Sunday, January 03, 2010

Glitter, Glitter Everywhere

And, no, I don't mean the super cheesy Maria Carey movie from the 90s. We have been de-Christmasing Casa Bunny the past two days and, well, BLEH. Mr. Martha actually had to work on New Year's Day, so I started the process after goofing off half the day going to my 'rents for lunch and such. But I DID eat a big 'ol plate of collard greens and black eyed peas in the hopes of getting the money flowing in 2010. Yo.

And it is so. friggin. cold. here. I mean, God bless those peeps in North Dakota and such, because I would just have to kill myself. Screw global warming....I think we are in the second Ice Age. Word.

So, to back up a few days, New Year's Eve, the hubs worked and I puttered around the house, messing around on Facebook doing this and that, and we had a few friends over for appetizery food, games and fun. And it was a lot of fun. There were a lot of ballish things--sausage balls, meatballs, stick-on balls for your drink glass--so many inappropriate and silly ball jokes were made. For sweets, Bobs made these awesome cupcakes:

Pumpkin with cream cheese icing and gold sugar sprinkles. I thought Mr. Martha was going to propose marriage. I think we need to start a bakery called The Muffin Men and Bobs and Mr. Martha can make their muffins and a whole lot of money. Word.

Yesterday morning, Bobs and I decided to go see what bargins we could find left at the local Kohl's and Tar-jay. Plus, I have three birthdays coming up for fam members and needed to do a little shopping. My birthday shopping was a success, however, I failed shopping for me. I picked up some 75% off bath items and flavored lip balms only to find they were smell-less and taste-less. What a disappointment! Even though it was only like $7, I just want to take it all back. I did, however, score some cocoa samplers for Mr. Martha:

I think that is enough cocoa to last until we thaw out. Mr. Martha has been on a cocoa jones recently. All this cocoa was like $8 or something ridiculous. I am all about helping folks get their jones on. I am a giver, you know.

Last night for dinner, I made a big pot of hearty beef stew--my first this season--since it was so cold. I don't have a recipe for my stew--I just lightly dredge the beef in flour then brown it slightly, then add in beef stock, onion, carrots, potatoes and other seasonings. It was SO good.

I served it with a big skillet of homemade cornbread but, unfortch, I had no buttermilk so it was a little crumbly. But still yummers. I also poured a good dose of red wine in the stew while it was cooking:

This bottle was one I was gifted over the holidays and it is quite good. Very good, actually. I would buy this myself. And, yes, I DID have a sip--I had to make sure it was good enough to put in the soup, after all. The gallbladder is quite better, overall, as I have been babying her all week.

This morning, I decided to start working on my 2010 goals. Way back in September, I wrote this post about all these dishes I wanted to cook. I realized the other day that my pathetic, lazy ass had not made one damn thing on the list. So now I am determined to cook each and every one. Just because I am pissed at myself. So, first up, Croque Madames this morning.

First off, Bechamel Sauce? Is just freakin' white gravy. Seriously. Fat, flour and milk. That's white gravy. Gussy it up with a French name and it sounds all fancy.

 See? White gravy, I tell you. I will admit I made the "bastardized" version of this recipe as I did not have the proper ham, bread or cheese, but I figured it was all good since this was technically a test run.

And I gots to use my egg rings! Love these! I am a TERRIBLE egg cook--bust yolks, overcook, etc. It is something I am working on. These make it slightly easier.

 Here it all is put together. I give myself a B- on this effort. Yeah, don't think any of the Top Chef contestants need to be worried about me. The eggs were not runny enough, the sauce gots a little thick, the bread could have been toasted more. However, cook and learn, I say, and I will know what to do better/different next time.

Well, Mr. Martha is calling for me to get my arse busy with more de-glitterfacation, so I guess I better get at it. I will leave you with this parting photo of K.K. under the grove of trees last night.

She looks so regal, no? Well, hope you are enjoying the last minutes of your holiday, peeps, and staying warm, wherever you are. Catch you later, taters! Bun.


Jen on the Edge said...

It's ungodly cold here too. I'm roasting a chicken for dinner tonight and cannot wait to dig in.

Your food photos are making me hungry. My favorite beef stew recipe is to skip putting the potatoes in the stew and, instead, make mashed potatoes. Serve the stew over the mashed potatoes -- I promise you, it's divine.

bunny said...

Yum! I made roasted chicken last week, as you know. A fave. Love your stew take--sort of like reverse Shepherd's Pie! I will def be trying that version!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I'm FREAKING MISERABLE. I think 49 years of winter would qualify me for a life of mild winters. I'm threatening to move to Anguilla.

The tree is still up. Until I get sick of it.

Dinner is taco salad.

I gave you a shout-out on my blog today.

blackbird said...