Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Do The Hustle

Oy, peeps! I have been running around for two days, trying to take care of all the little things that need to be done before I head back to work. Cleaning teeth? Check. Girls groomed? Check. Dry cleaning dropped off? Check. Pee in cup for pre-employment drug screen? Check. Damn, now THOSE dudes will treat you like you've been a drug-smuggling junkie your whole life. Sheez. I felt abused in more than one way when I left that place today. I am surprised they don't walk in and watch you. Seriously, bitch, I am too old and too tired to be trying to figure out ways to smuggle piss into your bathroom, 'kay??

And talk about abuse, I tried to go laptop looking today and, Lord, computer sales people are somewhere on the sleazy list between used car salesmen and bankers. They just want to talk you into something bigger/better/shinier. I was trying to tell this VERY ENTHUSIASTIC little sales person (who I could have given birth to) that I really didn't need a Cadillac. I just need a steady Buick. "No, no, Miss Bunny....LOOK A SQUIRREL! A SHINY SQUIRREL!" I am so confused, I wanted to scream. So I did. And also dropped the f-bomb in the middle of Best Buy. So there. And I still have no laptop.

Other than that, I am chasing my tail trying to finish up some freelance projects without killing the hubs. I, mean, would you LOOK at my office:

It's like the damn husband tornado touched down. Every. effin'. surface. is covered with books and papers. I don't do that. I keep a neat desk. I am a stacker/sorter. This shit drives my ape crazy. Seriously.

On a good note, the other night I made the most delish, cracktastic new recipe from Publix--Party Chicken. It met my two criteria--1) Easy and 2) Tasty. Oh, and cheesy. And bready. Here's how it goes down:

You can use tenders, but I butterflied some chicken breasts, lightly floured, S&P'd, and placed in a sprayed casserole.

Mix one can of cream of chicken soup (shut up! I don't want to hear it from you cream soup snobs!) and mayo; spread generously over chicken.

Mix panko, butter, cheese and layer over sauce. Bake until crispy golden good. And you know Bunny is never one to not change things up, so I added a little spice to it with a heaping tablespoon of red pepper flakes which gave it a nice kick.

I had some grape tomatoes about to go South, so I tried another new recipe for those--saute in 1 tbsp. brown sugar and 3 tbsp. balsamic vinegar. You were supposed to add fresh basil at the end, which I did not have, so I added a sprinkle of Herbs de Provence. Wow. This dish was simple and yummy.

I served the tomatoes over lightly buttered noodles with broccoli on the side. I will def make those tomatoes AND the chicken again. Yummers.

Tomorrow, I am going off with Bobs for the day, our last fling as it were before I rejoin the land of the employed. You will have to check back later about our adventures. Until then, be good! Love, B.


Bo said...

I must confess that I am a recovering cream of chicken soup snob...but I have realized a little canned soup never hurt anyone. That looks like a real yummy meal.

Jen on the Edge said...

You have reminded me why I send my husband out to buy cars, appliances, and computers without me.

robertga99 said...

OK, now I'm mad at you...
I've been hearing the disco music and singing " Do the Hustle" all night. Grrrrrr

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I was reading rapidly and thought you said you "butterfied" the chicken breasts. Yummmm.

What kind of cheese?

bunny said...

Bo, I am a little bit of a snob myself, but cream soup does have its place in the Southern kitchen. ;)


Bobs, do-do-do-da-do-da-do-do...

LMSS, Butterfried would be great! I used colby-jack (what I had) but the recipe calls for cheddar.

KP said...

Best Buy SUCKS. Stay away from there. Yuck!

Elisabeth said...

And Best Buy reps are not supposed to be commissioned base, so why do they care? Ugh. Sorry, Bunny.

ctflack said...

That chicken does look good. I will have to try that one. I love a good Publix recipe! I must confess our office tends to look a lot like yours and it drives the hubs crazy. Guess we are opposite in that respect. Also, we didn't really factor in the ink cartridge costs of going back to school!

I'll have to e-mail you this recipe for chicken I made last night. A little time consuming - not difficult, but EXCELLENT!

Beer Drinker said...

Congrats on the new job. I've had the people actually come in and watch the pee enter the cup one time, so sometimes they DO watch.