Friday, January 08, 2010

In Which I Am SO OVER the Cold

  1. This was the scene out our my bedroom window this morning. Ridiculous. And, yes, I just realized we still have a Christmas wreath on that fence.
  2. It has been super icy here--this morning the hubs fell and busted his inner lip while walking the girls. Poor hubs! It was deep and gross. I will do all a favor and not post a photo.
  3. People northward make fun of us, but we get ICE here. Lots of ice. And no one knows how to drive on it.
  4. And I am OVER OVER OVER this cold--it is 22-damn-degrees here. Scoff if you will, but that is freakin' cold for Georgia. And it hasn't gotten above freezing all week.
  5. And, no, I could never live in the North or Midwest, and, yes, if I did live in Fargo, I would just shoot myself. But I probably wouldn't bleed because my blood would be frozen.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I'm planning to move to a Tropical island. I'll pick you up on my way.

Poor Hubs. I had a shiver down my spine in sympathy.

Jen on the Edge said...

I am convinced that our snow won't melt until March at the earliest, which is going to be a real cramp on my gardening.