Friday, January 01, 2010

10 for 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR, PEEPS! I am all ready for 2010--bring it on! However, I agree with my buddy Bobs--I don't really like resolutions. Seems like a lot of pressure to me. However, I do believe in setting goals, so I am stealing this idea directly from Bobs' blog and instead of resolutions per se, I am listing 10 things I would like to achieve, improve or otherwise simply do in 2010, in no particular order.

  1. Have More New Adventures. I am stealing this one directly from Bobs, as well. In 2009, I had several "firsts" you can read about here including kayaking and hiking to the top of Stone Mountain. And, as I said in that post, I want to continue to keep my mind open and say "YES" as often as possible to new experiences. 
  2. Get My Company Website Up & Running. This needs to happen sooner rather than later since I am still searching for work, but I have my company name and a new logo/brand, so next stop, Yahoo SiteBuilder! (Actually, if any of you have ANY tips or suggestions about building a website easily and inexpensively, including programs to use, PLEASE let me know!)
  3. Continue to Improve My Cooking Techniques. I sorta slacked off on cooking the latter half of this year, but I plan to get back on the culinary train this month. W-S is offering classes on Braising, Searing and Sauteing in January, and I am going to look into other options for cooking classes, as well. Viking has a showroom in Atlanta and offers classes or I may take an actual culinary school class or two (if funds permit).
  4. Learn to Make Great Bread. Before we started the remodel in 2008, I had almost become really good at baking bread. But I let it slide and haven't baked in over a year. Though baking is not really my thing, I really want to learn to make bread. Because fresh baked bread = manna from heaven and love.
  5. Update/Expand My Blog. At the very least, I am thinking of jazzing things up around here with a custom background. I also am thinking about "publicizing" BGR, which I currently do not do. I basically just tell family and close friends and then other bloggy folks "discover" me as I spread my love around the blogsphere. I am torn about fully coming out of the blog closet. We'll see.
  6. Expand My Reading Horizons. I entered my friend E's reading challenge here and chose some books I might not normally choose, but I also want to expand my reading selections even more, maybe adding in a few more challenging reads, a classic or two or a few more non-fiction.
  7. Expand My Vegetable Gardening. I am already working on this one...planning on a "consult" with Jen on the Edge about early spring gardening. I am thinking peas, not sure what else. And I may try seeds again.
  8. Visit More New Restaurants. So many great places to eat, so little time. This one is slightly trickier because of cost, but there are lots of good places you can dine for less and there's always lunch! On my list to try: Cakes & Ale, Flip Burger Boutique and Woodfire Grill (TEAM KEVIN!).
  9. Improve/Find More Outlets for My Writing. Creatively speaking, I would like to write more, maybe even take a writing class, or maybe just write more reviews for E.'s book blog. This one is probably the most challenging one here for a multitude of reasons, mainly because much of my living is made from writing so it's hard to do even MORE writing in your time off.
  10. Lose (At Least) 10% of My Body Weight and KEEP IT OFF. I know losing weight is a trite goal, but my recent gallbladder woes have AGAIN reminded me that I need to get off my fat arse and live healthier the 90% of the time that I am not doing #8 or #4. I have lost the same 20-40 pounds over and over the past 10 years and it needs to leave me once and for all.

Wow. That all makes me tired thinking about it. Time for a nap. And I expect every single one of you to give me shizz and challenge me to do what I say. That's why I am posting it here. If nothing else, shame and guilt work well on me (I am a good Southern girl, after all). Well, I am off to start dismantling the Christmas decor. It's going to be an all-weekend project! Oy. Later taters! B.


KP said...

11. Come to Dallas, TX.

p.s. Several of my ATL friends have told me that FLIP sucks. FYI.

bunny said...

^Yes! I have one dear old friend and one dear new friend in the Big D and both need to be visited! I thought about adding something about travel but, due to finances, I thought any travel could be included under #1.

PS, BOO! about FLIP!

blackbird said...

Good list!
Happy New Year!

robertga99 said...

You are going to accomplish all of your goals this year!

The Chinese say 2010 is the year of the tiger. I say it's the year of the BUNNY!


upset waitress said...

Let's talk about expanding your garden. Right now I have a shit load of mini bell pepper seeds. I'd be more then happy to send you some. The plant and pepper makes you go "awe". If you have some cool seeds send em my way. Just email me your address. Oh, they aren't "organic" or anything though, I'm a firm believer in Miracle Grow and chicken excrement. Pretty soon I'll have some snake bean pods. Those are cool and have the prettiest flower.

Jen on the Edge said...

This is a great list!

I'm looking forward to brainstorming garden stuff with you soon.

Are you on GoodReads? I've gotten lots of great book ideas there.

bunny said...

Thanks, everyone! Waitress, email me at the email associated with my blog--went to yours and could not find an email. JOTE, not on GoodReads--chose Shelfari instead.

Elisabeth said...

Excellent idea & excellent list, Bunny. Maybe we can tackle one of those restaurants for our holiday celebration... if it is Woodfire Grill, boys must be invited. My hubs has been talking about wanting to go there.