Monday, December 28, 2009

Robert Downey Jr. Rocks My World & Epic Fowl

Well, peeps, I hope you all had a great holiday and Santa brought you everything you wanted. Or at least didn't bring you a lump of coal. I, mean, after all, you need at least a SACK of coal to have a decent cookout.

What did Bunny get, you ask? Well, in addition to the lovely angel from Mr. Martha, I also received a new dark grey Columbia polar fleece jacket from my sis-in-law (who had drawn my name) and a gift certificate to Kohl's. I was hoping for a W-S gift certificate, but alas, no. However, Kohl's does have quite a nice home goods sections, so I am sure I can find something to spend it on.

And it seems like I will be living in the jacket since it is not getting out of the 40s here in the G of A this week. And I don't want to hear about it from all you Yankees out there. 'Cause, trust me, it has been a COLD December so far for this neck of the U.S. However, apparently frigid weather means beautiful sunsets since we had another one Saturday night:

Simply lovely. And that is with my crappy camera. Anyhoodle, Mr. Martha and I went to go see Sherlock Holmes yesterday and can I say I. LOVED. IT. ?? Now, let me follow that up with 1) I love period pieces and 2) I am in mad love crush with Robert Downey, Jr. If I can't have his babies, I at least would love to have a non-alcoholic drink with him. I think Salon, when naming him sexiest man of 2008, summed it up best by saying, "[RDJ] is wildly sexy not just because he is a rogue, but also because he is a romantic hero in the flesh, a bad boy brimming with goodness. He has always radiated sensitivity and devilish charm. Even in his darkest days, we wanted to see him make it back to us with all of his intelligence and wit and charisma intact." Word. Plus, he's just smokin' hot, whether rumpled rogue or polished prep. See:



AND he is a sharp dresser! What man wears PURPLE? A confidently hot man, I say. This next photo, from Sherlock Holmes, is a 110% gratuitous daydream shot for the ladies, specifically Upset Waitress, my RDJ Fan Club Vice-President in waiting:

Please wait a moment while I finish having the vapors.....Sigh. Ok, so the MOVIE, I thought, was great. Good amount of action, held my interest, great acting. Mr. Martha also gave it two thumbs up and he is very picky about movies. There have been some folks out there who've said it isn't true to the books, but Hell, what movies are true to the books they are based on?? Really. Get off your literary high-horse and just enjoy this artistic adaptation. Sigh. Some folks can find something wrong with anything. Like me. Like the 6th Harry Potter movie we watched Saturday night which was lackluster at best. And dark. Very dark. BTW, I cannot WAIT for May 2010 and Iron Man 2. Yo.

So, last night, inspired by Cooking Asshole, I decided to roast my first chicken of the year. You may or may not remember, but last fall, I gots all excited about roasting fowl and brining. So, when colder weather started setting in this year, I bought this at Williams-Sonoma in preparation:

Basically, it is like a brine rub, full of salt because that is what a brine is. Just like when you bloat like a Macy's balloon after eating too much salt, the salt in the brine makes meat "bloat" with moisture. Now that I know what they put in this mix, I may try to create my own from spices and salt from the DFM. Anyway, I rubbed it up all over and in my chicken:

 Then, I placed the chicken in a plastic baggie and left it to do its thing for 8 or so hours. Later, I take it out to put it in the oven, and did not turn the oven up high enough for it to cook fully during the allotted time. Let's say I was hoping for 1 hour and got 3+. I was pissed off. I thought my damn thermometer was broken until I saw the blood running out.

Then, the damn roasting pan started SMOKING UP A STORM. Like we couldn't even SEE across the house. And the fire detectors were about one second from deploying. And my eyes were watering. And we had to open windows and doors and everything smelled like a pit fire. Holy Hell. Finally, we decided it wasn't going to be ready before midnight so we ate the salad and risotto alone. I was so over it by the time the chicken was done that I forgot to take a photo. But it was golden prettiness. And I did eat a wing. And it was delicious. And dinner is done for tonight.

So, that's it peeps, for today. Congrats again to Elisabeth for winning the 2009 Favorites Contest and hope to see you all back here soon! XO, Bun.


robertga99 said...

That shot of Robert Downey Jr. on the bed is not just for the ladies. TRUST ME! :)
How's he doin?!?!?!?!

Cooking Asshole said...

Show us a picture of the cooked chicken!!!

Jen on the Edge said...

Well, I wasn't really interested in seeing the movie until you posted that final shot of RDJ in bed and now I'm intrigued.

bunny said...

Bobs, he is doin' FIIIIIIIIIIIIINE.

CA, I will try to take a photo tonight before we devour, but it will be wingless.

JOTE, my only problem with the movie, now that I think of it, was it needed more sex. Lots more. THAT would have REALLY peeved off the literature purists!

Anonymous said...

Saw the movie too! Loved it! And love Robert D. too. Drove thru the snow and ice to see it the day after Christmas!

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Your stove and my stove need to be banished to the Land Of Asshole Appliances. Last week my microwave also bit the dust.
Luckily I had a GE Microwave/Convection oven in storage and I'm teaching myself to bake in it.

upset waitress said...

Yea I'm taking your advice and going to the theater on Sunday matinee. Church people love me. I did buy a poncho to put over my hoodie and all. Thanks for the idea!

Pic of the fowl is in order or else it didn't happen.


bunny said...

I you hate it, don't hate me! I mean if you REALLY love RDJ, it's def worth looking at him for almost two hours, right?