Friday, December 18, 2009

The Virtual Holiday Home Tour 2009: Casa Bunny

Yo, peeps! Jen on the Edge had the brilliant idea to have a virtual holiday home tour, and B. signed up so I can display Casa Bunny in all its seasonal splendor. If you want to jump over to Jen's blog, you can see the links to the other folk's blogs that are on the tour. So, turn up the carols on your iTunes, turn down the heat for a frosty feel, grab you a toddy and settle in. And enjoy!

Driving up to Casa Bunny, your first holiday vision is this gigantic sphere adorned with ornaments and fresh greenery, highlighted by expertly aimed spotlights. The sparkly doesn't come through on the photos, but it's really pretty.

Welcome to our stoop, festooned with a small lighted and ornament laden tree and a live, lighted topiary. Yeah, we didn't do much in the way of outdoor decor this year.

Inside the front door and directly to your right is a small display of a few of my Dickens Village pieces accented by a lovely pole pine, decked with glass balls and ribbon.

Across from the bench is our behind-the-couch table which holds June McKenna Santas and my Grandnother's glass basket filled with colorful glass and sequined balls. Ooo, shiny! Bring the sparkle, baby!

Across the living room is the "angel corner" with two of my favorite angels and the hub's garden statue angel surrounded by a wreath on my antique milk can I gots for a deal-eo.

At the junction between our living in dining area is a small pole pine and more Santas. The June McKenna Santas are actually the hub's collection and he has tons. Tons.

On the far dining area wall is our "art wall" which I judiciously accented with some glass balls and, on the table below, my Lane snowmen accented with more balls and red bead garland. I am all about the balls, I tell you. I think simple glass Christmas balls give you the most decorating bang for your buck. You'll see more. Hold on. But, first, let's go in for some details here.

Pretty! This display was all mine! (whew! I think I just threw out my shoulder patting myself on the back!)

Here's our dining hutch, laden down with our holiday china, topped with more June McKenna Santas (I SAID tons!) and with a coal bucket of balls beneath. Oh, and catch the Christmasy pillows in the chairs.

We kept it simple in the kitchen--a glass brick and two canisters filled with glass balls and lights, and fresh greenery. We're big on the fresh greenery, too. Sorry for the crap photos...I do the best I can with my crappy camera.

And it the kitchen window, votives, fresh greenery, a few balls and fresh fruit!

The sitting area off our kitchen is esp. pretty....let's go in for detail.

The coffee table tray filled with cloches filled with gold and bronze balls and lined with greenery.

More angels, this time is shades of gold and bronze.

The hub's antique sled, decked with the wreath he made from broken ornaments.He's crazy talented when it comes to crap like this. He could be the male Martha.

The fruit tree, my hub's creation, decorated with beaded and glass fruit, birds and other natur-y things. The yellow birdhouse on the left? Made by my pops-in-law, the hub's daddy-o.

Our carolers and their dogs, to represent us and the girls, and more glass balls!

The small tree in our guest bedroom. I don't really think blue is a Christmas color, but that room is blue and tan, so.....see some of my bunnies to the left? When your nickname is Bunny...well, let's just say there are plenty of bunnies in my decor.

Back across the house, our bedroom, decorated by me, is all folky Christmas. Check out the angels (which actually stay out year round) and, guess what, MORE BALLS!

Our bedroom tree is my creation and decked with our whimsical ornaments from Hallmark and such as well as some of my collection of bears. Let's go in for some deets.

Under the tree, I decorate with some our old toys from when the hubs and I were kids. The Raggedy Ann? I got when I was 6. The little solider on the right? The hubs has had since a toddler.

For fun, I have the bears "hanging" ornaments. That monkey? He's a cut-up! My pops-in-law made the ladder for me.

And, finally, the piece de resistence--our "grove" of trees between our living and dining areas. Three trees, three finials, about 2000 white lights and hundreds and hundreds of glass ornaments. It probably took us about ten hours to decorate these trees. At least. They light our whole house. More Santas beneath.

So, that's basically everything. We really cut back this year! (snort) Actually, there are several other smaller touches, well, just about everywhere. The bad thing about any Christmas decorations, though, is they are truly beautiful in person, but you just cannot capture the sparkle and detail with a camera. But I hope you all have enjoyed the tour and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and yours! Love, B.


alison said...

Wow! It's just gorgeous.

Jen on the Edge said...

Wow, I am just blown away. You've done so much and it's all just beautiful. I love the way you started things off outside your house, to really get the mood going. And that grove of trees is absolutely stunning!

Merry Christmas!!!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Yay Bunny! Awesome decorating.

My favorites were the Hub's wreath and your table with the gold and white and angels.

I want to know how long you keep the whole setup AFTER Christmas.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Okay, this has nothing at all to do with your decorating, but your wall colors are divine.
Your decorations are sublime--my husband yearns for a house like this! Very beautiful!

Badness Jones said...

WOW! Finally proof for my husband that there is someone on earth with more Christmas ornaments than me!! It all looks fantastic, and you've got a beautiful house. I love your grove of Christmas trees, if I ever get a house with a big enough room and well-behaved children, I'm totally going to steal that idea!

MomBabe said...

WOW! I love the grove.

bunny said...

Thanks, ladies! Mr. Martha will be so pleased! :) To answer a few questions:
- We do NOT have children.
- The "grove" are three of the cheapest, Charlie Brown-looking trees you've ever seen without ornaments, but that's the way the hubs likes it--provides for "maximum ornament display" (hence the whole idea of the grove).
- We start decorating at Halloween and start taking down at New Year's; it's a lot to do so we leave it up as long as we can.
- I cannot tell you how many ornaments we have but we have been married for 13 years and were both Christmas nuts for quite a while (we have scaled back, really, because we have no place to store!).

robertga99 said...

It looks so beautiful and festive. I have to see it in person...soon!

Middle Aged Woman said...

YOU...could do this for other people for a living! Gorgeous stuff.

Alex said...

Your grove of trees is jut breathtaking!

Fannie said...

I am stunned! Your house looks like something from a magazine!

bdaiss said...

Wow! I'm stunned! Gorgeous work though. I'm especially in love with that old sleigh.

Sue said...

Love it! The cluster of trees, the E wall, the sled & wreath...all awesome!

barbra said...

Wow, you have so many decorations in your house, it looks beautiful. The grove of trees is amazing. Thanks for sharing!

smalltownmom said...

Everything is so beautiful!

Cooking Asshole said...

Damn you have a lot of Christmas crap! Do you rent out a storage facility in the off-season to hold all of it?

Susan said...

Looks like one of those charity home tour homes! Wow.

Sonya said...

Okay my favorite (other than smiling, of course) is reading through all the glowing, well deserved accolades about the beautiful Christmas decor...then Cooking Asshole's comment out of left field just for a little perspective. HA!

Anonymous said...

Impressive! It's obvious that this is a labor of love for your family. The very first pic - the Holiday Sphere - cool idea! MIME

upset waitress said...

This is the only time of the year that tasteless tacky mix-matched crap is excusable. That being said, I love it.

KP said...

Wow! So Christmasy!