Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

  1. Peeps, I have NO energy to be creative today. Well, I have to save it for work. See, B. has FIVE articles to write, a 140 page manual to edit, and a magazine's worth of editorial and photos to proof/gather before the end of the day Monday. Again, GLAD for the work, but all my clients need everything before the holiday. But next Wednesday? The partying starts. Damn skippy.
  2. Hell, who am I kidding??? I will be too tired to party. Let the napping start. Word.
  3. Hell, who AM I kidding??? I am hosting MY fams on Christmas Eve and MY HUBS fams on Christmas Day. To quote Jenny Owen Youngs, "What the F*CK was I thinking?" Oy.
  4. BTW, my office still has a faint odor of cat pee, which is SO nice to catch the occasional whiff of as I have been up working past midnight the past few nights. 
  5. And I am demonically obsessed about getting rid of the smell. Right now, I am soaking the hardwoods in a white vinegar and baking soda mixture. Again. I love my animals but I CANNOT tolerate my house smelling like them. That's nasty and you peeps who've been visiting BGR a while know I don't do nasty. BY. GOD.
  6. Why do I have a sudden craving for pickles??? Maybe because it smells like a damn Mt. Olive factory up in here. 
  7. Remember my eye twitch a few weeks back? Well, my latest stress manifested illness is a series of lower right abdominal pains between waist and pelvis. I am thinking a) my hinky gallbladder is revolting against all my indulgences b) my appendix has decided to rupture since I have no health insurance to speak of, you know, just for kick and giggles c) my ovary has decided to release all my dried up eggs over a week long period d) my colon has spasmed itself into a kink that will require 24 hours of drinking and 5 Librax to relax OR e) ALL OF THE ABOVE.
  8. Instead of working, I am desperately procrastinating (I do better under pressure, or so I think) by blogging. I also am thinking of writing a book review for my friend's blog and or a beer review or two for Beer Drinker. Anything to avoid real work. 
  9. I just realized this morning that I really need to purchase a few gifties for a few folks but I would rather poke my eye out that go out to the mall.
  10. Have I told you how MUCH I am looking forward to Sherlock Holmes??? I think the hubs and I are going to try to go see it Christmas day.
  11. The good part of working from home? Happy hour starts anytime you like. I am thinking "now" would be good.
  12. I really need a new winter coat but cannot decide on one I love and feel bad buying one. Being broke sucks.
  13. Tune in tomorrow when BGR will be bringing the pretty as a participant in Jen on the Edge's 2009 Holiday Virtual Tour of Homes. It is sure to thrill and enchant. Promise. Now, (whip crack) it's back to work! B.


Cooking Asshole said...

I love the freedom to start drinking "whenever"

Elisabeth said...

Speaking of Tour of Homes, my hubs was commenting - totally unsolicited - on how great your house looks & what a great home it would be to photograph. He thinks it should be in mags. Seriously. unsolicited. I might have remembered to tell you yesterday but my head was full when you called. But I do remember your request & I'll be on it.

Katie said...

can't wait to see Sherlock

love bread salad

love tapanade, but don't know how to spell it and i probably will be making your recipe soon

how do we get stuck (even tho we probably love it) hosting all the parties?

bunny said...

Cheers, Asshole, cheers!

E., is your hubs willing to donate his fine skills to get us both published?? ;)

Katie, Everytime I spell "tapenade" I have to Google it, so don't feel bad. I saw your party post--Holy Cow! I do love hosting--I have great peeps who I enjoy spending time with...usually!