Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Monday. Again.

Oh, peeps. I just don't know what's wrong with me. I just feel so tired, so full of ennui, so BLAH. And things around Casa Bunny don't make it any better. Trust me, it's BUSY here as I mentioned last post, but with un-fun stuff like taxes and school work. And it was just more of the same ol', same ol' this weekend topped off by gloomy, rainy, cloudy weather. Just BLEH BLAH BLUH. January doldrums, indeed.

Anyhoodle, I hope this week perks up slightly. At least I can look forward to next weekend, which the hubs has off and we have a concert to go to Saturday night, and I have a movie date on Sunday. Whee. And today I get to go to WALMART! To buy meds, cat food and a paper shredder! OH BOY! Yes, I can see the fun is just going start today and keep on going!

Anyway, I did manage to squeeze in some cooking this weekend, though it was not all successful. On Saturday night, I had pork chops, potatoes and onions, so I decided to do this layered bake where browned the chops, then placed them on top of sliced onions and potatoes and covered them with a sauce of milk, sour cream, cream of mushroom soup (shoot me, ok??) and thyme. It turned out, well, aw-ight.

It was sorta BEIGE which I tried to jazz up with some broccoli. Unforth, that was a partial "fail" as well since it was some broccoli I tried to save from the garbage by steaming and freezing so it was a bit...chewy. On the stems. Yeah, this dish was just one of those that sounded great in conception but sorta failed in execution. Moving on.

Last night, I was going to make shrimp chowder, however, I stupidly used my potatoes on Saturday night (that above was not my original planned meal--I am learning the hard way that I make a weekly menu FOR A REASON) so I had to step back and punt and the only ball I had was Bean Soup Starter.

I bought this at W-S and like most things from there, it wasn't cheap but it was tres tasty. You can basically eat it out of the jar mixed with a little chicken broth OR you can "hearty" it up with macaroni and sausage. I did option B.

This photo looks a little orange, but we both had a large bowl and two large containers left for lunch today. I would def buy this starter again. Or, if anyone has a great recipe for an Italian bean soup, please let me know.
I served it with this:

Again, in an effort to say some food about to go the way of the dumpster, I toasted some bread, sliced up some grape tomatoes and diced some mozzarella cheese, then tossed it all with EVOO, balsamic vinegar and dried herbs. Yes, a bastardized bread salad. Yes, it's better with fresh herbs and tomatoes. But this was pretty tasty and I felt virtuous for saving some food. So there.

Last night while watching the Golden Globes (which I found sorta boring except for Ricky Gervais who I totally get and LOVE LOVE LOVE and Robert Downey Jr.'s speech which was at least slightly different. Oh, and Meryl Streep, who is always a little kooky but in a good way), I enjoyed a new beer I recently picked up:

You know, I have been sorta laying off the booze thanks to the Gladys Gallbladder, but I decided I needed a cocktail last night. I was excited about this beer--Common Ground by Fort Collins Brewery--but not so much when I drank it. The beer is touted as an amber ale brewed with coffee, but all I got from it was a lot of bitter upfront and not much taste after. At least the carbonation was low, but I don't think I will be trying this one again.

Anyhoodle, I need to get a shower, get busy and then get to WALMART!! Don't you wish you were me?? Happy MLK Day if you are off today, and I'll be back soon! XO, Bun.


Elisabeth said...

In empathy with your gallbladder crap, I've been having terrible heartburn... like in December I was taking Tums twice a day. Bad news is, since I've been laying off the red wine as heavily in January, not nearly the problems. Ugh.

KP said...

I really loved Robert Downey Jr.'s speech. He was quite witty.

I found the dresses a bit lackluster though - but I was glad to see some color instead of all black dresses.

bunny said...

E., Welcome to middle age. It sucks here. We need the booze to cope, but our gallbladders can't handle it. :)

KP, you know I loves me some RDJ! And I agree about the dresses--BORING for the most part.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I am completely with you on the Blah. I am avoiding my blog like the plague, but I feel a real whiny post coming on!

I had to work last night and FORGOT to DVR the Golden Globes. All I saw was the reviews of everyone's clothes.

How are we going to cheer ourselves up? Hey this just made me chuckle. My word verif is


Who is mary p and why are we mocking her?

ctflack said...

Pioneer Woman has a recipe up for an Italian meatball soup. I haven't made, but it sounds good and everything I have made of her is fabulous. I'm sure you could throw in beans for the meatballs.

robertga99 said...

Your week has perked up...CONGRATS!
and the soup looks YUMMY!