Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holy Shit

The hubs and I had a little idea to have a holiday party. Even though I remain unemployed, we decided it would be nice to have over some close friends, spread some holiday cheer, show off the decked out Casa Bunny (esp. since we didn't even bother to decorate last year due to the remodel).

So, we decided on a small cocktail party and invited 15-20 of the people who annoy us the least our closest friends. And we decided to have it today, far enough from Christmas so people would not be busy, but near enough to Christmas so everyone would be in the spirit.

Well, let's just say if this morning (and last night) is any indicator of things to come later, we are 110%  FUBARed. First, we spent all day yesterday cleaning house, only to have Savannah relieve herself in the house. I cannot find my second punch ladle. I burned my first batch of bacon. K.K. peed AND pooped in the office last night (we left her in because it was freezing rainy). It is freezing rainy. Now, we've had two possible cancellations. Oh, and yeah, I had a malicious software scare on my computer through Google this morning--I couldn't even GET to my blog. Oy.

Do you think the Lord is punishing us because we are having a cocktail party on His holy day? Really, Lord, I am just trying to spread love and cheer. Mostly to myself, yes, but, remember, you DID turn the water into wine, J.C. I am just going to take deep breaths, and it will be what it will be. I will let you know later how it all turns out.

Later, peeps! B.

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