pic.

I saw Chuck (as in Chuck Williams) on CBS Sunday Morning. He is 94!!
Go Chuck!

robertga99 said...

I have never had a Croques Madames. I need to try one. It looks good!

bunny said...

E: Yes, Chuck need to pay up. Any ideas?
CTF: Yeah, I know you could take me down. Small but scrappy!
Sonya: The word "Lenox" was used--not reasonable if true. Sniff.
LMSS: Yeah, those "eggs" are probably rubber or frosting or something.
BOBS: I will make them for you--it's easy!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Martha goin back to school..good luck! By the way, I am so floored a man could decorate that way!

Have you tried taking your pics in a lightbox? You can make one super inexpensive by using a cardboard box with tissue paper taped over the sides OR you can look at the one on my page that my hubs made me. You can put some lamps or shoplights to glow thru - it's how I take all my pics or most of them if I have poor lighting. I don't even have a super expensive camera and it makes them look good.